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Worst dates

posted 4/8/2007 6:39:47 AM |
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Just posted in another blog about what is a big no-no which got me thinking, What is the worst date you have been on?
I have 2 which I cannot decide which is the worst, one I have described in the other post, but will mention it again here incase some don't see it.
I met a french girl at work and after a few weeks chatting We went on a date one evening. The evening went fine, dinner, and a couple of drinks, great conversation and plenty of laughter. One thing led to another and we ended up at my place and straight up to the bedroom. As we got intimate and started undressing each other, I started noticing the horrid smell coming from her armpits and running my hands over her back was like reading brail (never read brail, but it's what I imagine it would be like). The worst of it was when I went to kiss and suck on her breasts and the hairs around them tickled my cheek. I didn't have the heart to say anything, just grin and bear it, but obviously there was no chance of anything else happening.
The second is the other extreme. A very pretty girl, friend of a friend scenario, and asked her out on a date, to which she accepted. She suggested she drive so came and picked me up and off we went to the pub for a drink before going on to the restaurant I had booked for dinner. It didn't take long to realise that we had absolutely nothing in common at all. We couldn't find one topic of conversation that interested us both enough to hold the conversation so it wasn't long before we were sitting there in almost complete silence. What a disaster!!!

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Apr 8 @ 7:24AM  
The date where he blabbed all evening about HIS life and ventures and when I'd open MY mouth, he was totally somewhere else. Looking around and not at me, messin' with his meal or fumbling with his WHATEVER...geez, fuckin' listen people.


Apr 8 @ 8:52AM  
I went on a date with a guy I met on another dating website. We met at our local Irish Pub for drinks. When I got there he was sitting at the bar. I had dressed for the date, and was looking really good.
I've never been so humiliated in all my life. But being the nice, sincere person that I am, I couldn't just walk out and end the date. So I sucked it up, sat there listening to his psychotic drivel (he was some kind of therapist, you know ), until he decided it was time to part ways.
Definitely THE WORST DATE of my entire life!

Apr 8 @ 9:30AM  
I had a date with someone from another site. We went to a Chinese restaurant, and had to sit in the smoking section. In his profile, he said he smoked occasionally. I'm not a big fan of smokers, but I thought I could deal with "occasionally." Well, he had a cigarette lit all through dinner. During conversation, (in which I hardly got a word in) he told me about jobs he'd held in the past, and started throwing words around like "rag-head" and using the "N" word--which is something I absolutely will not tolerate! It was warm in the restaurant, and he began to perspire a little bit. When he went to wipe his forehead with his napkin, I realized he was wearing spray-on tan!!! I couldn't wait for the dinner to end, and unfortunately, I had to go back to his place to get my car. He started trying to make the moves on me, and I kept noticing a crackling noise coming from his back. I asked him what it was, and he said it was his "I hope I get lucky tonight" patch. Needless to say, I was out of there in a heartbeat and never looked back.

Apr 8 @ 9:47AM  
It was my 18th B-day......My best friend got me two gifts: a bottle of Baccardi*151 and a guy named Rob W......I got so tanked that I spent the remainder of the evening sick....with my male gift holding my hair back....those were the days....

Apr 8 @ 11:08AM  
I met a guy on another site at a local restaurant. He seemed nice enough just a tad on the slow side. However he had an aroma about him that was just awful. He was covered in paint and when i asked him if he came straight from work he said no that was from the day before. Now he never was allowed to touch me and I walked home ALONE, but the aroma hung around so bad that I washed my clothes, sprayed everything i sat on with fabreze and showered twice and still could smell it.

Apr 8 @ 11:56AM  
I met this girl in a combination between myspace and (since we hit the I like this person's pick button on, and we happened to run into each other on the local forums on myspace about the same time... we started to talk a bit... Well after a week or two, we desided to go out... This was a few years ago, I was bearly 18, didn't have a car... so we desided to meet at the movies... and possibly get something to eat beforehand... well we stop at wendy's first. I show up in my leather trenchcoat, leather boots, and I'm ordering two hamburgers... when she orders a salad and tells me that she's a PETA supporter. I think she wanted to kill me then... But the date continued... I got through the date alive... the movie was good, it was hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy... But Between the Weirdness I got when I showed up and the fact that she just got out of a 4 year relationship and couldn't shut up about her ex... I was sure I didn't want to see her again.

Apr 8 @ 12:04PM  
My worst date was a blind date set up for me by my "friends" It was the worst experience in my life and I have never again gone on a blind date.

Apr 8 @ 7:45PM  
There have been so many it's hard to choose! But it could be the first and only blind date I ever went on! When I was 17 went on a date with my cousin's best friend from work. He was such a gentleman I couldn't believe he was my cuz's friend! Opened doors, asked to hold my hand. Took me to a nice steak house in Dallas, where I, trying to be lady like ordered a salad, they brought out one that could feed a starving family of four! Everyone is staring, I could barely see him over the top of the damn thing! Ate a tiny portion of it and I'm stuffed. So we get up to leave (remember Cherokee sandals girls?) Yeah I'm wearing a pair of slide on 4" platforms) get up to walk to the register and someone had dropped a pat of butter, I stepped on it and slid on one foot, arms flailing halfway to the front door (yes people stared at that more than the salad!) We get outside and the car is on the very far side of the parking lot, just as we step out from under the awning, the sky literally fell!! Remember Farrah hair, when you had a 1/2 can of spray holding out those wings?? and Maybeline mascara that WASN'T waterproof?? Yeah, I looked like a drowned raccoon when we got to his car! We get to the movies and our show is sold out, watched something with subtitles, freezing to death cos we're soaked! Then we leave and get back across town and his car breaks down! So we catch a cab to my cuz's house to crash for the night. He is sleeping on one couch in the living room, I'm on the other. In the middle of the night my aunt is yelling at her two little dogs that are playing on the foot of her bed to "Cut that out right now you two before I whip your little asses!" He jumps so hard he falls off the couch and starts screaming out "I swear lady I'm not touching her at all!" We got his car on the road the next day, my cuz took me home and needless to say I never saw him again after that!

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Worst dates