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Society & Mental Health

posted 3/25/2007 7:53:03 PM |
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Well I had a scary moment happen to me this week and it was the result of my being bipolar. I won't go into what happened but I will say what I have taken from it is that people in this world professional and unproffessional need to learn alot more about mental illnesses and what to do in a manic situation. To be able to notice it and get them the help they need instead of traumatizing them more by contributing to the confusion more. I have to say mental illness because I am sure it goes beyond being bipolar and into many other things. They need to recognize the signs and realize YOUNG and OLD get confused and lost. I think this can be accomplished with public service announcements, education and courses for professionals who are likely to be contacted to deal in these situations. I would love to become a part of getting that message out and talking about it. Just wondering who to call and where to go to have that heard and who will have the drive to say yes heres where we get started... Especially now that mental illness is becoming more spoken about. People are being told it's ok to be on meds for bipolar and schezophrenia but if you have a bad day and have a bad experience chances are that experience may set them back and may make them not feel ok about being mentally ill. Does anyone get that? Am I making any sense?
I have to say here on my bad day I was happy to hear Doug and Phil actually spoke nicely to one another holy shit to wonders never cease to amaze me. Also I have never been so happy to have someone pull me into their arms and tell me it was ok I was home, I was safe and it was all going to be ok. Phil and my brother were so supportive and both say everyone has a bad day. I still get teary eyed. I just feel so stupid and I was just so happy to see my brother. He really seems to always be there when I need him, he always has. And I am supposed to be the big sister :( But yeah Phil did hold me until I stop trembling and did what he could to make me feel safe.
The next day I cried ALOT, as I usually do I reached out to Doug and as usual he had me laughing my tears away. He told me a story of his own where he felt stupid and it made me laugh, somehow he always finds a way to make me smile. I still smile when I think about one of the things he told me. I swear that man could make the most miserable person laugh. Anyone who doesn't have Doug in their life really are missing out on a gem of a man. And I am just so glad he and Phil didn't fight when Phil called him. That says alot to me.
Tonight I am going out with Sherri, dinner and the club. I doubt I will drink though. Just starting to feel better and I am just happy to be going out with one of my best friends. She is my longest and best friend. It's Saturday night....
Oh and Phil's dad has had his second surgery and is doing well. Angels I tell ya are watching over that family. Can't wait till easter weekend going over to salt spring island for a wedding on Chocolate island. I am excited just to be going to an island with that name lol, and 2 out of my 3 kids will be with me so that rocks. Lots of family will be there.
Alrighty then off for now...

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Society & Mental Health


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Mar 25 @ 8:39PM  
I have severe bi-polar and i feel for you...i have very bad bi-polar episodes....
it's a hard thing to deal with and people never really understand... i've been through a lot due to my bi-polar....
people do need to be better educated on mental health issues...

im sorry to hear about your bad situations..and i know being bipolar makes it more difficult..

Mar 26 @ 1:09AM  
I have an uncle who used to work for NASA as an engineer, and while Bi-Polar, he did his best to work through it all.

UNTIL they put him on the medication stuff. I don't know a bunch about being Bi-Polar, but it really did slow him down to the point of not working. My aunt does her best, and all of US in the family understand a little bit more about it, and work with him the best we can.

All I can say for both of you is that every day is a brand new day, make the best of what you can. I can NEVER understand what being Bi-Polar is like, but I CAN say I wish both of you luck on it.

I only wish that with things like this, people and corporations would put more time into these things than they do their vacations.

Both of you do your best to keep on movin' on, and hopefully everything will be just fine.

(Usually I am an asshole, or even a dick, in this case, with a real subject that is VERY impacting on people, I can't handle not offering at least a backslap and a word of kindness)

Mar 26 @ 6:03AM  
I am not bi-polar but I suffer from paranoia, depression, and epilepsy. So I am classified as mentally ill so I can relate to you on that front only. There is a ignorance or fear of understanding what it is to have a higher functioning mental illness. What I mean by that is some mental disorders are quite visible to see, other like depression and bi-polar are hard to so I think it is uncomfortable for people to talk about it because their view on mental illness is based solely the mentally ill who function at a lower level than you do.

This view sets up a fear in people that is hard to over come and I know this to be true because of two words used by people who do not suffer the above. The two words? "Those People."

To some it may be only two words but to me and others it is a form of discrimination, a way to set yourself apart or above the person with the disability. Let me put it this way, if every person who wears glasses were referred to as "those people" you are saying that they are different from you and once you admit you are better than a specific group of people you are discriminating against that group of people. Once you have said to yourself that because you have 20/20 eye site and I'm better than those who don't, well the next step is to not associate
with "those people", then comes the ridiculing and finally hate.

How do you fix something people do not want to talk about? You can do all the PSA's in the world but until the stigma is lifted it will do no good. I think if in high school a mandatory class should be taught to address mental illness over time understanding would replace ignorance and fear and the stigma would be lifted. It was not that long ago (the 70's) that people with depression and bipolar were put into institutions to want to talk about being cruel to others, there you go....

Also to this day they still preform shock therapy, they call it ECT now. Think about this for a moment you are told by a doctor that a way for you to possibly feel better
is for them to strap on electrodes to you head and run an electric current through you brain to cause a seizure. This seizure will kill some of your short term memory and will cause days of sickness and head pain. The thinking is if they wipe out the part of your memory that holds the depressive thoughts then you may be cured.
This is torture! A barbaric act done in the name of mental well being. The fact that something as cruel as an ECT is still used in 2007 says a lot for how far we as a society have to go in accepting the mentally ill.


Mar 26 @ 11:15PM  
I totally agree with you and school learning classes I think should be mandatory, I think that would go a long way in learning. My mom had shock therapy I think it is so cruel and unusual I don't think it should be allowed. They say it's been made better I say bullshit to that!

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Society & Mental Health