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I Know The Solution

posted 3/18/2007 1:00:03 AM |
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Well , putting together the facts and reading the comments to my last blog, I have the solution. Of course, I had it a long time ago but, abandoned it at the request of my wife.
Best solution? Find a girlfriend that's trying to convince me to leave my wife. A simple fix! The girlfriend will give me great sex in an effort to get me to break ties. The wife will give great sex as she knows she has competition.
I know you married gals will bitch and say it's wrong BUT, IT WORKS! She's feeling all secure since I haven't cheated or ran the bars in over 3 years. So, the result is a once/week quickie. My result is being irritated most of the time. And, I'm not begging or "putting her out" to ask for sex.............I kinda thought that was in the marriage vows.
My marriage is for shit anyhow. Why do I waste time with a gal that I don't talk to or have sex with? She's just cock-blocking me from finding another. And, as SOON as I do, she jumps back in the game! Tells me how bad they are for me, throws pussy at me and tells me how much she loves me.
But, as soon as I settle down, it all goes back to the same old shit. This time has been over 3 years. The only thing that gets her attention is seeing gals hit on me. Then, she's trying to prove that she's better than them.
So, that's the solution! Always have 1 foot out of the door. I don't need to get divorced. Just find a girlfriend. Then, I have her total attention.
And, if you women think you're doing well by giving your guy sex once or twice a week? I think you're a poor excuse for a wife!!! IF you did that when you were dating, you'd still be single.

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Mar 18 @ 1:45AM  
Of course the only real solution is to run away a join the hippies

Mar 18 @ 3:34AM  
Wow, cabl guy.If that is how you are looking at it, It sounds like you need to find a girlfriend that doesn't give a crap about herself. You're only using her, from the beginning. If you were just looking for sex with no strings that would be agreed upon up front and she wouldn't even try to convince you to leave your wife.
If you don't talk with her and you don't have sex, and are so discontented Why do you stay?
It's not my business and you don't owe me any answers. Hell you don't even have to post this. But you wrote the blog and brought up the subject. But it sounds like you are fighting like hell to get her attention. Why don't you just tell her this..
As far as calling women a poor excuse for a wife, that was rude as hell. I know men who are quite happy having sex twice a week. It's their choice. So don't go blaming it all on the women. You tell everyone that you are pretty much planning on cheating on your wife and using another woman to make her jealous, but yet you call someone else a poor excuse of a spouse. That's creative.

Mar 18 @ 4:41AM  
had sex been twice a week in any of my marriages,, I might still be married....

Mar 18 @ 5:24AM  
Why is it always the wife that must attend to the husband's needs? What is he doing to meet hers? More importantly, are you listening to your wife's wants/needs? Marriage isn't all about each party getting what they want/need. It's about giving and sharing. There are 3 sides to every story...yours, hers and somewhere in the middles, the truth.

Mar 18 @ 8:28AM  
I'm sorry,but I must be missing something here???? Why don't you get divorced? You say that once you start cheating your wife she starts acting affectionate and tells you she loves you??? What has she been doing for 3 years????
No I don't know the whole story but it sounds like control issues to me. Personally I would never stay with a person that didn't "LOVE" for 3 years. Life is too damn short for that. Don't let Life Pass You By!!!

Mar 18 @ 9:07AM  
well cabl got to admit part of you is right which is why I've said no to previous marriage offers!! But it does take two to make a marriage!! yes sex is a part of it but the mental state must be there also!!

Mar 18 @ 9:22AM  
The more I hear the more disgusted I get!! You need to get a life and get the hell out of that marriage. Cause if you think your doing your wife a favor by staying there and cheating on her to get her jealous, boy you need a reality check!! If you think for even one second that making her jealous is going to give you all the sex you need, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF!! I don't understand really how either one of you can stay in a marriage like that. There is NO RESPECT!! NO TRUST!! NO FAITHFULNESS!! NO HOPE!! These are the foundations that build a wonderful relationship, and you guys have none!!! There is so much more that can be said on this, but I think I will stop before I rant on like a crazy person. But I have to say, just hearing this makes me fume!!

Everyone seems to be so quick to say IT'S ALL THE WOMAN'S FAULT!! But to tell the truth if my husband cheated on me once, he wouldn't have to worry about making me jealous, cause he wouldn't be around to do it a second time!!

Even if your wife takes you back after cheating on her (just to make her jealous) I hope she is not silly enough to think it will be your last time, cause ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER!!! And unfortunately you have proven that!!


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