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I don't get it

posted 3/23/2007 10:39:01 PM |
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ok sorry folks but I gotta say something...I usually try to keep my blog entries short and funny but this shit is gettin nuts so like everyone else I have an opinion and I am gonna voice it.
What is all the grief about? this is a free site...key word being free...(for the most part) do you not get the bullshit is free word for yall...ignore...if you don't like it ...don't read it...don't comment on it...all this shit going down is giving the trolls exactly what they want...they have managed to run people off...makes them feel powerfull...yall give them that power when you leave or let them get to you...I realize I am fairly knew to this site and I don't know everything and everyone...but chat sites are chat sites...they all have the same move on if you must, but the next place is gonna be just like this one... only the names will change..Yall have friends here why leave...the trolls WILL eventually tire and move on to those sites yall are running to...out smart... um stay here !
I found it to be very sad when I logged on tonight and the front blog page wasn't even full...the trolls are winning and yall are allowing sad...
Ok I am sure I have just made some enemies and I didn't want that...but this garbage going on is just that GARBAGE...
Take a deep breath...count to ten....out smart um !

ok i'm ready for the fall out from this entry !

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Mar 23 @ 10:48PM  
No fall out here. You have the right to your opinion and there it is. All in black and white for everyone to see. I think you are right in most of your commentary. But........I'm a paid member, so, I get to pay for all the trolls to run my new found friends off. I don't think it's fair, don't like it, and if I had my choice, it would be the trolls that would leave. Not the people I joined this site to be friends with. But that is also an opinion. Just like an asshole, everyone has one.

Oh, and Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here.

Mar 23 @ 10:50PM  
I agree with you. I paid to be here and i ignore the BS and play in other sandboxs....

Mar 23 @ 10:53PM  
Well said sweetie. There are trolls in real life as well as on the internet. They're kinda like diarrhea... not pleasant, but something ya gotta deal with, wipe off and smell till ya flush.

As Ponme said... I ain't leavin... but I ain't stayin either. I'm kinda lurkin on the edges. I got real life issues I'm dealing with as well as trying to deal with the stuff on here.

I have a lot of friends on this site, people I care about. Lately it seems like there have been a lot of my friends at each others throats. Puts me in a delicate position, because I want to be supportive of everyone, but a lot of the time it simply makes me feel I have to ride the fence on things. I'm getting a bit tired of pulling splinters out of my ass, they tend to hurt afterwards. Thank goodness I have G now, cuz he keeps me sane and mellows me out when I am stressed.

I don't wanna leave, but I can only take this place in small doses. Most of you know I have a rather ginormous fibroid tumour. I don't have the funding or insurance to have it taken out, am working with the hospital on some financial help, but it's gonna take a month or more to get in place... in the mean time I nearly bleed to death on each of my cycles... the worst part is that my cycle seems to be here every time all hell breaks loose on this site... it's not healthy for me to be all stressed out when I'm bleeding to death... yanno?

Anyways, sorry to take over your blog this way Misty, but just don't feel like blogging myself.
Nice Tits, Girlfriend... huggies!

Mar 23 @ 10:53PM  
Hey BF you won't come play in my sandbox!?

Mar 23 @ 10:55PM  
You are so correct, trolls roam everywhere. The very worst thing to ever do is feed a troll. Ignored, they move on to where they can find attention as it is a necessity for them. If anyone leaves because of trolls, the trolls have won.

Mar 23 @ 11:03PM  
Talktome now is so right dont let them win....
str8ngr84u2 well you aint been in my sandbox either...

Mar 23 @ 11:04PM  
People get upset, they leave thinking it will be better elsewhere. If they can find a better place who can blame them. Personally I think many will return because this is still a good site, probably better than any other. As long as they don't start making too many changes here.

Mar 23 @ 11:12PM  
hey you 2 this is my sandbox who is gonna play with me ? huh ?

Mar 23 @ 11:20PM  
I share my sandbox with you...i am a sharing person....

Mar 23 @ 11:38PM  
. . Give 'em Hell, sweetie..!!
I can get along with Anyone...WORTH getting along with..!!
...the others, I Ignore...{with grinding teeth, in some instances...} knowing that just commenting on their Bull-$#!& just makes their day...!!!
I wouldn't be All...if I had a sweet Lady to enjoy life with...!!!
But...apparently, I still need to 'tweak' my Profile, a bit..!!
. . Sugg's . . ?

Mar 23 @ 11:39PM  
we decided not to leave, some of the blogs makes us laugh, makes us think...and some just make us the ones that just tick us off, we'll do the adult thing, count to 10...and just simply move for now, we ar staying.

Mar 23 @ 11:56PM  
Hey Misty I wanna play

Mar 24 @ 12:14AM  
I offered to share my sandbox, but you're too good for it BF. MissMisty, I share too. You are welcome to join us in my sandbox anytime!!

Mar 24 @ 12:29AM  
You are completely on target MissMisty! I have said the same myself...
"Misery loves company"....KUDO for you MissMisty...

Mar 24 @ 12:37AM  
I agree with Blueyes! It's upsetting when you're a paying member and your friends that are leaving are paying members as well! Makes you wonder at the business sense of allowing the recent events to take place! Why would a site allow non paying trouble makers to run off their paychecks?

Mar 24 @ 1:20AM  
Don't worry dear ...just finished a troll sandwich...and it was delicious...little bit of an after taste

Mar 24 @ 4:53AM  
I'm with ya MissMisty I smell what you're stepping I like to say.

I don't get it either...I simply do not understand all the bullshit...all the drama. The being at each other's throats...blogging about others and what they blog about...

After all, this is just a sex site/dating site/adult site...whatever the hell one wishes to look at it or call it...the bottom line is...this is just the internet...

And let's face it...the internet isn't much different than the real world...and the things in which we all have to deal with out in the real world...why, why I people think the internet should be, or would be any different?

Seems to me it's so easy to leave the internet, and places such as simply stop coming here, and you simply turn off the computer...why is this so hard for some people to do and or understand?

Unfortunately, you can do this with or in, you simply have to deal with it...and as it is with life, it is also with this site...or other sites...with the whole damn'll ONLY get OUT of it what YOU yourself PUT into it!!! Plain and simple as that...

Now I've heard that many people are leaving...why?? What does leaving do? It let's those who want to ruin this for others...WIN! And I'll be damned if I let those who wish to ruin this place run me off...piss on that, I'm here to stay for as long as I damn well please...and I'll leave this site the same damn way...because I want to!

I've also heard others saying they're leaving here...and that they're going to another site...what the hell is that all about?? I mean c'mon any of you really THINK any other site such as AMD is going to be any different??

If you do...I hate to tell you this...but here is a REALITY CHECK slapping you upside the damn head...IT ISN'T GOING TO BE ANY DIFFERENT!!!

So for those who wish to leave...and for those who wish to let these "trolls" WIN...then I say...go ahead...and as you're leaving...don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya!

Mar 24 @ 5:18AM  
Hiya Misty, if you stay here long enough you'll see that these things run in cycles. Indeed, they seem to follow a pattern. Some weather it and some can't take it anymore and leave. A few of my friends have left and I can't really blame them but then I don't have to put up with the vile pudrid hatred that they did. I still maintain regular communication with them, so I haven't lost them.

Other friends have decided to stick it out here and so I remain to stick it out with them. You will definately find a mixed bag o' nuts here, that's fer sure. Things'll pass and it'll quiten down agin fer awhile, but someone'll do or say something stupid or thoughtless and the place'll rock the rafters agin.

Have fun, an' get outta this site what'cha can.

Mar 24 @ 8:36AM  

Mar 24 @ 10:23AM  
I would like to play with you in your sandbox

Mar 24 @ 10:34AM  
hey misty you forgot one important thing! they locked the popular "rooms" which is how alot of people met. Okay if something was wrong they could have moved our rooms instead they locked people out which is why some of the people are now warning! heck fire we were having fun and meeting new people. so this in another reason some of the nice folks are leaving!!!

Mar 24 @ 11:06AM  
I have been a member of MD/AMD for a lot of years. Like many others who have been around here since Hector was a pup I have seen a lot of things.

Some of the things that I have seen concern me more than a little. Not because they happened but because nobody cares. Some of the things that I have seen amuse me more than a little. Not because they were funny but because I'm a "people watcher" and people's reactions to certain things amuse me. Some of the things that I have seen make me smile. For all the folks screaming "This is a sex site" there have been a whole lot of matches made that the vast majority of people here will never know about.

Some of the stuff is just plain silly. Take for instance all of this talk about a "different site" and "another site". 100% of the people that I have seen commenting in blogs in the last 48 hours and mentioning the site in question aren't members of the site in question. Kinda silly now isn't it?


Mar 24 @ 1:45PM  
hey misty you forgot one important thing! they locked the popular "rooms" which is how alot of people met. Okay if something was wrong they could have moved our rooms instead they locked people out which is why some of the people are now warning! heck fire we were having fun and meeting new people. so this in another reason some of the nice folks are leaving!!!

rooms that , btw, have been around for as long as 6mos or MORE...and NOW they're all of a sudden BAD?? its' NOT JUST the trolls..shit THEY'RE easy to deal with...bitch smack n move on but do ya talk with admin or get sense out of shit if ya can't get responce?? ohhh sure.....a note in forums ...'new policy'' and fuck ya'll very much for helping our site ya'll tell me NONE OF YOU invited friends from OTHER Sites to join you here wich increased the sites numbers ALSO their value to sell even as a non paid member we've also contributed to the sites value somewhat ...and if not .well then fuck it

Mar 24 @ 5:02PM  
It's all a psychological thing. This really isn't that big of a community when it comes to blogging so too many people find celebrity. Their hits go up, comments increase and they believe they have the right to say whatever they want to say without fear of consequence --- -- thus why there are so many blogs of people giving into the BS, increasing the drama, and giving those trolls more leeway than necessary. I got a personal attack in the blogging drama and it didn't even phase me. It's not worth it. I'm not going to fight with people online, that's just silly.

Everything I've said is redundent. Let your comments speak volumes.

Mar 24 @ 5:05PM  
I agree and everything but one thing is some are leaving bc they are being stalked and harrassed like sxzebbw!! I dont really know much of what is goin on bc I try not to read the negative stuff but I know one thing... I say fuck the trolls and dont give in as u do!! But for those who leave bc the trolls stalkin and harrasing I wish u all the best!!

Mar 24 @ 5:16PM  
She didn't leave. I made sure to report her last blog and soon after she was booted from the site.

Mar 24 @ 8:11PM  
You may have reported her last blog, and if you want you can even think you're responsible for her leaving. You're not. She left of her own accord, and has the right to come back with the same accout if she so chooses. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.........

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