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Blogging Just 4 the Sake of Blogging (Part Two)

posted 4/2/2007 7:09:21 PM |
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tagged: whig

Continued from B4 - U may just decide 2 Urself, 'Fuck him. I don't give as fuck whether this iz part one, part six or part of the reason Ur mom and dad got a divorce when U were ten years old! I don't want 2 read it. In fact, I don't even want 2 read this part. Fuck U and Ur blogs, U sick bastard!' If that happens 2 be the case, then so be it. I can't make U read Part One, I can only suggest it 2 U and hope U decide it iz the best course of action 4 U and only U really know what that iz. God speed...I hope it works out 4 U.

OK...that wuz a lie. I do care. In fact, I care way 2 much. Way more than I should if I still want 2 consider myself a healthy individual. The truth iz... I'm not healthy. In fact...Ur refusal 2 read Part One has pretty much devestated me. I don't how I can go on. I guess I'll have 2 find a way. Wish me luck

Oh...I see, U can't even wish Ur boy good luck? I see how it iz now. I thought we were looking out 4 one another bad. U know what...I don't even want U 2 read Part One now. In fact, fuck U. I'm gonna fucking delete Part One. How about that? Who's running shit, now U worthless fuck! Fuck with me some more and see what happens.

Cuz, I ain’t gonna lie 2 U...I’m a little fucked up. U not right in the head? I’m not dangerous or anything (unless I have 2 be, but in those situations the only people who aren’t dangerous are...well...victims), but I definitely look at the world a lot differently than most people do, I think. I can conjure up these images in my head that startle even me sometimes. But I am in control of whether or not I do that...not the other way around. Well...I’m in control of whether or not I pay any attention 2 them. Ok...I’m not in any kind of control of the shit at all. But, I don’t have 2 trip on it. And I certainly don’t have 2 act them out.

Becuz I write the shit down. Maybe the reason that some dickheads act out their violent fantasies iz becuz they have no other means by which 2 bring them 2 life? I, on the other hand, have all these perverted thoughts and I write the shit down (I have these journals full of sexual fantasies that would blow Ur skull back! Stacks of them. I finally quit writing the shit. It wuz embarrassing) and that somehow gives them life. The pressure goes away and I don’t have 2 act on them. Wow...I may have just stumbled on 2 something important here.

Call the Governors of Texas and Florida! Get them on the phone! Tell them I have done it! I have found a way 2 rehabilitate everyone! No matter how heinous their crime we no longer have 2 kill them! All we have 2 do iz give them a pencil and paper and let them imagine instead! It’s fucking brilliant! (we are purposely ignoring the fact that someone most likely would fashion the pen N2 a weapon, use it 2 overpower the guard and escape N2 the night 2 continue his reign of terror. We’re just gonna ignore that 4 now, if that’s ok. What’s that? It’s not ok? Oooh...that’s gonna be a problem, see? Cuz I already ignored it and it’s all the way back there, so unless U want me 2 go back and read the whole thing again...yeah, that’s the whole thing...I just don’t see what I can do at this point. So, U can see it would be SO much better 4 everyone if U could just be ok with it) Finally, I shall be recognized 4 my brilliance! I will be given awards, become the guest of royalty, get a chance 2 kick it in Lincoln’s Bedroom (U do know Bill Clinton fucked the fat girl in Lincoln’s Bedroom, don’t U? I’ll bet U Hillary didn’t know, either...oops!)!

I have 2 go now. I have 2 start writing my acceptance speech 4 when they give me The Nobel Peace Prize (I know Sunshine79 just thought 2 herself, ‘they said no bell peppers, stupid’...fuck off, bitch. Ur just mad cuz I won’t put on a skirt and turn tricks at the truck stop 2 earn the money 2 come see U. So fucking what if U got the idea cuz I asked U 2 do the same thing? That duzn't mean shit!) I’m a fucking shoe-in. Mother will be so proud!

Keeping U posted


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Apr 2 @ 9:08PM  
You suck so bad.

Apr 3 @ 8:28AM  
dude, you amaze me. when i get that worked up, i gotta be strapped down and sedated, for like a week. plus, i have it on good authority, that hillary also did that fat girl in the kincoln's why they're still together, they have ths same interests.

Apr 3 @ 6:02PM  
Hey bro,like I said I read part one,so get off the soapbox already!!! I don't give a shit whether you give a shit or not!!1 Ok,so I lied, I do give a shit; anyway we already recognize your genius,but as far as a Nobel Peace prize, I think that that is a stretch even for a man of your talents. However I am going to give you one of my very special genuine,imitation kudos for your effort.

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Blogging Just 4 the Sake of Blogging (Part Two)