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posted 3/22/2007 12:12:18 PM |
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Recently I read some blogs about AMD and the content that is left here by the illustrious members. Let's dissect that a little. First of all, we know nothing about anyone except for what they say in their profiles! Someone could be a CIA agent? Maybe a Congressperson? How about a mother or wife or a Father or a Husband but is listed as single or just "In A Relationship". There have been those here who HAVE found love and have become a loving couple by communicating and more than likely meeting and fucking all night long. There are many women here looking for women and are in marriages. There are men who are crossdressers or are transexuals. The point is, This site is for everyone and for everyone here there is someone to meet and communicate with! The result may not be what was intended! Myself for instance, I am married, we have no intimacy, we have been through countless hours of counselling! We also care about one another and when someone cares and loves an individual then there are often no boundries! My SO came up with the idea of me becomming a member here in hopes I may find a sexual partner. Not a new wife! Now many here, especially women say, "NO WAY! I don't Do Married Men! Fine! Remember that YOU are here looking for a relationship! So gravitate to those that are like minded and spare those your negative commentary about morals etc. We are living beings first! Religion, morals, right and wrong came way later by someone hwo drilled that into your heads! You can either go with it or not! That's why there are millions of churches etc. I can go to whichever one I want if I choose whether you believe it is the right religion or not! We are all here for A REASON! I went through school and college and I did very well! I am not coming here to be TOLD what is right or wrong because there IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG! Everything is NOT Black and White Nor Gray (grey) there is a spectrum of billions of colors and those equal personalities! So, the chances of finding a personality that matches or works for each of us is huge! Let's all play together in Fun and enjoy each other and our differences! If Not then maybe it is best to keep cool or leave! As a Gold Memeber I paid! I didn't pay to be preached at! I paid to meet a woman who I am compatible with for sensual pleasures and in return give sensual pleasures! Simple enough! It is true, sex stimulates a womans emotions far more than a man's! However, I know there are women here who are looking for sensual pleasures without the committment! There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! There is nothing wrong with a man wearing feminine clothing! IT"S FABICS! Not Insane! There's nothing wrong with BDSM if that is what a person chooses! I don't want to hear how you disagree with it! I can read that anywhere! Spend more time writing about sensuality or something creatively warm and funny but quit the HEAVY OPINIONS about peoples choices! We are not ruled by religion in reality! If that was true then Swaggart, Jones, a few senators and a president ot 35 would have burned to a burning ashes before our very eyes! Live Life because it's the only turn you get! I want to be sexual and I want a sexual women and that does not mean I have to be married to her! If you want to disagree then go somewhere else! Write a good sex story or a poem that isn't filled with daggers at someone! I don't care that Mr. Blah say's all women should be treated like meat and do for me what I say! I ignore it because what good does chastising him do? Nothing! It just fuels the anger and more ranting! A waste of time and energy! All you want to do is see your opinion on the screen and see what response you get to that! This isn't a quiz show! There are some hot women here and I have to tell you that there is a woman here that I can see having a deep relationship with! She doesn't know it and if she does she is probaly one of the women who say "NO WAY! I DON"T DO MARRIED MEN! But I still dig her a lot! So see! Anything is possible and happiness is for everyone and you shouldn't have to pay some negative price to achieve it! People get hurt! People become sad! They get over it! Now write something good and HOT! Peace and Boogie R.

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Mar 22 @ 12:15PM  
Why dont you just say your gay..its alot easier than writing all that shit you just wrote

Mar 22 @ 12:20PM  
Aw Riko you say things so well!!

Mar 22 @ 12:27PM  
But you know, Rico - I TRIED that. No one cares. I have how many blogs? 87...about 11 percent are rants... How many sexy stories and topics? How many "true life" things - emotional memories and lessons learned? Yet, it's the rants and bullshit people read...And, what, the rants then become the sum of who and what I am? How unfair!

I am a pissed off woman - in case anyone couldn't tell. I am not playing. My trust was betrayed, people have been allowed to trash me while I try to take the high road...and I'm the one "spoiling the mood"? Maybe you're not talking about me - or just me - but this happens to be what I've heard from others. And people wonder why I want to go? People choose to seek out the negative, even when the positive is sitting on the same fucking page.

Sorry. Not my fault human nature fucking sucks.


Mar 22 @ 12:33PM  
In Response To Sxze, I love you and I will say so on my blog! You are an exceptional women with a high level of integrity and if people want Jerry Springer, then I so wish they would go and watch it rather than display their "Rants" here! The world is full of this shit! I am sick of it! It's all who's an asshole and who did this and said this! So What! Feed the fire and it will continue burn! Don't REPLY TO THE CRAP! When someone acts like an idiot or says something negative I just say something positive back if I respond at all! Your beautiful and You know I'd love to have some of you!

Mar 22 @ 12:40PM  
there is a woman here that I can see having a deep relationship with! She doesn't know it and if she does she is probaly one of the women who say "NO WAY! I DON"T DO MARRIED MEN!
Damn you Riko!!! You cheatin' on me already??!!! Who is this bitch??! I'll kill 'er!!

Mar 22 @ 12:45PM  
But Ash, Wait! I Uh! I never cheated on you babe! I mean your such a hottie and a great.................. well friend! (As he licks his lips clean)

Mar 22 @ 12:50PM  
There's a cultural problem in western societies. Women here are all looking for new experiences or trying to cheat guys to make some $.
Let's see:
>there's the fat women who never had a relationship
>ugly women or unsuccessfully in love and look for a men
>the ones who want to try other women, who are lesbians but married for convinience
>too dedicated to work all life and now wake-up and want to get married to all costs

To all them I say: you are in the wrong place for that!

About men:

>there's the fat guys as like women were rejected by society
>lonely guys who don't like night places as disco's or bars and for that they're alone
>sex predator's
>married guys looking for discreet gay adventures
>men who have alternative ways of sex but can't show it in public

The main difference: men always tell women what they really want, women go to the cynic way. There's more men than women as usual, because society still lives in that way "women are discriminated" when actually men are a lot more discriminated.

Mar 22 @ 12:53PM  
when actually men are a lot more discriminated.

Ooh please! Don't even get me started on THIS shit!

Mar 22 @ 1:12PM  
Let's see:
>there's the fat women who never had a relationship
>ugly women or unsuccessfully in love and look for a men
>the ones who want to try other women, who are lesbians but married for convinience
>too dedicated to work all life and now wake-up and want to get married to all costs

I'm old, short, fat, ugly and grouchy.
I admit it.
I have no desire to get married again
I'm not a lesbian
I don't give a shot at aeronautical intercourse WHAT anyone thinks of me (love me, hate me, I don't give a flying fuck)
and I give bitch lessons for good measure.

ALL of those things I am brutally honest about and what do ya know... I still have some GREAT friends on this site. Some of whom might surprise you.


Mar 22 @ 1:24PM  
In response to two entries, First Cumuflage, Ya know this is waht I mean about having an opinion that has a negative tone! Whethere I agree or disagree has no merit here! These people who are leaving messages are good people! Just like the rest of us! If someone wants to have a convenient lesbian relationship, SO WHAT MAN? There is probably someone here for her and that is GREAT! The point is, Why do you care?

ShadowsAnge, Your response is the fuel that keeps this persons fire burning with poison pen words about others! First of all, your right! Second Of All I think your great! Forget this crap and PLAY! This is a place for Adults to Play Not begrudge others! Frankly, Showing a Dick, Cock, Schwong, Wanker Stick, instead of a picture of who you are (No matter How fucking proud you are of it) is rude! I'm just glad there's no people shitting on a plate and saying, "Hey! Take A Look At That One Eh?" Who Wants Me!!

Mar 22 @ 1:26PM  
I've always respected everyone's reasons for being on AMD. I surely never joined this site to judge others.

HOWEVER, I'm not given the same concideration with emails like "if you are engaged, what are you still doing here?" or "if you are so in love, why still hang around on a sex site?"

The part that most members seem to forget, is that I HAVE found love and I AM getting married, but for now, we are living in two different CONTINENTS, so the internet is our best (and cheapest) way of communicating.

I have yet to read the rule on AMD stating:

"IF you found love online, please give up your membership"

Mar 22 @ 1:30PM  
Okay, That's great! But again, the point is, who cares what those people say! It has no bearing on the outcome you have vcreated here! You fell in love, your going to get married! Great! That's a good thing, a positive thing! write about that or your fantasies about your new love rather than treat these comments like there is some meaning! there really isn't in the huge sheme of things you know! Thanks for your input!

Mar 22 @ 2:39PM  
I agree with you to a point. It's been proven time and time again that ignoring doesn't work. The negativity keeps going, and going, and going, it's like the energizer fuckin bunny! It dies down for a while and then it rears it's ugly head again. I don't know the solution, if i did i'd be screaming it from the rooftops.

ps, who's the woman???

Mar 22 @ 4:59PM  
When ever we are in a web group or a dating site and we decide to post in that site, it’s like being in a fish bowl.
For the most part we are like one dimensional people unless we have a few friends who know us personally. Most people on here just know what’s on someone’s profile or written or posted words.
This makes getting along extra difficult, we can’t see a person’s personal life we honestly don’t know how they are in their homes on their jobs or in their community.
All of the different facets that make people human.
I remember a man I knew from working in a factory.. I knew his wife and two daughters, I knew he was a good bowler.. I thought I knew him.. But I was totally shocked when his wife told me something that was his secret..
I was shocked because I didn’t expect him to be that kind of guy.
What she told me was his mother died of cancer. And since her death he donated 1/3 of his monthly income towards cancer research. Now before anyone thinks well what about his own family’s needs this was agreed on between them both.

Bottom line is we really don’t know that much about each other in here.
And unless a person walks in someones’s shoes and is willing to share their heart aches
their trials and challenges in life. ...we all live in glass houses ...

Mar 22 @ 5:39PM  
Riko, you present the same problem everyone else does. You put your opinion out there and tell others that if they don't agree then they should go somewhere else. You, like so many others want AMD to be what you want it to be' but fail to understand that every other member also wants AMD to be what they want it to be.

Do I think you are wrong? No, and Yes. When you put your opinion out there and tell people to be open minded and just ignore the negative shit and then say if they disagree they can take it somewhere else, you are doing the same thing everyone else is. You are feeding the fires with your very blog telling people not to feed the fires. Try leading by example. If you want people to write more about sensual stories and erotica, write some of your own.

People here are fighting a very strange battle for freedom of speach, that is what it boils down. Everyone wants their voice to be heard saying they want the freedom to write what they want and that everyone else should just ignore them if they don't like it. Right or wrong though everyone also feels that if somone else writes something, then they have the very same rights to free speech to comment any way they feel. Positive, negative, debate, rant, bitch, moan, yell, or scream, it all comes down to the same thing. If you write it, people will respond to it. If you don't like what is being said, you will ad your voice to debate.

Freedom of speech is a two way street and noone can dictate what anyone else is going to say. You cannot create AMD in your image and everyone else do the same. And saying that people should just ignore what they don't like doesn't stop people from targeting and abusing others. We cannot expect people to govern themselves or believe that they will simply because it is the most Humane practice. Since people fail to govern their own actions, and Admin seems to be tied up with other problems (giving the benefit of doubt) and not enforcing the rules, then it becomes a free for all where the members are forced to govern everyone else.

For this reason, your blog will probably make little difference in the grand scheme of things. My comment will touch only those that have a similar point of view as myself. Trolls will still target others, people will still bitch, moan, rant, scream, cry, and yell. Good people will still leave, Bad people will still pick fights, Honest people will still tell the truth, and liers will still cause problems. Does this mean our society is fucked, probably, but it is our society. Does this mean we should not try to cahnge it? No, we should do what is necessary to change it. Where does it stop or end? Who knows, but it isn't going to stop as long as we continue to write blogs and tell people they cant disagree with your vision of a perfect world.

I will most likely be leaving AMD soon. I am tired of the Shit here as well Because a few people are not responsible enough to live peacefully with others, and because others write blogs trying to conform AMD to there dream site telling others if they don't like it to just go the fuck away. When all the good people are gone. You are gonna like this place a whole lot less. And then bitching, moaning, ranting, fighting, isn't going to stop for you then either.

Mar 22 @ 6:04PM  
Forget this crap and PLAY!

2 little things... First... I choose to PLAY in a different sandbox. Second... I am rarely serious around here.

Mar 22 @ 6:10PM  
Riko, I love you just the way you are! And, if someone can't accept you as you are...that's their loss!

Mar 22 @ 8:05PM  
I said this on another blog but I am going to say it again anyway. I am sick to damned death of people saying don't feed trolls dont get on rants if you dont like it move on.
Personally if I want to respond to a troll that is my right. If I want to have a rant about something again that is my right.
and all I can say is you suggest if I dont like it....... dont read it move on well all you naysayers can do the same damned thing if you dont like my responses don't read them ...... move on.

OK Rik you know I love you lots. I am not mad at you or anyone else in particular just fed up with being told what we should or should not do on this site.

OH and for the asshole Camuflage who seems to think fat women and men ugly women and men etc have no place on this site.......... FUCK YOU........ hmmm no actually I think I would rather not on second thought.

Mar 22 @ 8:09PM  
Oh and one more thing this is NOT a damned sex site it is an adult dating & swinger community.
What makes it a community??? People talking and sharing and taking time to get to know each other. I think the keyword in the site name is community.
So to all those who say that married people, people in love etc have no place on this site I say bite me I will only leave IF and WHEN I decide too.

Mar 22 @ 8:43PM  
This is a wise man!
There does seem to be a problem on AMD- its like back in high school when the girls were shy or afraid of sex. They see the married thing and run like a scared rabbit. What's with all the married women looking for other women and husbands are fine with that?

Mar 22 @ 11:29PM  
I agree with you, Holly3450~~unless we take the time to learn about the other person assumptions are made and often the wrong ones....but some people will not give you the time to do that AND often the way that you present yourself (on a regluar basis) shows me that I might not want to know more about you. It doesn't mean my life is any better than yours, it just means I don't choose to participate in yours.

To Rikosound~~interesting blog, man. I need to sit and think more about it.

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