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Part 14 so much more to go

posted 3/22/2007 6:07:36 PM |
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I have been blessed and given these gifts by God in abundancey. God is the forger of man; his anvil is wrath and fury, his forge is death and pestilence. You see man like iron ripe from the ground has impurities that only a blazing inferno of fire can wipe away.” Blake stopped and cut into his beef, still dripping with sauce he plopped it into his mouth. David followed cutting a piece of the meat. He no sooner put the chunk to his mouth when he spit it out. It was cold uncooked, the liquid David thought was sauce was nothing other than blood. Blake looked at him with a rather repugnant smile. “Aw I see you have no taste for blood that’s not a good sign in a predator.” Blake sneered. “I have no taste for worms and maggots.” David answered in an unamused voice. Blake laughed “You indulge in sin and vice and damn your soul yet you won’t eat uncooked beef. If only you could see the worms and maggots that grow and pop like gaseous corpses on your soul. God can, he sees the maggots thick and ripe growing fat on our sinful bodies. He sees the worms the color of hell eating our spirits.” David turned his attention away from Blake. He looked at Will and saw he was sitting in the stool with his back rigid. Will had been quiet the whole time and his presence forgotten. The Bible unopened still sat in his lap. His face was long and droopy though, as the little boy grew tired. David spoke “Is this why you call to give me a Bible lesson, surly you had other intentions.” Blake put down his fork and grabbed his goblet “Yes of course perhaps this is the time for business.” Blake raised his goblet and drank. He started to explain exactly what he wanted never letting David know about the Baron.
The time was getting late and it was showing on poor Will his back had gone from rigid to droopy and his face droopy to completely exhausted, his eyes kept slipping shut only to blink quickly back open. Blake was speaking when the large Bible fell from Will’s lap. The huge tome boomed on the tile floor echoing through the dining room. Blake stopped immediately and yelled at Will to pick up the Bible and come to him directly. Will’s eyes went from lifeless to wide awake. Fear was about him like clouds before rain. He stood picking up the book and walked to Blake. Blake grabbed the Bible “Is this how I teach you? Do I teach you treat the holy book in such away? Do I teach you to fall asleep when company is over?” Blake’s face was pulled tight in rage and fury; hairs from his ponytail pulled lose and frizzled about his forehead. He snatched the Bible from Will; lifting it he smashed it across the boys face. A sound like a dry twig breaking popped through the air. A gush of blood splirted from Will’s crushed and disfigured nose. The boy fell heavily to the ground. Blake stood over the crumpled child, using his foot he pushed Will over on his back. Tears fat and voluminous akin to Amazon rain poured streaking from the retched face of Will. Snot and blood commingled forming a soupy goo on his attire. Blake yelled down stream after stream of venomous words, spittle from his mouth went flying and some caked around his lips making him look like a raving dog. David stood yelling “Sir, this is hardly godlike, not to say anything about being a good host.” Blake stopped gaping at David. “Not godlike you say. Have you not listened to a word I said? For God so loved the world he nearly destroyed it. Does not God the very model of love destroy and decimate the children he cherishes? David responded “The world is as it is God sits and watches.” Glee shone in Blake’s eyes as the light danced and mingled with his lunacy “With fire and flood, pain and death he purifies man. Hath no man a greater love then one who would torture and kill his own children? Like God himself I will purify this boy with torment and suffering.” Blake picked up the Bible placing it on the table; his rage seemed to have dissipated. The red flush which bloomed fiery red on his cheeks was leaving. He smoothed out his shirt and sat down once again. Will lie crying unsure what to do. “Go boy and clean up and stop that waling.” Blake commanded. Will obeyed and left the room. Turning to David Blake spoke “I shall guide him like God above guides us.” David was silent in thought. It was hard to imagine the brutality Will endured at the hands of this brute. “You see the boy is a project of mine an experiment if you will.” “An experiment and what is it you wish to prove Sir? David asked with just the slightest hint of contempt. Blake continued “I whish to show all, the power of the Bible and its teachings. He came to me when his mother was in my employment.” Blake intoned; he was running his finger gently around the rim of his crystal goblet. “She died four years ago in the bitter winter of 1261. She had taken ill and was no longer able to work. As part of her working arrangements she agreed to pay me room and board which I took from her wages every month. However, I graciously allowed her to pay for her room in the barn on credit, even as I hired another woman to do her job. A sarcastic smile touched David’s face “That was very generous indeed Sir.” Blake took no notice “Two weeks went by and when I had had no word from her, or how she planned to make payment for her room, I knew it was time for her to make other living arrangements, for my barn is not a place for indigent people.” The goblet was now humming softly as Blake continued to rub the rim. His eyes were misty in memory. “I remember walking into the subdivision of the barn that was her place. It was cold very cold. White plumes flew from my mouth as I breathed. Mourning light was shining down harsh and bright through the window. I looked to the bed and saw Will’s mother she lay unmoving and stiff. Her mouth yawned open and a pool of vomit lay frozen to her chest. It appeared she had been dead for a week. The cold weather however, preserved her. She lay as fresh and unspoiled as the day she died. The sheets stirred and my heart at first jumped imagining the cold dead woman was rising from her death bed. I soon saw it was Will. He came from deep within the covers fully dressed in his winter clothes. He peered at me timidly, his eyes refusing to blink.” Blake hesitated in his story long enough to take a drink from his singing goblet, then started again. “I looked around the room surprised to see the boy was alive. There were no provisions, as the pantry laid bare. What meager food he had was gone eaten any way he could. He had eaten the last of a bag of beans and uncooked corn. An empty flower sack was thrown carelessly on the ground. Then I saw how, how he had survived. I flew into a rage, my blood boiled. Like a filthy rat he had been. I saw grain sacks intended for my pigs ripped open and split on the floor. He had been pilfering my stock of grain. I plucked the boy from the bed and beat him. Large wails escaped the boy as I pummeled him. The livestock started bleating and moving about re

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Mar 22 @ 6:27PM  
your god, your rules.. I don't live by em.

Mar 22 @ 7:15PM  

Mar 23 @ 9:53PM  
I enjoyed the first of the story, but......the farther it goes the weirder it gets. Not my cup of tea anymore. You lost me when Charity lost her virginity. Don't think I've ever heard of a virgin loosing it like she did or liking it that way. You might need to rethink this story. JMHO.

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Part 14 so much more to go