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U Do Know This Iz a Sex Site, Right?

posted 3/20/2007 10:46:38 PM |
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So how come I never write about sex? I suppose I could go on and on about how I’ve been jerking off 2 lillin’s picture, but honestly...what would be the point? Its not as if everyone duzn’t already know that. Well, anyone who has seen the picture, anyway. We should all be so fortunate as 2 snuggle up 2 a set of titties like those, boys!

We hear a lot of complaints from women who don’t appreciate being sent cumfuckme emails and cock pics. Yet, I can’t help but notice it duzn’t seem 2 do any good. They continue 2 receive them. That implies that the technique works. Kinda like Spam. We wouldn’t be receiving all these emails asking us if we are interested in male enhancement if some of them weren’t being answered by someone somewhere. That leads me 2 believe that some women somewhere are answering these cumfuckme emails. I want 2 know who they are.

Which of U bitches likes it whenever someone sends them a full on cock shot? Who has 2 wring out her panties at the thought of NSA sex with a complete stranger. Some of U must, else there wouldn’t be so many guys with hard-ons sending U emails all the time. The guys with hard-ons would find a more effective approach. Of this much I am certain. No one iz more creative than a guy with a hard-on looking 4 release. How do U think The King and I got written, not 2 mention everything by Gilbert and Sullivan. Three little maids from school. Yeah, right. Tell me they weren’t thinking about Asian bitches and jerking one off when they wrote that one. Well, I am talking about Gilbert and Sullivan, so at least one of them may have been thinking about little Asian boys, but who can say 4 sure? Who among us iz qualified 2 make that call, I ask U? No...I implore U? That means I really, really want 2 know, U know?

I also want 2 know which of U bitches iz adding fuel 2 the cumfuckme fire by answering these degenerate fucks. Who among U has actually met one of these clowns on a humbug and what was it like? Would U do it again, or wuz it as horrible an experience as I imagine it 2 be? Here’s Ur chance 2 set the record straight, Luvrgrl. Here’s Ur chance 2 let us all know what U and Looking4ever are thinking as U molest strange men in strange places. Come on, ponme...tell the truth. What’s it like 2 corner some bitch U don’t know in the ladies room and have Ur way with her? Inquiring minds want 2 know!

And fellas, I want 2 hear from U as well. Who among U has sent these cumfuckme emails (who among us hasn’t?) and actually had it work? Who has sent a bitch a picture of his standing offer and had her accept? Who sent some broad in Cyberspace an invitation 2 swallow his load and had her hummin on the bobo B4 he could say what’s what? Anybody? Has this shit ever fucking worked? Or like myself and Cabl_guy, have men all just given up hope on being able 2 get any pussy, and therefore we just went ahead and got married. Whatever U do DON'T tell the old ladies! Hey...a bush in the bed iz better than a cock in the hand any day. I don’t care who U are, U gotta agree with that one. All over the world I can hear all the queers shouting, “Fuck those bitches!” in unison. That’s kinda funny 2 me 4 some reason. Something tells me that PrincessKissy gets it. Let's just call it a feeling...

Or, are all these motherfuckers members of some secret society, and somehow sworn 2 secrecy or something? Some secret sex club no one ever talks about, like in that Tom Cruise movie Eyes Wide Shut. That’s weird, creepy shit, man. Weird, creepy comic book shit, man. And I want in. Where the fuck do I sign up 4 that ride? Fuck me in an elevator, fuck yeah!

U don’t have 2 make up Ur mind right now. Take a few daze, mull it over and then make up Ur mind. If U decide I might have something 2 offer Ur ranks, please shoot me a cumfuckme email. Add a picture of Ur titties or what the hell, even a cock pic if U want, I don’t care. I’m an equal opportunity pervert.

I hope 2 hear from U soon. Until I do I will just keep on

Keeping U posted


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Mar 20 @ 10:57PM  
DS, but we don't know where to send the pictures.......hehe. Nope I don't answer the cumfuckme emails unless I know who they are.

Mar 20 @ 10:58PM  

Mar 20 @ 11:01PM  
Well I personally havent recieved any cock pix or cumfuckme emails from men bc I am taken and it is posted very well on my pix and profile but....

If some hot broad sent me a pic of her tits or pu$$y and/ or sent me a cumfuckme email I would definatly jump to it!!! Hell yeah!!!

If she lived close and was my type I'd eat the hell out of her... or if she was far but willin to travel to be... ...Then thank god my prayer has been answered!!!

I think I may have gotten a lil.... lmao

Mar 20 @ 11:02PM  

D.S. I think you out done yourself on this one. Excellent. kudo for you.

I for one have never sent such an email. But if it works ? What the hell, I may start. Yes I for one have just about given up hopes of ever gettijng any. At least
on this site. This seems to be a site more for friendship than SEX. Maybe I should stop being a nice guy. Whata ya think ??????

Anybody want to Fuck ????
Or get ate out ??????

Mar 20 @ 11:12PM  
Well, I'd love to have some cock shots. But, speaking of pictures, I'm done sending out anymore, if you can't be happy with the 15 I have posted, then tough shit!! I never get any back in return!!

Mar 20 @ 11:44PM  
How about you take a long break? A couple years. Your shit's really lame.

Mar 21 @ 1:31AM  
welll, you can holler "Anyone wanna fuck" on here all day till ya get blue fingers, and guarantee ya that ya might get a snicker or a giggle, but no takers. It's like that everywhere on sites, just some people like privacy and to talk to their friends on here they have made or to go to another friends blog and answer it. So I wouldn't knock myself out hollering it or expect to get some LMAO! Crow

Mar 21 @ 5:34AM  
I don't reply to the Wanna Fuck Me emails, nor do I send out pictures to anyone. I did get an offer from a man (1st time he ever emailed me) that was going to be in my town and wanted to fuck me last weekend. I declined. I am not a whore, nor am I stupid! I will not meet someone I have not gotten to know.

Mar 21 @ 9:10AM  
Hey DS Wanna Fuck????

Mar 21 @ 9:29AM  
omg...this is a SEX SITE????

well wtf am i doing HERE??

kudo dude

Mar 21 @ 10:12AM  
dude, i'm so busy trying to get money out of the scammers, i really haven't had time to pursue any C F M mail.there was the little girl up in wisc. that seemed up for anything, for a price, but after i turned her in to the union, she stopped callin'. was thinkin' about switching over to boys; that stardust sure seems to have his finger on the pulse of the nation, know what i'm sayin' ? actually seen No evidence that there is any hookup going on, 'cept that chick erotic in new york, who is obviously living the american dream.

Mar 21 @ 10:50AM  
Hey star.....who the fuck do you think you are???!!!

Mar 21 @ 11:33AM  
Come on, ponme...tell the truth. What’s it like 2 corner some bitch U don’t know in the ladies room and have Ur way with her? Inquiring minds want 2 know!

There is much screaming and pulling of hair, lots of fingertip bruises on my ears.. I'd tell ya more but that would be breaking the code dude..

Hey.. Wanna fuck?

Mar 21 @ 1:38PM  
I'm sorry DS I promise not to send any more cock pics or cumfuckme e-mails.

Mar 21 @ 1:52PM  
I've sent you several cumfukme emails and i never get a response

Mar 21 @ 7:17PM  
Great blog, DS! Glad to see you blogging again.

Mar 21 @ 7:24PM  
I think stardust would LOVE to see more of your blogs!

Mar 23 @ 12:16AM  
Thats whats gotten me in all this trouble that i'm in. I promise(sure) no more,really,no more. my life is just to fucking complicated because of is great; luv sucks. A kudo that you so well deserve.

Mar 24 @ 4:25AM  
Fuck U Stardust (or whatever U are calling Urself 2day...I smell the unmistakable stench of jump9, guys) - Ur a fucking bitch!


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