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American Idol

posted 4/5/2007 2:02:17 AM |
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So, we have more people involved in the polls on American Idol than we do for the next president.......imagine that!! At least there's more people to chose from on A.I. than for president.
It's April.............months from the election.....and, we're already narrowed down to Hillary and, Obama. My bad! Nothin against the pastries....parties.... running.............other than them being a buncha sold out, rich people paid for by Walmart, Exxon and AOL.
But, HEY! We gotta pick out the next American Idol, Miss America.....find Waldo, try Pizza Hut's new special.............BUT, we only get 2 or 3 picks for President? WTF?!
Yep! Democracy at it's best! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to be be given 2 choices. Cow shit or pig shit. Which would you prefer?

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Apr 5 @ 2:17AM  
Cow shit....pig shit cow shit.....pig shit

Can I have both??

Apr 5 @ 2:32AM  
atleast on A.L. your vote counts....

I'll take cow shit,, when dried you can burn it for heat,, It don't stink...

Apr 5 @ 2:44AM  
Politics makes me horny

Apr 5 @ 2:46AM  
Horse shit....

Apr 5 @ 2:57AM  
Um, I do believe there are a few more folks running for half the Republican party?

Apr 5 @ 3:04AM  
Okay, I'll jump. just because its a choice between this and several hours of IndyCar Series on my PS2....wait a minute... ...nah, too late for that, gotta work tomorrow.

Yeah, we've only got two main parties. This will slooooooly change over the years. Remember that long ago, there were other viable parties. Thing is, it's a matter of your point of view. Does it suck that we've only got two viable choices or is it a blessing? Think on this: In the 2004 General Election, Bush received 51% (62,040,606 votes) with 286 electoral votes versus Kerry's 48% (59,028,109) with 252 electoral votes. Nader received 1% of the general vote (411,304) and therefore wasn't a factor. In addition, there were 12 additional named parties available wherever they could get on the ticket. Let's say that all 14 were available to the 121,480,019 registered and documented presidential voters. Divide that evenly: It's roughly 8,677,144 votes to each party.

Now, the only way a president is gonna get anything done is if he can strike some sort of accord with the Congress. Example: The Peace and Freedom Party of California ran a candidate for both president and vice-president. Unfortunately for them (and I wonder what drugs they were collectively on) their presidential candidate is in prison. His name is Leonard Peltier. Regardless of his innocence or guilt in the matter that landed him in Leavenworth, his name is so tarnished that he wouldn't stand a real chance of appealing to people all across the nation, never mind the fact that he's a Native American. You can automatically drop him just for that; we're too racist a nation to allow a Native American to stand as President of the United States, a fact that I find bitterly ironic considering that the European settlers and their decendants squatted on someone else's land to make this country.

More parties offers more choice. Sure, it does and that is theoretically a good thing. The problem is that more choice creates larger fractures. In a perfect world, or at least a nation that actually gave more than lip service to multiple ideas, we WOULD have more choices. The election would be like shopping for hot dogs: They look the same but 20 different brands have 20 different tastes.

The reason we have two viable parties and a dozen or more NON-viable parties is because in a nation of 301,536,831 (U.S. Census dated 05 Apr 2007), it is sad to say that only two parties can manage to appeal to the majority of eligible voters who will actually vote. The others are too radical or localized for the nation, never mind the fact that they would have to operate on the world stage as well. The Personal Choice Party ran Marilyn Chambers as their Vice Presidential Candidate. While I have gained many an erection and release from her previous work, could you seriously imagine Marilyn Chambers dealing with foreign Chiefs of State on an equal level?

The issue isn't that the DNC and the GOP are the only choice, just that they represent the only choice that could get anything done nationally and internationally. Does it suck? Sure, but it doesn't have to. Would it be better to have more choices? Sure, but many choices could change our government from molassas to an iceberg. Its all a matter of point of view.

By the way, I believe you're correct. The national population was figured at approximately 293,700,000 people in 2004, of which only 121,480,019 voted. Hmmm...the numbers would be difficult to run but it is possible to determine how many of the remaining estimated 172,219,981 U.S. citizens were eligible. I bet not many. I think that A) Anyone who can dial a phone can vote for American Idol, and B) I don't think you have to register and vote in a controlled fashion for American Idol as you do when you vote for the guy who can initiate a global holocaust. I could be wrong. It actually appears that a little over 41% of the United States came out for 2004, leaving 59% out of the polls. How much of that 59% consists of people under the age of 18?

The 2007 population figures come from the U.S. Census website. The 2004 estimated figure is gained from a UPI NewsTrack story dated 22 Dec 2004. The information on the two cited alternative parties comes from The statistics of the 2004 Presidential Election results were provided by (

Anyone have anything to add?

Apr 5 @ 3:10AM  
I have always voted in every election shince I was able to!

Apr 5 @ 7:47AM  
Have we forgotten about DS and the Whig Bitch Party,and Pudge and the Erectivism Party?

Apr 5 @ 9:19AM  
AI use to be my favorite show. This season I have watched it maybe 3 times. The people suck. The ones that are left. I don't watch much tv and now I know why. There is nothing to watch. I know this has nothing to do with voting but wanted to comment about AI..

Apr 5 @ 9:29AM  
The choice is obvious! Vote for me!! and I'll end this tediuos democracy for all of us!

If It Ain't Erect... It Ain't Dick.

Apr 5 @ 2:28PM  
hhahahaha borty do mr, bush make ya horney?

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