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Really...Its Just a Bunch of Fucking Gibberish

posted 3/24/2007 4:36:44 AM |
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tagged: whig

I’m feeling pretty fucking good right now. My belly iz full, I still got most of a bowl of some BOMB ass weed and I just finished dicking down the old lady. Yeah...that’s right, that’s right. Had 2 break out that Watusi Stick on a bitch! Watch me bang this motherfucker on the table! BAM! BAM! BAM! Order in this motherfucker right here...I ain’t bullshittin! I wuz fucking like I wuz on that Viagra or some shit. Like a goddamn teenager...except I know how 2 eat pussy! Fuck a bunch of Bob. Bob can kiss my ass. Hey Bob! Can U do this, motherfucker? BAM! BAM! BAM!

U better knock, knock, knock, knock on wood...bitches!

I ain’t finna fuck around with U motherfuckers no more. Cuz I’m a pimp, nigga! P.I.M.P. Pussy Iz My Profession, Motherfuckers! Pimp! Been pimpin, am pimpin finna be pimpin nigga, cuz I’m a pimp! BAM! BAM! BAM! When U can do that motherfucker, we’ll talk. Until then, U gonna have 2 excuse me, player, cuz I got some pimpin 2 do.

Good evening, passengers. This iz Ur captain speaking, and along with my co-pilot dixxxbitch, navigator Pudge2you and the rest of the crew, I would like 2 welcome U aboard and thank U 4 choosing Slippery Airlines. Where the pilots get higher than the planes and the in-flight movie iz always Up in Smoke. The smoking section begins here in the cockpit and extends down through the whole fucking plane. The stewardesses will be handing out Starbursts, Now and Laters and tiny bottles of Remy Martin during the flight. And even if the plane duzn’t go down, 4 those of U in First Class Sunshine79 will. 4 those of U in coach, BelAir789 will be giving out hand jobs on a first come, first cum basis. I am now going 2 hand U over 2 the HEAD stewardess, Looking4ever, who will be going over the emergency procedures. Have a pleasant flight and once again...thank U 4 flying Slippery Air.

Take a good look at my girlfriend
She’s the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend
Never wants 2 suck my cock

See, I don’t look at it as me changing shit. I’m fixing shit, motherfucker. Now what? Ain’t my fault U motherfuckers got the shit wrong the first time. U best just be glad I came along 2 fix that shit, fool!

I’m a winner I’m a sinner
Do U want my autograph?
I’m a joker about 2 poke her
I’m using my dick like a tool
Making the bitches all drool

LA, LA, LA, LA! and U know the rest. Fuck it...those dickheads Eminem and Puff Daddy do that shit all the time. They act like there just aren’t anymore songs 2 be written, so they’re gonna go ahead and rewrite Stairway to Zeppelin didn’t get it right. WTF iz that shit? Grab a pen motherfucker. Write something new. Surprise us, bitch. And Eminem just needs 2 go away. That fool gets on my damned nerves. Ain’t done shit but release the same fucking album over and over again. Nigga, U ain’t AC/DC! Better learn how 2 write a song, then come fuck with us with another CD. Just make sure U switch up that beat, player. I ain’t trying 2 hear that same tired ass shit no more.

Na na na na. Na na na na. Na na na na. Na na na. Na na thank U, bitch!

Am I the only one who thinks Jackie Paper wuz a fucking prick? He didn’t have 2 do Puff like that. He could have dropped in on a motherfucker from time 2 time, just 2 check on his ass. U know Puff would have had his magical ass there if the situation wuz reversed. That’s what’s wrong with this world. Motherfuckers don’t remember the ones that look out 4 a nigga. All they wanna do iz chase after a sack or fuck with some hos. If U rock it up, they will come. That’s the tagline 4 my new movie. I call it Field of Pipe Dreams.

I am sorry 2 report that belle1010 has had some kind of mental breakdown. The bitch iz trying 2 say I didn't reply 2 a comefuckme email. OMG...especially from a bitch with titties like that? OMG...iz U crazy? U must be crazy. That's it y'all...the bitch iz crazy. I think my record stands 4 itself on this issue, and I consider the matter closed. Thank U 4 Ur time. U may now return 2 jacking off and watching old reruns of Big Valley (Heath wuz a fucking hottie!!).

Izn't it hilarious that the fact that she iz crazy makes her even more attractive 2 me? God I'm fucking sick...aren't U lucky?

Goddamn! I still got pussy juice dripping from my cock and its already up and running again! Its a good thing I got these pics of PrincessKissy. I believe I could use a little help on this one. Izn’t it ironic that I keep asking U bitches 2 send me pictures that are causing me go blind? Better hurry up and send me some more, girls. Cuz I can’t say 4 sure when my vision iz gonna fail, but at this rate it 4 damned sure can’t be long now!

Alright...I guess I’m done. Y’all can go back 2 being pervs now (I say that like any of U ever bothered 2 stop). In the meantime I’ll just keep on

Keeping U posted


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Mar 24 @ 7:30AM  
Damn fine pics they are too Only for you dude, only for YOU!


Mar 24 @ 8:56AM  
dude, thanks for the flight. a bunch of us sittin' back here in economy, we're wondering if y'all cud drive around some a these clouds. see, every time you hit one, the bong water sloshes out, and we keep bangin' heads trying to swallow it, B 4 it hits the floor. any truth to the rumor you got veronic in the co-pilot's seat? cuz we were thinking she'd just make a wonderful running mate for you in your quest for the white house.

Mar 24 @ 9:11AM  
see what happens when you switch from the bottle to the bong; really great shit,but pudge as navigator? you need to drag his ass out of the plane and give him an ass whooping for his whiney ass blog the other day.Kudos to you

Mar 24 @ 11:32AM  
Only 1 thing I can say here.......

YOU RAWK! Don't hold anything back, just tell us like it is!

All I wanna know come I wasn't invited on this flight? Am I not KEWL enough for you? Doesn't everyone need their MOMMY nearby just in case there's a spill that needs to be cleaned up?

Have a great weekend all!


Mar 24 @ 1:34PM  
SOMETHING here still worth laffin bout ........ty

Mar 24 @ 5:46PM  
Don't be tellin' everyone my secret trick to giving the most PHENOMINAL head EVER!!

Mar 24 @ 9:42PM  
Baby, let me just point out to you that in your essay's it states that you are MARRIED and are basicly full of shit, all talk and no action.....i send you pics of said titties, and i get no love from your ass!


I WANT DICK IN 2008!!!

Oh and i'm feeling much better since my mental breakdown

Mar 24 @ 9:52PM  

Mar 26 @ 9:03AM  
Duude... we're supposed to fly around the clouds? damn! See I was guiding through the clouds... The turbulence makes the HEAD stewardess' tits bounce...

My Bad.

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Really...Its Just a Bunch of Fucking Gibberish