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I've Noticed A Trend

posted 4/4/2007 1:19:41 AM |
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Not just on here but, other sites as well. It probably applies to real life as well but, not as much as it does on the net. We've found this "newer, bigger, gradios search engine where we can input all of our ideals of our "perfect" mate. So, we done did away with (to put it in hillbilly terms.........or, mine!) meeting people and seeing them for that first intoxious view.
You know the one! They walk in. You know dick about them! None of your friends know them. You have nothing to go on but instincts and the instant heat you feel between your legs. Be it guy or gal...........makes no differance. As soon as you see a look your way, you feel giddy. You KNOW from moment 1 that you'd do them IF they don't talk too much. If they'd just touch you right, or, look at you just so, no questions would be asked until later.........HOURS later!
So! What has the internet imposed on us? You have to chat awhile, send pics, try to dissect them, figure out WHY they haven't already found the perfect person and WHY they are lonely being they are so good looking and charisismic. Ah HA!
Always HAS to be a Yang to the Yin! WHAT are they hiding? Baggage! WE ALL have it! Meeting here or on the street. Makes no differance. But, if anything, I've noticed that people tend to be more outspoken when they're not in person. BUT, is that a good thing?
NOT busting on the gals at all BUT, if you find a guy with ALL of the right answers.............does that not make you more skeptical? And, the same with the guys. I know, it makes me wonder.
Of course, my situation is differant. I've been married almost 21 years. And, I have no intention of changing much as we piss each other off. Even if I was to start over, she'd STILL be my priority!
Anyhow, you guys.......and gals... looking for special. You can pick and choose all you want but, the best comes when you're NOT looking for it. So, maybe, chill out a lil bit and try to have fun. I was leaving my woman 19 years ago...........and, she's been leaving me.
Perfection will be achieved when I die and can't fuck things up anymore.

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Apr 4 @ 1:54AM  
Fucking hell that was awesome! Possibly the best and most thought-provoking blog I've seen since coming back. Kudos to you for keeping it real man.

Apr 4 @ 2:06AM  
I'm not looking....I''m not looking

Apr 4 @ 2:21AM  
You are 100% correct my man!!!!

And I always, willingly wear a blindfold.....(and hand cuffs)

Apr 4 @ 3:31AM  
this always goes over peoples' head. I'll try it again, and see where it gets me. The best thing you can find in ANYONE, is their ability to just be.

It's simple, to the point where it's complicated
Even with what we call virtuous qualities, and the things that make us all unique.
It's easy to be [something].

It's easy to be nice, sweet, kind, a jerk, a cheat, a player, ominous, hateful, bitter, contemptuous, enraged, on and on it goes. Some people make business practices, and multi-million dollar careers out of being these very things.

It's much harder to just...... be.

Lmao, so much so, that the afformentioned character traits are lusted after, to supplant, what should just... be. It's an incredible thing to watch.

Ever hear someone say,
I wish I had millions of dollars. Then,..... I could give, and help, and aid, and create.

Nothing wrong with those things. Giving is good. aiding those in need's great. a helping hand is always great. But you notice how there is a variable there, IN ORDER TO MAKE that person giving, helpful, benign.

It's much harder to just....... be.

Treat your relationships, and the way you approach them, the same way. Wanna know how I know ? For as many poeple that read this, there was a trait, or maybe even multiple traits that screamed out at you, that would set your innards afire. Nothing is wrong with being attracted to things in people. We all are.

Someone who knows how to be gentle, IS NOT THE SAME as someone who is gentle. That's my point.


(sorry cabl if I hi-jacked your blog)

Apr 4 @ 6:22AM  
Bravo......well said.

Apr 4 @ 7:16AM  
bort.....Damn straight you're not know I would have to approve her....uh him.....whatever the case may be....

Apr 4 @ 9:14AM  
Nice blog.

One question though: If she's not looking and I'm not looking, then how are we ever going to see one another?


Apr 4 @ 9:22AM  
Got nuthin to add... Kudo to you!

Apr 5 @ 3:08AM  
Your blog posts, whether I agree or not, are always worth one or two of those little worthless kudos. Since I only had one left and gave it to you already, here's another worthless kudo for a worthwhile string of thought!

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I've Noticed A Trend