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Pizza Delivery with a Special Tip!

posted 3/26/2007 12:56:45 AM |
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Rhonda awoke from her bed as she did about everyday, alone. Beverly Hills is a notorious place for married women with husbands who are never home. Even when they are home, the women usually ostensibly feel isolated to a life of shopping, television, and fakeness. This life had become boring to Rhonda. Her weekdays consisted of waking up to her empty bed, going to lunch with the girls, shopping at Macy's, working out after dinner, and reading a Danielle Steele novel until bedtime. Her husband, Tom, wanted no children. He believed the kids would become too much of a "hindrance" to his career. She waited until the weekend. Tom would come home, go play golf, have sex, and go to work on the computer. She gave up her career as an artist for him. She even knew Tom was unfaithful as a dog in heat on business trips. He'd come home with hickeys all over his neck, saying he was almost robbed. It's hard to believe that shit after about ten times. Rhonda still stayed so faithful to her husband from her religious upbringing at home. Her own moral convictions held her back from feeling vindictive or spiteful. She was truly a prisoner in her own marriage, stripped of any life for herself. She was unselfishly living for him and his career.
Then, she felt the need to order a pizza. She said the hell with him. She ate Tofu with her friends everyday for the past year. Her hands flipped frivilously through the Yellow Pages to Domino's Pizza, where her and Tom used to order pizza from in college, when they were unrestrained and happy. She called and ordered an extra-large, greasy, pepperoni pizza. Trust me, it couldn't have hurt this woman to over-indulge for one day. Rhonda stood at about 5-9 with a tall, busty figure. She was curvy with a tight tummy and firm long legs. Her ass a handful, and her tits were a full DD. She was a knockout. Her dirty blonde hair was thick, straight, and silky. She was a former volleyball player in college. What else is there to say?
The sun beat down intensely as she waited by the pool for her food. She had just taken a swim and was laying out in the sun. The red Corvette stopped in front of the house. He walked quickly to the front door expected someone to be there instinctually. Rhonda heard the doorbell and hurried to the door. By her own surprise, she expected him to come later. She had actually fallen asleep waiting. Her body glistened with water as she dashed through the house in her thong bikini. She opened the door to greet him with the money and a smile. Her eyes fell upon a young man, about eighteen, with short brown hair with blonde highlights protrding from his visor. His jaw dropped at the spectacle in front of him. This kid obviously hadn't had much action in his life. His face turned beet-red as he hid his smile. "$14.99", he studdered in a nervous giggle. Rhonda was flattered and down-right turned on by the young man's reaction. She saw him as a college boy trying to make ends meet, much like Tom was when they met at UCLA that fall in their sophmore year. Her soft, elegant hands placed the money in his palm as he eyeballed her large succulent, voluptuous mammaries. He started to reach for the change in his fanny-pack on his waist. She said that he could keep his change as a tip. He smiled and glanced at her with his emerald eyes in the sunlight as he began to walk away. Rhonda stood with her pizza at the door. "Wait, I want to give you more of a tip. Come on in!", she shouted anxiously. He followed her inside and nervously inquired "how much more?". She went into her purse and found more money, but she really just wanted him around to talk to. She was lonely. She offered him $100 to stay for another couple of hours to hang out. "I've really got to get going, my boss will ..." he jumbled out. She said that's okay, "I'll give you a job working around the house by the pool and lawn for $200 a week. Astonished, he agreed and stayed for tea. He hated his job anyways. She just began to talk to him about his life. He indeed was a college freshman at UCLA majoring in Computer Programming. Rhonda was amazed at how he was so much like Tom. Tom was a Business major, but they were similar at that age. "What's your name?", she asked. "Nick", he replied under a nervous laugh. She felt guilty but excited at the same time. She felt like she did at 19 again. Now 28, her life had changed dramatically. Rhonda nudged and leaned closer to Nick by the bar in the kitchen. He began sweating profusely with lust and anxiety. It was like it wasn't really happening. Things like this only happen in dreams, he told himself. Rhonda looked at him with hungry, blazing eyes. She whispered into his ear, "here's the real tip". She kissed him passionately with her body pressing into his as he sat on the bar stool in the kitchen. After long kisses, she stepped back and slowly unfastened her bra. The poor boy didn't know whether to shit or wind his watch. His cock began to bulge from his khaki shorts, as if it would bust out of his zipper. Rhonda stepped forward and grabbed him in a seductive manner. She unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. Like a leash, she pulled him by his prick leading him into the living room couch. She forcefully pushed him to the couch and rubbed her huge tits in his face. Without thought, he began sucking her hard nipples like an infant. She began to get wet just from the psychological thought of him. She hadn't felt this rush in years. Instinctually, she ripped off his shirt and pants like she was undressing a Ken doll. She lowered her lips upon his cock and began to suck vehemently. Her tongue moved along his shaft and head as her head bobbed. Her hand flashed rapidly up and down his shaft as her mouth worked his cock. His head look like it would explode as he came closer to getting off. She wanted to taste his cum in her throat. Then, his legs shook as she held him down. It looked like the exorcist with his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he shot his yang, lock, stock, and barrel, down her throat. She deep-throated as he convulsed. His pulse began to slow as he finished. Rhonda remained there sucking, getting ready for round 2.
Nick sat in a daze, as if he were in the Twilight Zone, asking himself, "What the fuck just happened to me?". His tall, slender tone body laid on the couch looking up occasionally at this gorgeous woman blowing him. He was eighteen and having fun on the job. How could he resist? Rhonda realized Nick was becoming erect again. She grabbed a condom from her purse. Yes, unfortunately, Tom wore a condom, even though they were married and on birth control. How pathetic could life really become for this damsel in distress? Rhonda looked up with those erotic, lusting eyes and asked "Are you ready for the grand finale?". Nick nodded, still in absolute astonishment. Rhonda took out the condom and put it

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Mar 26 @ 12:17PM  
damnit what a tease!! I was gettin into it damnit!!! lmao
I want the rest of the story in

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Pizza Delivery with a Special Tip!