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Erotic story " Locker Room Lust"

posted 4/9/2007 2:06:00 AM |
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8 “Locker Room Lust” Part 1 of 2

You sit and admire the numerous guys playing
basketball on the court in front of you.
The guys ranged from short and lean to tall and thick.
You already know the guys names, because you have
flirted with them numerous times before. The guys on
the basketball team are boyfriends and husbands of
your girl friends. You secretively watch them play and
admire their firm bodies as they sweat. The first guy
you look at runs down the court towards you and
smiles. Mike is roughly 6 foot with broad shoulders.
He is 23 and has blond hair and blue eyes. Tim follows
close behind him at a full stride. Tim is 6 foot 3
inches tall. He is a light skinned sexy black man with
short black curly hair. Steve comes running quickly
with the ball towards both of them. He is probably 6
foot 2 inches tall and has short blond hair also.
Carlos is slowly coming down the court waiting to see
what each of the other guys do. Carlos is of Latin
background with dark eyes and hair. Next you see your
boyfriend Alex comes running slowly completely out of
breath. I smile at you and give you a sly grin. The
funny part is you know why he is out of breath. You
kept him up all night making him pleasure you until
both of you passed out in shear satisfaction.
You watch these guys start to sweat while they run up
and down the court. You enjoy seeing their tight asses
flash by you. You enjoy taking in their bodies flexing
for your delight. You close your eyes and try to
picture each one of them naked as they perform for
you. You can see Mike has a nice bulge in his shorts.
His wife certainly has said numerous times how much
fun he is in bed. Her previous comment starts to make
you wet. Tim stops a few feet from you to talk to his
girlfriend. You can see his firm chest muscles bulge
from under his shirt. His flat stomach comes into view
as he raises his shirt to wipe the sweat of his face.
His love trail from his belly button down into his
pants is very well defined. I bet you want to pull his
shorts down and follow the trial. You can feel your
pussy getting even more hot and bothered. Tim smiles
at you and walks off.
Steve and Carlos walk up in front of you to get drinks
from their Gatorade bottles. You can see sweat forming
on their lips as they drink. You enjoy defining their
firm legs and strong shoulders. You close your eyes to
dream about what it would be like to have all of these
guys at your beckoning call. I bet you would love to
get seduced by each of them. I know you are a yummy
little treat that needs to be touched all the time.
You decide to do something about your deep dark secret
desire to have all of them touching your hot, moist
body. You ask yourself, how can I get close enough to
all these guys without getting caught?
A little smile forms on your face as you create an
adventure in your mind. The other ladies sit and watch
just like you. They also comment on the firm butts and
strong shoulders. You wonder if they also would like
to have Alex for an afternoon snack.
You decide to excuse yourself before the game is
completed. The other ladies ask you, where you running
off too in such a hurry.
Your little adventure has just begun. They all think
you plan to leave the gym. That’s what you decide to
tell them. They watch as you walk out the front door.
What they don’t know is you turn a different way and
head towards the locker rooms. You make sure to have
your small bag stashed around the corner from the
locker room. I suppose you plan to go into the female
locker room. Wrong

All reason was halted when your little hot box of fire
started warming up. The guys have made you so wet and
horny. You decide to take matters into your own hands.
You pull out a baseball cap and jacket to put on. You
also brought a pair of nerd glasses to wear. I wonder
what you plan to do with your goofy costume.
You slowly enter the guy locker room to see if anyone
is in there. The coast is clear as you slip in
un-noticed. You make your way to a hidden corner away
from the main door. I think that you may plan to be a
spy on these poor guys. You make sure that all the
shower areas are within clear view of your probing
eyes. The thrill of being in the locker room starts to
make you even wetter. You reach down and feel the
moisture between your legs. You rub your clit while
waiting for the guys to enter. A hand slides up under
your shirt to rub on your nipples. Your eyes are
closed as you breathe in the odor of musk all around
you. You’re sitting in the towel room rubbing yourself
when the door opens. The guys start walking in and you
almost wet yourself. They don’t notice you hidden
slightly behind the towel racks.
You see Carlos remove his shirt to reveal his firm,
dark hair on his chest. Tim follows and removes his
shirt also. You make sure to see him remove his shorts
to reveal a monster of a cock. You lick your lips
while he gathers his soap. Mike climbs into the shower
and you watch him rub soap all over his thick muscles.
You hear Steve and Alex talking, but can’t see them
yet. You wonder if Steve has a thick cock like Alex.
You start to rub yourself while you watch all these
guys rubbing themselves in the showers. You can see
Carlos rubbing his cock to clean it really good. You
wish his long, lean cock was in your mouth now. You
close your eyes and start to finger your juicy hole as
you hear them bathing. You open your eyes to see Alex
and Steve enter the showers. You are very happy to see
that yes Steve has a very thick and long cock that
could use some attention.
You go back to rubbing and fingering yourself while
admire the thick cocks dancing in your head. You close
your eyes and start to fantasize about having all of
them sucking and fucking you. OMG
You hear someone coming close to you. The wet foot
steps are getting closer. Suddenly!!
You hear Tim ask you for a towel. He thinks you’re
just a nerd guy that’s in charge of the towel room. He
is standing about three feet away from you buck assed
naked. You can see he very long and thick cock laying
half way down his inner leg. You swear his cock is 12
inches long. He notices you staring at his cock. What
you going to do now? He looks at you and gives you a
weird stare. You wonder if he has seen through your
costume. He must not have noticed since he turned
around and walked away. You admire his firm ass
cheeks. You breathe a deep breathe of relief. I wonder
if you decide it’s time to sneak out before you get
caught. You do decide enough is enough and turn to
sneak out. It’s too late!!!!
You hear Alex yell over towards you asking for a towel
also. He says bring me a towel please before I get out
of the shower. Make it two!!!! Steve needs one also.
You decide to carry towels over and try to leave them
on the bench before they talk to you. You lower the
towels to the bench just as Carlos le

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Erotic story " Locker Room Lust"