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Why is it that only older guys 10-15 yrs difference email younger females?

posted 3/18/2007 4:25:11 PM |
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I dont get why every dating site i go to and fill out a profile the only responses i get are those from guys with a 10-15 yr age gap. Its starting to make me think that im only sexy to those type of guys not my own age. Im 27 single and yes would like to find guy to have some fun with and maybe settle down with. sorry guys im not into the whole older guy younger female thing.

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Why is it that only older guys 10-15 yrs difference email younger females?


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Mar 18 @ 4:41PM  
Well it could be that since you say you are a teacher, guys who are older look for something more than a sexual bimbo. You someone that has a brain. But if you are only concerned with being a sexual bimbo that is your choice.

Mar 18 @ 5:01PM  
I have the same issue though...It seems the older guys keep writting me and I personally wouldn't date or mess with a guy that much older then me. I'm not looking for that anyway but the point is the same...I get all these guys who are old enough to be my father and grandfather...

Mar 18 @ 5:31PM  
Being 37, I probably fall into that pool - I may just be a supply and demand problem. We all know that men out number women on all these sites by 5 to 1 or better. when you try and constrain who you message by close to your own age and your own area, it leads to there being a lot fewer possibilities.

There are plenty of women out there who like slightly older men. Some have said that they want to rise above the drama around younger guys -- Women mature faster right? Others may be just be looking for someone who's more secure in who they are. I've seen some profiles that say the woman actually prefer married men -- All depends on what your looking for I guess.

Mar 18 @ 5:39PM  
The fact is most men are more interested in someone younger. Nothing wrong with that. At least if you get an older man the chances are that he will not be looking for a younger woman because he already has one.
It's your choice what you want, if you can't deal with someone that could be a great match but a few years older, you wait and you and the men just get older.

Mar 18 @ 5:54PM  
they don't READ the profile...........if i am not in your age range you will never receive mail from me.

Mar 18 @ 6:06PM  
But somedaysoon, I see where you are coming from, but I started corresponding with someone who was not in my age range and now were are going to meet, and hopefully things will work out great. So sometimes you never know.


Mar 18 @ 6:07PM  
Age ranges are somewhat flexible for many women from my experience. it's like the speed limit, most people will go a little higher.

Mar 18 @ 6:10PM  
I am currently dating a guy that is 8 years older than myself. I think the max I would go would be ten years older than myself, but I can't really say. It probably depends on the person.
You just have to do what feels right to you!

Mar 18 @ 6:27PM  
zena....i agree with you but so many younger women do not want e-mail from an older i do not write. i was married to a woman 11 years my junior and there was not an age but not age. it is just on the computer it is hard to tell who it would bother and who it would not so i use their own request to determine. good luck with the older or younger man whichever the case..........

Mar 18 @ 6:54PM  
I really don't see why it's that big of a problem. If you don't want to date somone that's "X" number of years older than you, then just say so in your profile. If you're still getting mail from guys that are older or otherwise outside of your search criteria, then so be it. Ignore them and/or just delete their mail. Plain and simple. I get, or I used to before I nuked the real content in my profile for the sham that it is now, emails from older women (as well as others who don't meet my search criteria) all the time. I'd politely say thank you and wish them well in their search.

Mar 18 @ 6:56PM  
Alot of men are look for younger women, to make them feel young and to look good to their buds. I talk to women 20 yrs younger than I to 15 years older. To me it is harmless talk. Just net friends. I guess it is all on how it is taken....

Mar 18 @ 7:43PM  
Well, Teach23 I think a simple solution would be to indicate your age preference in your profile. You would not only doing yourself a favor by cutting down on unwanted e-mails but you would be saving the dude writing you from wasting his time....

Mar 18 @ 8:43PM  
From my view, most men do not read a profile. They simply send a message. There are the exceptions, which are very much appreciated, but for the most part, your profile could say you are a three-eyed, five-armed Martian and it would make no difference.

Mar 18 @ 9:45PM  
One of the men in my life is 11 years older than me and it is not an issue to me at all. I did go out with a guy 17 years older than myself for a while and we had a wonderful time. but on the other hand I have had a fwb who was 23 years younger than me and we had the most amazing sex but very little in way of stimulating conversation.

Mar 18 @ 11:05PM  
cant blame em for tryin.

Mar 18 @ 11:13PM  
OK LOOK AT MY PROFILE....I'm older.....I am I guess "dateing" a woman half my age. She'll tell you, as I will,'s the best sex we have ever had. We seam to be "tuned" to each other. So, don't knock it if you haven't tried it....that goes for older women younger men too, I'm sure. How bout it girls my age? What do you say?

Mar 18 @ 11:28PM  
I myself like "seasoned" gentlemen way more than guys my own age (early 30's). My preference is 40+ (I have dated up to 55). Granted, the guy has to be HELLA cool, charming and fun. Got my mail filter on so the "youngsters" (I even get mail from 19-year-old boys) go directly there when writing me... no thanks.

Mar 18 @ 11:30PM  
I have the same problem, and when I send them a nice email saying thanks but I am not interested,they either do not get the picture and keep on writing or they get mad and tell me that I do not know what I am missing.

Mar 18 @ 11:58PM  
let me tell ya this, where I come from, my great grandfather was 15 years in age difference than my great Grandma. The place the lived in Kentucky was such a small town and place that it came to a time that you had 2 choices, marry your 2nd or 3rd cousin, or to marry with years difference like that. Well my family never was into the 2nd or 3rd cousin thing, so they married with 15 or 20 years difference. But times were hard and people were starving, it was a much different world than today. So maybe people do it today because it is traits handed down from their kin. I believe that if 2 people enjoy each others company, and each other? Then Age should only be a number and not a way of life. But that is just my opinion. I would prefer someone close to my age at least by 5 years younger or older. But hey? If it works it works I always say. Crow

Mar 19 @ 12:14AM  
Coz they think they still look hot, with their cock in hand that now only get's half hard.

This is MALE MENOPAUS folks!! If you people haven't figured THAT out yet, geez.


Mar 19 @ 12:16AM  
cant blame em for tryin.

While the women around their same age site back and laugh their asses off at these men. And yes, 3/4 of the young women laugh at them too.


Mar 19 @ 12:38AM  
age is a good quality in my opinion .....

Mar 19 @ 8:45AM  
you shouldn't limit yourself to an age an older woman i can tell you i have experienced younger men and men my can't judge by age if a man is a good lover or partner open yourself uo and you might find both.

Mar 19 @ 8:59AM  
Coming from an older guy that DOES read profiles and that don't go around contacting women younger than myself unless they contact me I just have to say to a point I agree with the age thing. I can't see a 20's something girl that really wants to be involved with an 80's something man but on the other hand There is a point where I don't see the age thing as a factor such as maybe a 30's something woman and a say 60's something man. As long as the age thing doesn't bother them and they are really into it because they enjoy being with each other rather than being in it for what they can get out of the relationship as far as money goes then what is it going to hurt. Just because we hit 40 or 50 or 60 doesn't mean that we instantly turn into a monster or something. There are actually some of us that have learned a lot of life lesson in our years and can apply them to a meaningful relationship that possibly COULD work out even with the age difference thing. I do however have to agree with you if you don't want to talk with or have anything to do with someone older than you then you should be able to tell them nicely that you aren't interested and they should leave you alone but stop and think about it. I just bet you have just as much trouble or maybe even more trouble with guys your own age that can't take no for an answer just as well as older guys. Come on girls. Not all of us older guys infringe on younger women or any of the women on here for that matter if they don't want us to. On the other hand I don't have a problem with corresponding with younger women or any of the woman that wants to correspond with me.

Mar 19 @ 5:04PM  
Older men don't bother me, most of my life I've dated or been married to older men. Jeff is several years (ok, ok, six years) younger than I am. This too doesn't bother me! It's the kids! Lately I've gotten an overabundance of messages from kids! Babies by my standard! I mean afterall I've got a kid their age, hell I have boots in my closet older than them!

Mar 20 @ 10:24PM  
-We all have our Bears to Cross . . -
Older men like Younger Women because -most- Older women need chemistry to maintain a good mood...and lack the enthusiasm of younger women... . .

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Why is it that only older guys 10-15 yrs difference email younger females?