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I don't know...

posted 3/23/2007 1:01:26 PM |
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Instead of letting the waters calm, I'm going to drop just one more pebble, my pockets are almost empty anyway.

I see the exodus. I see the influx of new and relatively surprising shameless self promoters. (Before you get all nuts, remember I've said I'm all about shameless self promotion...)

I am a bit sad, although only a bit. Here are some general observations.

The more vocal members of the current exodus have a few things in common.

They are all great people who any one of us would be happy to call friend. I am fortunate enough to call some of them that. They are all great people who have in one way or another become a couple during the course of participating in this site. Nearly immediately after their recognition of this their view about the site changed, or at least intensified. The bullshit here and there's a healthy share, seems to have gotten under thier skin MORE EFFECTIVELY after their need for companionship was satisfied. All I'm saying here is that y'all changed a little when you got together. That is in no way a bad thing. It just is... I'll miss you and I hope this observation can be viewed objectively.

There has been a recent influx of pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Again, not saying it's really a bad thing, just not sure that cut and paste blogs from larger pre-prepared documents is a great addition. I guess it's better than one-liners though.

Since I've been on here there have been arguements, actually that's been kind of fun. It just doesn't hit me as hard as it hits some of you, I guess. Some of the most creative statements I've seen here were put forth in the course of a useless arguement.

And that's really what I'm getting at... With DS and his troubles, WTX and his troubles, OMG's penchant for applying statements showing thoughtful consideration of a possibly serious topic, I'm beginning to miss the pure creativity that came from the less serious more off the cuff collaboration there once was. The jamming on a riff, if you will. Maybe that's just because I'm not bright enough to think of the cool topics myself.

So I'm coming round to my version of a DS moment. I'm just not sure I should even bother to blog anymore. It looks as though the may not be room left for my brand of drivel, so many new brands on the shelf with their fancy packaging.

I'm not gonna go so far as my pal did and ask you to tell me to keep going. I just needed to express something about some of the stuff I'm seeing.

To the soon-to-be dearly departed, more power to you and I wish you continued success and delight in your respective journeys.

To those that are about to attempt to show how bright they are, I wish you'd come-up with something less obviously derivative.

Comments are always open, you are of course free to ignore me or let me have it.

Just make sure it's worth the effort, or at least some effort was applied.

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Mar 23 @ 1:13PM  
Well, there seems to be a mass exodus to "another site" (that shall not be named here). I guess I wonder what will happen when THAT site becomes like this one? Will they move again?

Have I contributed to AMD's downfall? I hope not. If I have, I'm sorry.

Mar 23 @ 1:16PM  
well some people dont get it! do they, !

Mar 23 @ 1:31PM  
Diversity! I will be damned if anyone will run me off! I have opinions and I will state them when I feel necessary. If I don't like your opinion I may tell you, or I may pass you by. All my choices!

Mar 23 @ 1:52PM  
Don't you dare quit blogging. I'd hate to have to go to Ohio and kick your butt!

Mar 23 @ 1:59PM  
well said...

Mar 23 @ 2:00PM  
I say that those who stay behind can still enjoy a perfectly well managed site. I know that the new site might have a number of advantages that AMD doesn't, but AMD has allowed me to meet the love of my life. I'm certainly not going to leave because some people on here are disrespectful. I'll be on here until I'm at least 90 and by that time, the new Mod's will BEG me to leave!

Not going anywhere.... here to stay with my FR

Mar 23 @ 2:46PM  
I have to agree with looking.....don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. I consider you a friend and really enjoy your blogging.

Mar 23 @ 5:00PM  
You fucking pussy; I see that once again I have to hold your hand and lead you through all this crap!! You are a great blogger if you would stop feeling so sorry for yourself,and if you can't outdo hacks like me and DS or OMG,then maybe you should quit writing blogs.Don't worry about me or DS. In fact did you read DS's last blog; it was nothing short of genius. I plan to once again show you how to do it,and maybe you should take some notes for christsakes. Just for the sake of stroking your very frail ego,i'm giving you a kudo.

Mar 23 @ 5:20PM  
I like your blogs pudge or is it just seeing that sexy torso hmmm I'll have to think about this one LOL

Mar 23 @ 6:09PM  
surely this is not the first ripple or perhaps tide that you have seen, the friends that you see leave, sure they will be missed, however have you not made new ones? Adding to what you already had?

Keep blogging I enjoy the read.......

Mar 23 @ 6:17PM  
.hmmm i COULD tell you to keep blogging but you point out ........your not asking.....good..i like your style n not sure it fits you to beg for kudos to keep you doing something you SHOULD be doing cause you dig it....right? differences here? sure...wolds full of em...and hell for ME ...i like a little troll now and again cause i'm thick skinned and don't realy give a fuck what they say or do TILL they attack my friends....well then all bets are off....some will leave some will not ..some will do as they probably always have done..(like me) wich is bounce from site to site all at once....yea yea come on and tell me i'm the ONLY one whos posting blogs/forums in 2 or more sites at a time??? no will happen will happen.....i for one enjoy your wit....but as YOU as YOU see fit ...for YOU

Mar 23 @ 11:08PM  
I, for one, enjoy reading your blogs. Who gives a shit about other's writing styles? If you're gonna do it, do it for YOU, man! It's all about self-satisfaction. And, there is always room for you.
Naturally, things will change as time goes by. That's a given. But, that does NOT mean that you have to change with it.

Mar 23 @ 11:35PM  
Has anyone seen that lil' fucker borty ??! There's a goddamn mound of panties here!! That's more vodka in the feeding tube!!!

Mar 24 @ 12:43AM  
I'm right here darling....must have passed -out....gawd my bums sore

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