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Part 16 the party never stops

posted 3/28/2007 8:34:28 PM |
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“And who am I to deal with if not snakes and dogs when it comes to these delicate matters?” Blake spoke “Men! Men like me.” The Baron brayed out laughter spitting bits of turkey everywhere “Men like you? You’re the most hideous kind of snake a self righteous snake. You do evil in the name of good. The lad has no self delusions he craves power pure and simple.” Blake’s face darkened at the Baron’s remarks. He tried to launch into a sermon. The Baron pulled back and threw the half eaten turkey leg at Blake hitting him square in the face “That will be enough of that Blake. If I want a sermon I would go to church, I don’t need that at the breakfast table.” Picking up a napkin Blake washed the grease and slime from his face. He stood transfixed glaring at the Baron. It was imposable for Blake to understand how a man could have no shame, no guilt. The Baron was free, sin had no meaning to him. The Baron looking at Blake mistook awe for anger “Come now friend you had a bone to pick and for your work you got one, no need to be angry. Have something to eat.” The Baron laughed waving his plump hands around the table. Blake shook his head no “I have come to give my report and have done so. I have many pressing matters to attend to and so at your leave I must bid goodbye.” The Baron rose only half licking the grease from his fingers with a few quick flicks of the tongue. He stuck out his rather greasy hand eyeing Blake. The Baron enjoyed watching Blake hesitate briefly before sticking out his own hand. A broad smile touched the Baron’s lips as they shook hands. Blake was recoiling from the slimy shake. With a few pumps the Baron let loose, Blake turned not daring to insult the Baron by wiping his hands first and left the hall. The Baron filled the dining hall with gales of laughter.
Will was excited beyond measure. A squire he simply could not believe it was true. He thought for sure he was dreaming, and he was extremely happy to be away from Blake. However, he still felt this compulsion that Blake would snatch him up at any moment. Shadows in the dark morphed and turned into Blake. The only way he could gain any peace was to think about the important assignment David had given him. The mission he was on involved the king no less. He kept checking and rechecking his pockets to make sure the messages he carried were still on him. He knew the area pretty well, even though he had never been to the Calderon’s he figured he could find the place even in the dark. David had drawn a map for him in the sand. He was to go north turning right after the road branched right five times. So he would not forget how many right turns there had been Will broke a twig into five pieces and at every branch dropped a twig. Only one piece of twig was left in his hands. Up ahead shining brightly in the moonlight was the last right he was to take. He reached down and touched his pocket to make sure he still held the messages. One message was for lady Charity and the other was to the king himself. Both of them bore the wax seal of the Campbell family. Turning right Will gulped a little air. This road was not as large as the main road, and the trees encroached closely shutting out the pale moonlight. He went over the map in his mind once more knowing the house he was looking for should not be much further. There was a disturbance in the trees overhead and a large shadow loomed growing ever closer to Will. His heart froze as he stood still watching. A piercing cry echoed through the night making Will jump and start to run blindly. He had run very little when he ran strait into the trunk of a great oak tree. He fell harshly to the ground and looking up saw what had caused the disturbance. A night owl had an unwary pray between its talons. It was the unlucky beast that was crying out. Will felt stupid he was a squire now and was not suppose to be afraid of the dark. Picking himself up he quickened his pace, he was sure no bird of the night could carry him away but why take chances. Soon he saw a comforting light beaconing. Sweat was pouring freely from his forehead and his heart was beating rather fast. The night trip had been more difficult then he thought. Seeing the house he stopped to regain his composer, after all he was squire and sent to protect the lady Charity it would not do to seem afraid.
Charity sat on the porch watching the stars spin in the heavens. Her thoughts were about David. It seemed all thoughts now led to the knight. She had just gazed up at the stars admiring the twinkling diamonds. She was thinking how fair and majestic they looked. Soon though she was thinking how nice it would be to sit and watch the stars in the embrace of her lover. If she looked hard enough it seemed the very stars hid the face of the knight. In any event he was the brightest object in her life. Charity heard the awful scream of some unfortunate creature. She turned her head in the direction of the disturbance. But, what made her heart quicken was the sound of running feet. It was odd though small and padded. Hardly she could believe that a man could make such a quite sound, and why was the person running. Fear, the other feeling which gripped her all too often crept into her belly. She hated to feel fear, why when she was so in love must danger hang like a sword over her head. Fear was not an emotion Charity was used to. Charity stood up and hid in a deep pooling shadow on the porch. She waited holding her breath she could feel her heart beating against her chest. Suddenly the running stopped and now no sound at all could be heard. Charity closed her eyes to tiny slits trying to pierce the darkness. Try as she might there was nothing she could see. She was about to give up when she saw in a thin patch of moonlight a small boy. He could be no older than 8 she thought. A voice as clear as a tiny bell piped from the small boy “Now Will you dodger it simply wont do to be so scared.” Will wiped at his pants and shirt removing the dirt that stuck to him when he fell. “If David could see you now do you still think he would let you be a squire?” Charity’s ears perked up at the naming of her love. Will stood still and plowed his hands through his hair trying to make it behave. All the running had made it fall out place and down his eyes. Charity marveled at him wondering who he could be. Will began to puff out his chest and square his shoulders looking like the worlds smallest soldier. He kept practicing a variation of a line. It was his introduction to her. Lady Charity I am here to protect you and guard your virtue was one variation of the introduction. His voice was filled with base that would falter midway through his sentences. As Will strutted around practicing his introduction Charity approached him.
“Have no care Lady for I am charged with my life to protect you.” Will was intoning when he was startled by the approach of Charity. His chest fell like a bag of empty wind. His eyes once proud and large shrank l

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Part 16 the party never stops