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Erotic Story "Co-worker Confessions"

posted 4/9/2007 2:06:51 AM |
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13 Co-worker Confessions Part 1 of 2

The rest of my life started like any other day. Waking before the sun rises and stumbling towards the shower for an eye opening cold shower. You would probably still be laughing at how un-coordinated I’m before getting a much needed sip of coffee down my throat. I strip off my boxers and climb slowly into the warm shower to try and rinse the late night haze out of my eyes. The water feels great as it hits me in the face and forces me to turn around to allow the water to hit between my shoulder blades. I slowly without opening my eyes reach down and fumble for the bottle of shampoo. A liberal amount is dispensed into my hand and I slowly start to rub my hair with the tips of my fingers. My fingers slowly make their way through my hair to leave a pillow of shampoo coating my head. I leave the shampoo in my hair while I gather a fresh wash cloth. I dispense a good amount of facial soap on the wash cloth before washing my face and rinsing the suds off my head. My eyes finally decide to open when I reach down to gather a bottle of Polo Sport body wash from the ledge. I pour some on the wash cloth and start to clean my neck and along my firm shoulders. The body-wash foams up as I pour even more to wash my chest and lower abdomen. I run the cloth along my shoulder blades and reach around to wash my lower back. I close my eyes and wish I had a soft hand to wash my back for me. Too bad I’ve not met you yet in the story. I continue to wash along my abdomen and follow my small trial of hair from my belly button towards my closest friend. He waits patiently for the water and body-wash to awaken him from his sleep. Remember! I’ve not met you yet in the story. So that means you have not met my closest friend yet. So I should not introduce you to him until the story has brought you into my little realm of desire.
I quickly dress in a button down red designer name shirt that has short sleeves. I’m wearing khaki dress slacks and tan loafers. I also have on a dark leather belt to balance out my outfit. I bet you wonder what I’ve on under my pants. I don’t think it would be appropriate to tell a complete stranger. Lucky for you, I feel a bit frisky today and decided to wear nothing at all. Just kidding! I put on a freshly washed pair of white Hanes briefs. I’m like most guys that like to feel comfortable instead of in style. It’s all fun and games until you’re the one stuck wearing shorts that ride up your tail all day long.
I quickly rush out into the dark morning towards my car parked a short distance away. The small sports coupe comes alive as I push the door lock release on the key pad. I rush down to the local coffee shop to pick me up a large cup of highly over priced coffee. I arrive at my office to great my secretary that has also just pulled into the office complex.
We walk towards the door and enter as she moves towards the alarm system. I move towards my small office located just to the left of the reception area. Actually, the office space is only roughly 200 sq. ft. I don’t actually work out of this small space. My secretary just sets up my daily appointments from here. She also is not just my secretary.
I know what you were thinking. His wife, girlfriend probably works with him. You’re wrong. She is actually my younger sister that’s interning with me while she is finishing college. She is just helping to fill the gap since my ex-wife used to be my secretary before she ran off with another guy.
I only sit for a few minutes surrounded with computers and other work related items. Yes, I’m into computer for a living. I go to different companies and set up computer systems of all styles and configurations. Today, I just happen to be coming to where you work to upgrade the current system you use every day. The technology changes so fast that new hardware and software is required to keep pace with the world. I gather up a small brief case and fill it with small hard drives and jump drives filled with new software.
You sit watching the clock as it changes to 9:01 A.M. on the display. You figure it’s going to be another long day wasting your life away doing the same ole thing. You have just arrived and you wish you were actually reclining in a lounge chair looking out over the waves of the ocean. You close your eyes to try and block out the reality that has become a daily routine of yours of the last couple months. It’s no use, as you hear one of your co-workers asking you a question from a short distance away. She wants to know if you’re aware that the computer network is supposed to be offline today. You tell her that you had heard an upgrade of some sort with scheduled to be done this week. You figure some weird guy with a pocket protector would be in to actually mess up the computer network before he fixes it. The last guy really had the entire network in a mess for an entire week. You heard that the people in charge actually wanted to improve the system instead of mess it up this time. So they hired a company known for quality work to come in to do the upgrade. That’s where my name comes in to play. I’m the only person doing the work for the company they called.
You sit and enjoy your morning coffee before starting to allow the work to give you another headache. You start to hear whispering all around you from the other ladies working in the office. Finally, you look up to discover one of your friends smiling at you. She motions with her hand for you to look over towards the room where the server is set up. You lean around the desk to catch a glimpse of a red shirt before it disappears into the room. You just shrug your shoulders and start to get busy doing your morning routine.
You key into the computer monitor and start compiling a report that tells you what’s required for today. The report is completed just before a message comes up that the server will be offline within the next 15 minutes. You already start to dislike me for taking your computer offline.
I sit in the small room typing on my key board and loading new software into the server. An hour goes by and then two before I ever stick my head out of the small room. I’m literally bugged eyed from staring at a monitor. I ask the nearest lady where I can find a bottle of water and the lavatory. She smiles and points me towards the back of the office.
I walk slowly and take in all the ladies as I proceed towards the back of the office. I can tell they all are watching me and try not to notice. I walk right past your desk and you seem to be deep in thought about something.
You look up and notice a stranger walking towards you. He has on a crisp red button down shirt with khaki dress slacks. My eyes are light brown and my hair is short brown.
You figure I’m close to 6 feet tall and stay active working out since my broad shoulders seem to draw the shirt close to my firm muscles. You smile and don’t say a word. I wonder if you’re just shy or actually coul

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Erotic Story "Co-worker Confessions"