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Cultural Anthropology Question

posted 3/18/2007 11:41:52 PM |
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This semester I'm enrolled in an Intro to Cultural Anthropology class. As a part of this particular course, we look at various cultures, including what makes them similar and what makes them different from one another. I know that as Americans we tend to be very ethnocentric in our ideas and beliefs. I, for one, am interested in learning about other individuals, their beliefs, and their domestic culture as a whole. For this reason, I ask the following questions:

1) If you are not from America and have recently traveled to or moved to this country, how long were you or have you been here?

2) What is your country of origin?

3) Which aspects of the American culture created the most culture shock (alarming and/or surprising) in your opinion?

4) Which American practices were most different from the ones that you were familiar with in your own culture, and why?

Your answers to these questions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for feeding the curiosity of a college student. I can't wait to read the variety of responses that may exist. Thank you again.


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Mar 18 @ 11:42PM  
Don't be afraid... I don't bite!!


Mar 19 @ 12:50AM  
I am American and just thought I would write that you have a unique idea for a blog. It might be intresting as well to hear from Americans who have went to knew countries and hear there views as well. I will follow this blog because I have an intrest in learning the same things... thank you..

Mar 19 @ 2:21AM  
I spend a lot of time south of the border and one of the biggest differences I notice is that of the family unit, family value and family bond. Vastly different than our American standards.

Mar 19 @ 5:58AM  
its a while since i lived in america,and then only for three months. i met a large variety of people,young,old,amish,redneck,proffesional,travellers. it is a widely ranging culture, and one most feel strongly protective and patriotic of..i didnt find it all that laid back,and the use of sarcasm in humour tended to cause some misunderstandings.i lived in a small village in england at the time, so akron was a bit of a culture shock ! but then heartsvill,with the armish (who wouldnt look directly at us when we spoke, and umberellas on their heads,whats that all about.and at least half a dozzen with broken right arms.. is this some innitiation thing). who can say.
you guys are our closest military allies,and yet i feel, we are worlds apart in our expectations. we dont feel we are always right, which is impression given by the media of americans,i was told to not be derogatory in ant views i may have, because you are easily affronted. this may or may not be true,but that feeling was there. as english,we dont give a shit what people thing,we are easy goin on the whole, and if something isnt to your liking, you seem to have the brashness to tell us, which is good.although the 'ours is bigger and better'approach does put us off.
i met three genuinely beautiful people whilst i was there,a girl of about 18,an ex black gang member (hey uncle mo) and a grateful dead enthusiast(bit screwed up,but heart of gold).there are connections you can make with any people ,in any corner of the earth,its taking the time and patience to discover them, that is what i found missing (just been honest,and saying it how i saw it) we asked a guy for directions to somewhere.. and his responce was 'your in the wrong fuckin state' period.this guy was a police isnt the attitude of friendship, that is goin to bolster anglo/american relations. i love the beauty of some of the states,and the less people there are,the friendlier you seem to be. i hope this wasnt all negative,im not a guy for dissin people,i just thought i would share some of my experiences.good luck with the course,anthropology is a facinating subject. keep blogging x

Mar 19 @ 9:32AM  
Answering to your questions:

1. Never went to US and i don't have any interest in going over there.

2. Portugal

3. TV that gives free violence, treats people as objects that can be brought by $$$ like we can all see in MTV. A supposed free country that only has 2 parties in it's senate (as we say here, if the ox doesn't win the cow wins), a president who lies to all world but his own people re-elected...

4. We have 5 parties in Parliament so it means freedom to choose and a better opposition, 8 century's of history. Our problem here has to do about mentality of some people, for example pupils that graduated in colleges or private universities will be always discriminated and seen has a guy or girl who bought a course. People who work in public function think they are superior to the rest of the community and don't want the same rules that are applied on the private companies (where a lot of them works at same time), but the law is changing so they strike.

This is just a very resumed ideas.

Mar 19 @ 12:38PM  
I'll bite....

1. Moved here 9 years ago.
2. Norway
3. How everything is permeated by religion and yet no-one seems to live by it's tenets. In the absence of a state-religion, the US today seems like a multi-headed theocracy.
4. Selfishness and a lack of willingness to participate in the common good of the community.


Oct 4 @ 10:15AM  
1. I have traveled to America several times ussualy for a couple of weeks on vacation and have been through alot of different states.
2. Canada
3.Almost identical with a few things that stood out one of them being the amount of slums I have seen driving through certain areas some of them your affraid to even stop lol. Also the polusion,smell and trash but thats not every where. The lack of knowlege about Canada you guys seemed to have lol. To be honest I was very surprised in the amount of nice people I spoke to though and I feel bad in admitting it but from alot of the TV ,movies,news pop culture in general you guys kinda come off cocky assholes.
4. I would say one that was really different was just the emphisis on being patriotic

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Cultural Anthropology Question