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Random Thoughts & Scattered Ideas X

posted 3/29/2007 8:51:59 PM |
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tagged: whig

Unfortunately, as of the time I am writing this, I am still offline. Therefore, since I have no idea what iz actually going on, I am forced 2 completely make shit up as I go. It’ll be interesting 2 see how close I can get, huh?

I couldn’t help but notice that our own AMD ambassador of good will Bentan iz finally back among the rest of the fucking deviants! Welcome back, bro! Ur easy going spirit has been missed over the last couple of months, I gotta tell U! (BTW – U didn’t hear it from me, but word has it that the reason Bentan wuz gone 2 begin with wuz becuz he just spent the last two months in a Nicaraguan labor camp. According 2 my sources he wuz captured trying 2 smuggle teenage girls N2 first Mexico and then the United States by hiding them inside huge barrels full of cocaine. Like I said...U didn’t hear it here...)

wtxman wuz spotted wandering naked, drunk and disoriented near Odessa last weekend. When picked up by local authorities he wuz only able 2 say one thing, which wuz 2 babble over and over again, “Belle’s got some bigguns, uh-huh.” This, of course, baffled the Odessa Police Department, which had no clue what he wuz talking about. Using my many sources I delved deeper N2 this story and discovered the shocking truth about what happened 2 our friend and fellow deviant. Apparently, he has been having some conversations with belle1010 that no one else wuz privy 2! Well, as it turns out, one of these conversations turned a little hot and heavy, but B4 belle could get where she needed 2 be wtxman had 2 get off of the telephone and go 2 work. Having never been one 2 be left in the lurch, belle1010 then got N2 her car and drove the 1000 or so miles it took 4 her get 2 where wtxman wuz quietly having a beer B4 heading home. She spotted him heading 2 his pick-up truck a few minutes later, crept up behind him and leapt on his back. The two of them crashed on2 the bed of his truck and she began ripping the clothing from both of their bodies and throwing it wildly around the bar parking lot. Passing bar patrons could be heard muttering, “Damn, Larry!” and “Good GOD, those are some big tits!” as they passed the rocking truck on their way N2 the bar. By the time local authorities arrived there wuz no trace of the two other than their clothing, which wuz still strewn about the parking lot. Having finally located wtxman, authorities are quick 2 point out that belle1010 iz still on the loose and should be regarded as naked and dangerous at all times. I can attest that this iz indeed the truth as she randomly sends me crotch shots throughout the day.

Speaking of naked and dangerous, Sunshine79 has decided 2 take it 2 the next level by breaking Jasmin St. Claire’s gang bang record and fucking a WHOPPING 650 men at once! She plans 2 take them on 5 at a time until they have run out of hard dick in the great state of Florida. She will be assisted by Blueyesprklin and lillin who are both happy 2 be spending their vacations acting as fluffers while everyone thinks they are at the Magic Kingdom! Everyone Ur heart desires will come on U!

After reading the comment he made on my Anyone Wanna Watch? blog, I considered challenging YNot 2 a good old fashioned video jack-off duel, with the AMD members as judges. Then I realized there wuz just no way I could find a tuxedo 4 my cock on such short notice.

Pay no attention 2 that banging noise. That iz just the sound of BelAir789 going in and out of the closet. Don’t worry...he’ll make up his mind eventually.

I’m not going 2 lie 2 U. It just fucking tickles the hell out of me 2 think how many of U sick fuckers tried 2 click on Those of U who did it know who U are. That’s good enough 4 me.

Anybody else see PrincessKissy try and act all embarrassed about what I had 2 say about her in my last blog (all of which wuz the truth, BTW)? OMG if I hadn’t said she had the best overall boner factor (which she duz) it wouldn’t have taken more than a week B4 I would have found her outside my window with a pair of binoculars, a taser and handcuffs. Don’t take my word 4 it. Ask Argit01, he’ll tell U how crazy the bitch iz...

I really wish I could figure out some way 2 get Looking4ever 2 get with the program and send me more naked pictures. She sends me all these pics of these big ass titties and then BOOM! Nothing at all. She totally fucking cut me off. Not even some sexy shit where she still has her fucking panties on or whatever. I mean...U just don’t do that 2 a guy! It’s cruel and unusual punishment I tell U! At least she sent more than Luvrgrl’s ass did...

Don’t think 4 one second I have 4gotten about LadieDarkStarr’s fine ass, either! She has sent me some of the best fucking pictures of anybody so far! This iz a woman who takes her sexiness very seriously, boys! I hope U are ready 2 get back 2 work, babe, cuz I got a shitload of ideas 4 U 2 work with (and U thought I wuz mad at U...bitch, please!)!

Anyone else who wants 2 get in on this sexy pic fest iz welcome 2 join! Let’s see who has a higher boner factor than PrincessKissy...if anyone duz, that iz (I’m beginning 2 have my doubts)!

Until next time I guess I’ll just keep on

Keeping U posted


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Mar 29 @ 9:03PM  
I hope Florida never runs outta hard dick!!!

I'd go bonkers!!

Mar 29 @ 9:07PM  
Hahaha, pretty good for being written offline! I love being posted.......

Mar 29 @ 9:16PM  
Close dude close ... 'twas Costa Rican and they made me play a geetar with only three strings. The bastards!

Mar 30 @ 1:08AM  
Shhhhhhhhhhh you weren't supposed to tell where I was, now my family may find out what I've been up to. There goes another vacation full of fun down the tubes. Now they'll never let me out of their site.

Mar 30 @ 1:18AM  
Hey DS Belle and I are getting together this weekend to paint the town red, if you are nice to me I might even send you pics.....

Mar 30 @ 2:24AM  
Shhhhh Jezz, you weren't supposed to tell him that!

Mar 30 @ 2:36AM  
I wanna paint the town red!

Mar 31 @ 10:24AM  

Mar 31 @ 9:03PM  
U guys better fucking send me some pics!!!!

Jezz and belle...holy shit...better make those some panorama pics, now that I think of it!


Apr 2 @ 5:13PM  
all i can say in my defense is that you should not mix vicodin with jackie d.

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