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Heredity or Environment?

posted 3/18/2007 3:36:27 PM |
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What do you think makes a person, their heredity, or their environment, or maybe a little of both? This has been debated over many years and my personal belief is both are very important with their roles in life. I feel that once someone gets out of a bad environment then things start to click for them more in the heredity department. This usually takes place as you're growing up and your mind is still developing. I do feel that in most cases that the environment role does take place first in the direction of your life as your growing up and growing as a person in the heredity department. What is your opinion?

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Mar 18 @ 3:43PM  
Thier experiences of life as they grow up and the environment they grow up in

Mar 18 @ 3:45PM  

Your upbringing and your enviroment are the key to what makes a person I think.

Good blog Shawn. kudo to you.

Mar 18 @ 3:55PM  
I think their heridity, as they identify with it. They also learn from their environment, as people, especially the youth, try and fit in with their peers.

Great question!!

Mar 18 @ 4:00PM  
Genes provide the building blocks of our physical and behavioral development but your environment starting in the womb... teach us ways of thinking and acting. Our life experiences and surroundings help form who we are from birth to death…

Mar 18 @ 4:19PM  
Heredity is more important than most people want to admit. The environment and experiences we have do have have an influence, but that is determined and limited by the genes. We can learn to overcome much of our inheritance.

Mar 18 @ 4:20PM  
what you inherit is how well view and react your enviroment, it will give you access to judgemet calls you will react to, how! you handle those is a heridtary trait, but not a absoulute governing control there just a base line. how you were taught and by whom in the early stage of youth will be a dominating factor in your decisions as we grow and mature we learn events that take our ability away to think freely as a child would to be able to do witout inhibitions, these are products of enviroment. but the core of your thinking modus is a hereditary attribute.

Mar 18 @ 4:26PM  
Oh, I know heredity starts taking over later on late in your teen years and after that is is most important, but environment is still key early on in the settings in life to where your heredity can florish more and more in the early years. Natasha is also right that we learn from life's experiences as we continue to grow in life.

Mar 18 @ 4:50PM  
I believe if a woman is a nympho, comes from a long line of nymphos, is the heir to a string of breweries or bars, has a seven digit bank account which never goes dow, then she is the perfect choice for long term relationships.

Mar 18 @ 4:58PM  
hey stradd ya lost me on this one

Mar 18 @ 6:42PM  
Hey Strad?
I think it has to do with life experiences whether they are good or bad that makes a person, speaking for myself of course. I am my fathers son, but heredity had nothing to do when I chose to go down the wrong path, it took life experience to show me that, just like my father was in Nam, but he never saw action because the war ended, I saw action and was in the gulf war in 1990, so yeah, I gotta stick with life experiences make the person man. But only my opinion. Crow

Mar 18 @ 6:58PM  
I have always beleived that you a product of your environment. Althought heredity and genetics might control to some extent you physical attributes, you environment more or less dictates the mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. With that said, you can't change your genetic make-up, but you can change your environment. Great blog my friend.

Mar 18 @ 11:10PM  
People are by there vary nature reactionay. Every action has a reaction, for every pro there is a con. You see this in conversation as well as every aspect of your physical being. Weather it be sports, work, relationships, or just being around people in general you react to their actions. Your reactions are based on your knowledge, education, upbringing, training, and discipline. Heredity as I would define it would be more like aqauiring certain charateristics from the gene pool you were born from. If you Mother's Father is bald, heredity dictates that you will likely be bald as well. Also certain illnesses may be hereditary, or at least the likeliness of contracting that illness. It is my opinion based on these definitions that a person's environment makes them who they are.

Note, that in saying that a persons environment defines them, that a person need not always be defined in a negative way. An example would be a son who grows up in an abusive home environment with a father that beats his mother. Whule there are social beliefs that this son may grow to be abusive as well, he may instead grow with a deap respect for woman and have a natural tendency toward protecting women. He therefore let his negative environment affect a positive reaction.

I hope this answers your question... At least from my point of view.

Good blog. Indeed.... A kudo for you

Mar 19 @ 12:07AM  
I agree with openminded guy alot, yeah if ya take that lifestyle now of course the son will become every bit as abusive as the father I would say 90% of the time, but there is also something that makes us different than any other animal on the planet and why we are a dominate species too, we have the will in all of us to do good or evil and to reason. I just believe a man or woman has the ability to choose his own path in life and to make the decisions to determine his or her destiny in life. I think that the 90% of the people that turn out bad chose that path, but thats just my opinion. Crow

Mar 19 @ 12:24AM  
Heredity has something to do with general traits. Such as siblings often have similar looks and sometimes behaviors. But environment has a lot more to do with how a person turns out in there adult lives. My brother was very coddled in his youth and is still very dependant on the support of my mom. He still lives at home and has no intentions of moving out at 26 yrs old. I am very convinced my mom and him will stick together supporting each other forever. My parents stopped supporting me when I was 14 and I was moved around between family members till I was 16 when I started living on my own. I grew into a very independent type person that has no problems dealing with the challenges life throws my way. I could never move back home it would drive me nuts. If I get knocked down I just pick myself back up and move on. Though anyone can tell my brother and I are related and we do have some mannerisms in common the way we handle ourselves in daily life is completely different. I think that has a lot to due with how different we were raised.

Mar 19 @ 1:22AM  
Thanks Crow. You are right. And just an after thought to add to your comment, As I said that people are reactionary it stands to reason that many of us are where we are because of our reactions.. Better said, for every action you face in life you make a choice. It is not a single big choice that makes people who they are but thousands of little choices. Many times people say Why would a person choose to live that way? and given a single big choice to do so, people wouldn't. This may be for any particular lifestyle, living condition, or financial situation. You can't point at any one single choice that made you who you are. You faced an event, an action, you made a choice, a reaction and one builds on the other, and the next action, reaction, till you have been defined by your environment.

Mar 19 @ 6:18AM  
Hey Strad BOTH!! ever take that act 235 psych course? You are the product of heredity and environment! All in a nutshell!

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Heredity or Environment?