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Part 13 more to come

posted 3/19/2007 8:52:42 PM |
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He pulled back and knocked the vibration rang through his hand.
The door opened and David was somewhat surprised to see Will, he was dressed quite finely and looked to be the very model of man. A new large mark was discoloring his eye were it was obvious he had been struck. Will this time made no attempt to hide or show any emotions one way or the other. He was playing the role as a perfect gentleman, his face rigid as stone. “Right this way Sir, Master Blake will be here shortly.” Will said his voice modulated and not at all child like. David followed the boy and was seated in the pallor. “Would one care for a drink Sir?” Asked the boy. David refused taking the proffered seat. Will went to a dark corner were a unusually small uncomfortable stool stood and sat, reaching down he picked up a very large bible and placed it on his lap. The room was lit by overhead candles that shot shafts of light downwards. Some of the light caught and sparkled in glass gems hanging from the fixtures. Two substantially sized bookcases adorned the side walls. Each was filled with portentous books thick and heavy. Most were law books or history of law and philosophy David saw some that were written in Greek, French, and even Latin. The fireplace stood empty and unused along the back wall. The room was rich and very functional but seemed to lack any comfort. Indeed the paintings on the walls were either pictures of stern courtrooms or unyielding sober pictures of business affairs. All the furniture was strict and harsh looking. No warmth or joy seemed to be exuded by the room. It was law like stark and harsh and down to business. Will gave not indication of wanting to speak and the time dragged in the rigid room. The seconds were marked by a tall beating grandfather clock. It was as though the ticking clock was there to remind all time was money and to stop seating about doing nothing. However, if one was to look even deeper the clocks swinging pendulum formed a face when it clicked the seconds away. It was a laughing grinning face that seemed happy to inform all that they were yet another second closer to death.
The clock chimed 9 times announcing the hour and before the last chime in walked Blake. David arose to meet his mysterious host. Blake was dressed in colorless austere business attire. It ruminated functionality and form. He was skinny and tall. His shape was rather like that of a reed blowing in the wind it seemed only his rigid clothing was keeping him aloft. Nothing of his apparel was amiss neither a wrinkle nor an out of place thread could be seen. His hair was pulled back tightly, wrenching his scalp painfully backwards, into a well oiled ponytail which was the fashion of the time. His face was sallow and gaunt. It was a face used to seeing more candlelight than sunlight. Blake reached out his hand which was overly sized for his body big and boney. “I trust Sir the wait was not too long? I do apologize for any inconvenience.” David shook Blake’s hand his own being covered up a swallowed by Blake’s excessively large hand. It was a clammy and overly warm shake. Letting go David involuntarily wiped his hand on his pants to remove the foul touch. Blake seemed not to notice. “I should say one would indeed apologize. However, I am sure an explanation as to my invitation would do even better.” Said David. Blake only furrowed his eyebrows saying “Yes in due time, all things in their time Sir, perhaps there is a silver lining to your wait however, as dinner is served. Man of all god’s creatures know best how to be courteous and civil before they transact an affair. Come let us dine, and then let business as is, come.” Blake waved his hands showing the way to the Dinner table.
The Dinning room was scarcely lit with only one globe of light radiating from the middle of the table. The room was deep in shadows. Everything moved and tilted crazily as the light danced atop the candles. David was seated at the foot end of the table while Master Blake sat at the head of the table. Will who had entered did not sit at the table but rather took a seat at another small stool placed by the back wall. In his hands was still the noticeably large Bible. The stool was positioned directly in the middle of the table. David assumed this was so he could easily serve both guest and host at their command. Blake had a very small crystal bell by his side; he proceeded to ring the bell. A mousy old woman whom seemed to be tiptoeing on eggshells entered. She carried the evening meal. When the entrée was placed before David he took it for a side of beef in a light gravy. The woman filled his goblet with wine and left a loaf of warm bread. After the woman departed Blake spoke “So I see you are a guest of the Baron. I hope his gluttony has not spoiled your appetite?” David smiled “The Baron is a fine host indeed, and very willing to share his good fortune.” Blake unfolded his napkin placing it on his lap “The Baron is a beast who is ruled by his cravings. David laughing said “A beast he may be, but, one who controls great wealth and is capable of feeding his cravings.” Blake sat unsmiling “He thinks he controls everything yet when his belly roars he runs like a trained dog to his dinner bowl. When he craves the flesh he scampers like a baby come to suck the tit of woman. It is his desire that rules all and the Baron is just a slave. Do you read the Bible Sir?” David glanced across the table unsure what the intentions of Blake were. Only a fool would not believe that David had never read the Bible so he felt the truth was the best defense. “Yes, in youth I was rather schooled in the Bible.” Blake gave a grim smile “Yes I rather thought you did perhaps what I meant was do you believe in the Bible?” David thought it best to parry the question “I believe in as the good book says God helps those who help themselves.” He lifted his glass and drank. The answered seemed to legitimately pain Blake. “Glibness is a tool used by the fool and the unbeliever when used in reference to the holy word. Still those who have eyes will see and those who have ears will hear. I tell you the Baron is a saint. He lives on this world like Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. Who more then they ate when hungry? Who amongst us fornicated more abandonly and freely then them? Guilt and sin had no concept. Desire was their master. They ran naked and wild as beasts of the land. The Baron like them roams free from guilt and sin ruled only by his beastly desire. Yet like Adam before the fall is not a man.” Blake paused to see the effects of his words. Light reflected deep shadows across Blake’s face. The deep pooling of shadows only emphasized the fanaticy of him. David knew he was dealing with dangerous man and thought it best to drop all glibness and simply nod approval. Blake continued “When a man is not given the gift of guilt and sin. He is like those of the garden naïve and innocent, yet unaware and mindless to animal lusts. I have

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Part 13 more to come