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Erotic story "Secrets of a Nymph"

posted 4/9/2007 2:04:37 AM |
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2 "Confessions of a nymph"

Part 1 of 2

You're sitting in a nice restaurant with your girlfriends having dinner. I walk in the front door by myself. I'm dressed in a dark gray sports jacket, black slacks and tan loafers. I'm over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders. My hair is thick brown but cut short above the ears. The waitress asks me where I’d like to sit. You hear me speak english with an Italian accent. I tell her the bar will be ok for now. She leads me passed your table. Our eyes glance at each other. You can see my square jaw and intense brown eyes cutting through you. My face has a dark tan that tells you I must have been to the beach recently. I smile as I walk passed you towards the bar. I reach the bar and remove my sports jacket. You can now see that my shoulders are very broad and muscular. You can tell that I workout at the gym.
I order a Michalob Ultra and take a slow, deep sip that allows the beer to flow down my throat. I glance towards you while you're talking with your friends. My eyes can see a sexy lady wearing a tight fitting dress. The black dress has spaghetti strapes and is cut way above the knee. I can see your long, firm leg peering out from the silky material. You catch my eye and turn away as not to act interested. I raise the chilled bottle to my forehead to cool my now on fire head. The drops of water run down my tanned forehead towards my red, firm lips. I take another deep draw to finish the beer. I stand up with my jacket in hand.
You hope I come over to your table. I look at you again and smile. You smile back at me and continue acting like you're talking with your friends.
I walk over to your table and stand in front of you. I wait for you to acknowledge that I'm in your space. I tell you that your eyes are amazing. You say thank you! I lower my hand towards your shoulder. You shiver as my arm rubs up against you. I place a small piece of folded paper next to your hand. I say hello to the other ladies and turn around and walk away.
What's on the paper? cell number maybe
Friends make you open the paper in front of them. Only two words!
I'm waiting!!!!
Waiting for what runs through your mind.
Where has he gone?
Your friend tells you that I went away from the entrance to the back of the restaurant. Maybe, he wants to talk with me. Maybe, he wants to have wild sex with me.
What should I do?
You tell your friends that you're going to the powder room first.
They see you head towards the powder room that's not in the same direction as me. You freshen up and start to tingle with anticipation of what may be going to happen. You leave the powder room and decide not to return to the table. You sneak around the restaurant so that your friends can't see you going after me.
You peer into a dark room that is not being used tonight. You can see another light on the other side of the divider. Should I enter runs through your mind?
You slowly move into the room, but your eyes are not adjusted to the dark. I reach out and wrap my arms around your waist. I pull you close to me and kiss your neck. My hands move up your sides and slowly caress your breasts. My hand lowers down to between your legs and rubs your lips. I reach up and pull your straps off your shoulders. Your dress falls to the floor. I can see two bare breasts waiting to be rubbed and nipples that need to be sucked. I turn you around and kiss you on the mouth. You can smell the polo sport that I'm wearing. My hard, pulsating cock is rubbing up against your abdomen. I grab you by the hips and raise you up on to the table. I pull your black panties off with my teeth. My face is between your legs as I use my tongue to tease your clit. My hands are rubbing up and down your body.
I lower my pants to let you see my throbbing, thick, hard cock.
I move your legs apart to allow the tip of my cock to tease your clit. I insert only 2 inches into you. you reach down and wrap your hand around the rest of the shaft not inside you. You beg me to slide myself deep inside you. I slide myself all the way in you. You can feel my tip hot inside you. the throbbing is making you wet. I leave the cock buried deep in you as I kiss your lips.
The divider is opened a bit. Another man has entered the room. A waiter is walking through the room to the other lighted room. The noise from the next room is full of people talking. Does he see us?
Should we stop? What to do?

Confess part 2

The waiter stops at the edge of the exit to the room. He must see us over here goes through your mind. He looks to be about 25 and gorgeous. He looks tall and slim with the light shining behind him. You think, Maybe he would like to join in on the hidden desires that you’re feeling deep in your hot hole at this time. You could have a cock in your tight hole and another teasing your warm mouth. You decide to close your eyes and hope for the best. I start sliding myself in and out of you slowly again. You bite your lip to keep from screaming out in pure pleasure.
What of the waiter?
Did he see us? Maybe, he is watching me with my legs wide apart and my nipples hard laying on this table. You wait patiently for a second set of hands to touch your tinkling body. The noise from the next room is making you afraid and even hotter that you may get caught. You hear one of your girlfriends asking about you just on the other side of the divider. She asks another guy friend of yours, if he has seen you in the last few minutes. He tells her that no one is back here in the dark rooms. You ask yourself, has he heard me moaning with pleasure?
You decide to keep your eyes closed to enjoy the thick, hard cock buried deep inside you.
You decide to open your eyes to look for the waiter. He is no longer standing at the exit.
Has he not seen me here covered in sweat?
Suddenly!!!! You hear another voice in the dark. Who is this other stranger?
The young waiter tells the stranger buried inside you that he wishes to watch. You ask yourself again, should I get up and put on my clothes before anyone else sees me.
I ask you, is it ok if the young man watches us fuck in the dark?
What’s your answer?
I bet you would love to have both of us at the same time.
You hear me speak in a low tune to the waiter that has been watching you in the shadows.
The lady wishes that you would join in on the fun. The eager, young man comes up to the side of the table.
You can see a strong guy wearing a crisp white shirt. He also looks like he works out at the gym. You determine that this guy could probably have any lady in the restaurant. He removes his shirt to reveal a dark surfers tan. His surfer cut hair falls down into his eyes. You can see a tint of sandy blond hair and light colored eyes.
He leans over you and kisses you gently on the neck. You can smell the fresh scent of obsession for men on his neck and shirt. He moves down to your firm breasts to suck on your nipples.
I decide to slide you off the edg

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Erotic story "Secrets of a Nymph"