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What makes you good at it?

posted 3/27/2007 1:04:41 PM |
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tagged: oral

I've gotten a lot of emails that have said they are great at oral. And I've read many times how people have been told that they are really good at giving oral. Okay, like anyone is really going to say "hey, you know that was okay and I got off and all. But I've had better."
But, to my point......... What makes someone good at oral? What does someone do that makes them really good at it to you? And if you are good at it, what do you do that makes you good at it? Or are you someone who just thinks as long as it's happening, it's all good?

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Mar 27 @ 1:25PM  
The two finger 'round the cul-de-sac technique... along with a lot of good honest work. Oh yeah and I really enjoy it as well and that's gotta help.

Mar 27 @ 1:33PM  
What makes someone good at oral?

I think that someone that listens to their partner's body language, movements and sounds and follow that, can please their partner. I think it's different for everyone as to what is enjoyable. Some women won't get off orally if the man doesn't play with the breasts too, or stick a finger in or two, others get off just with the tongue on the clit, others need it all. I'm sure men are different in their wants and needs too. So pay Attention to Your Partner and I think everyone will end up HAPPY!!!

Mar 27 @ 1:47PM  
I learned my technique from an episode of Seinfeld.

You have to do that swirl but never, ever the knuckle! That would be stealing another man's move!

Mar 27 @ 1:53PM  
I like the 'Flitter-flick' technique....
Kinda like a cat's Purring.....
I really like Giving...but, the more _she_ likes it...the more I like to Please Her...and the more she'll like to reciprocate in appreciation!!!
. . , , ! !! !!! . .

Mar 27 @ 2:22PM  
There is no technique , if you think you have one,, your blowing out your ass....
It's what val said,,listens to their partner's body language, movements and sounds and follow that.........I have never seen two women that were the same..
Oh ya at one time,, I tought I had a technique,,, Then I got the shit slapped out of me....

Mar 27 @ 2:23PM  
Loaded questions here. lol. I think what makes someone good at it is the fact that they pay attention to what thier partner wants, likes and dislikes. They take thier time doing it to please not to just get someone ready for sex. Everyone is different and everyone feels different about what good oral sex is. For me for a guy to be good at it he has to learn what I like first and foremost, he has to be gentle and teasing and not just dive in like he is trying to hurry it up or just get me wet enough to have sex. I don't like a guy who is rough down there and hurts me either. If he takes his time is gentle, slow, kisses, touches, plays with my nipples while down there and teases me good enough it's usually good.( Also I love it done softly and sometimes more pressure, just no pain ) I have never found a man better at it then my husband and no I am not just saying that because he is my husband. Now on the flip side my husband says he loves the way I do oral on him. He likes everything I do and I have a habit of changing it up here and there. I like to to tease him first. I don't think I need to describe what I do but as long as he says he likes it and wants me to do it then I should take that as a compliment. Quote from my husband "i like the way you do it,.. i like the fact that usually you take your time and you switch back and forth between taking me in your mouth and licking"

Mar 27 @ 2:28PM  
ValentineGirl said it best! Only thing I'd add is...

Be in tune, so to speak with the woman you're with. Be it giving her oral, or other sexual pleasures! Yes, pay attention to your partner's body language, movements.

Listen to the sounds, moans, groans, and soft intermittent sounds...and follow that! And remember, just like ValentineGirl said...what works for/with one woman, may not work with the next.

Mar 27 @ 2:36PM  
I also agree with Valentine but I would like to add one thing. Guys make sure you stay with it until you get her off. If you are getting a blow job you expect her to finish you off so the same holds true for you. Get her off and do it well.

Mar 27 @ 2:56PM  
I really think we are playing more into this than we have to.

If you are good at it, then you just "know", you "know".

If you aren't, then usually you don't want to do it because you know it can kill the mood.

If you are still doing it, then you already know where you stand.

The technique is mutual enjoyment!

Mar 27 @ 3:10PM  
Guys make sure you stay with it until you get her off.

Ummmmmmmm, please correct me if I'm wrong anyone. But isn't that a given?! However, not always, not all the time...

As sometimes it's a great way to make the woman even hotter and hornier to bring her to the edge of orgasm, then plunge into her with your cock!

BTW, I forgot to mention in my last comment that...yes, as a matter of fact I did have one woman tell me she has had better. Which of course bummed me out, but on the other hand...I appreciated her honesty...and it made me want to become even better!

I also had another woman who told me I wasn't the/her best in bed...and again, yes, I was a bit bummed. But once again... appreciated her honesty...and it made me want to become even better!

Fact is...I WISH more women were that honest!

Mar 27 @ 3:14PM  



Mar 27 @ 3:22PM  
When she grabs your head, pulls you away and says...
' O-h-h-h-h...That's good enough..!! Now Get Inside Me..!!! '
...Just give One Last if to say...
' I'd do this All Day..if it made you Happy..!! '
. . Generally, though...If you _Enjoy_ it...You're Good at it . .

Mar 27 @ 3:58PM  
I can do "tongue ups" with my hands behind my back.

Mar 27 @ 4:46PM  
1. the right amount of suction
2. the right distance up and down the shaft the shaft
3. the use of your hands, stroking the cock, massaging the balls, holding his ass/thighs, rubbing his belly legs and chest.
4. Your genuine desire to feel him in you. if your just doing it because you feel you need to it's prob not going to be as good.
5. a lot of the fancy stuff if more or less kinda like foreplay
6. to really get him off rhythm and a good shaft stroke.
once my girl got the rhythm and stroke down she doesn't even need her hands to help any more.

Mar 27 @ 4:47PM  
*is not if (type-o)

Mar 27 @ 5:16PM  
Well for me and for you CC getting her off IS a given but I know a lot of guys that think she should finish them off but she don't need to get off EVERY time and I think that's just bullshit. If we as men feel the need to get off EVERY time then why wouldn't the women? I know if I were a woman I sure as hell would want to get off EVERY time.

Mar 27 @ 5:40PM  
As sometimes it's a great way to make the woman even hotter and hornier to bring her to the edge of orgasm, then plunge into her with your cock!
....................yes please..............

Mar 27 @ 8:30PM  
I agree with Valentine girls assessment- listen to your partner- the body, her noises, her movements- those will tell the story. I try to stay focused on pleasing, using all I have- my mouth, tongue, fingers & cock to please my partner. I find that the more pleasure I give the better I feel & love having my face soaking wet- the evidence speaks for itself.

Mar 27 @ 10:32PM  
hubby knows my body language, the different sounds i make, when my legs are quivering..he just knows how to please me. And vise versa, we have learned how to stay in touch with each others body and mind..our likes and dislikes, we dont have to no do it this way, we listen and watch and feel. Neither of us want to cum every time we give each other oral, we just enjoy each others bodies

Mar 27 @ 10:42PM  
Experience and no gag reflex!

Mar 27 @ 11:28PM  
your good at it if you follow her leads with care and sensitivity and vice versa. cause if theres enough openess between the two of you how could it be bad..
ill quote miss dolyy pardons words a bit here,
I never had bad sex.. just some better than others
being open minded and in touch with your own body you will be able to guide her to what makes you feel good and i beleve this works boths ways. then there must allways be a uninhibited trust between the two of you.
Be damn careful of laughing ... can have the same effect as jumping into a frozen pond .unless your both crakin jokes i supoose to each his own

Mar 27 @ 11:53PM  
Hmmm..... good tongue!?!?!?! lmao

Mar 30 @ 9:50AM  
if the reciever tells you to do something specific - u gotta do it and remember it. Probably applies to most getting oral.

its a learning experience.

Mar 31 @ 3:01PM  
1st- If you really enjoy doing something, you will naturally get good at it.

2nd- Whats works good on one woman, doesnt mean it works on ALL women!

3rd- Once you get 1st & 2nd above, and then communicate openly with her
body,mind, sounds and words. Try it...You wont go wrong.

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