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Random Thoughts & Scattered Ideas Vol. VIII

posted 3/17/2007 5:18:16 PM |
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tagged: whig

First of all, I want 2 thank everyone who added Whig 2 their profile. U people are the fucking bomb. 4 a little while I thought I wuz going 2 stop blogging here on AMD, but I realize I just can’t fucking do that! Besides the fact that my kids all read whatever I blog on MySpace and I just don’t need them knowing I’m on the lookout 4 a big tittied midget who knows how 2 handle a strap-on, the fact of the matter iz I really would fucking miss U guys. And there iz no fucking way I’m going 2 admit 2 anyone else that I know any of U deviant motherfuckers, so that cuts the chances of running N2 one of U somewhere else way fucking down. Except, of course, 4 PrincessKissy. I am liable 2 run N2 that crazy bitch anywhere, as she spends most daze following me. She keeps a discrete distance, but I know it’s her. She’s not nearly as sneaky as she believes she iz....

4 those of U who still don’t know what we are talking about, if U go 2 the home page and scroll down U will find a utility 4 adding tags 2 Ur profile there on the left. All of the Star-Bellied ones have added Whig 2 their profile. Have U?

I realize I have been on here seemingly bitching about all of this female attention I have been getting. I'm sure all U guys out there realize what a problem this could be 4 me and are fit 2 be tied over this. 2 be honest, I am not complaining one bit. I love every one of U crazy bitches and I am glad U play along with my stupid games. Kisses 2 all...

Do U fucking realize how difficult it iz 2 do a what’s been going on on AMD blog when U have no fucking clue what’s been going on on AMD? It’s a pisser, let me tell U! But some things never change, so I am fairly certain that belle1010 iz sitting around the house without a shirt on (she likes 2 make sure the neighbor has reason 2 peek, and those are two very big reasons indeed!) and that Sunshine79 has more battery operated toys than her kid duz, and the bitch don’t play Simon, ok? It’s a good thing she duzn’t live on a cucumber farm...

I just want 2 go on record as saying that switch89 has a great ass. Am I right fellas? Its ok...use this opportunity 2 give an ass like that a shout out! Way 2 go girl...U definitely know how 2 get a guys attention...

I can’t help but wonder...if someone were 2 yell out, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!” While U were fucking jezzarae would she respond with, “Oy, Oy, Oy!”?

I see congratulations are in order 4 Sunshine79 4 making the Popular Blogs page (U fucking bitch!), a feat which I myself have completely given up any hope of ever having happen 2 me. U fucking people have no taste. But at least a certain somebody's shit iz finally dropping off of the page. I wuz beginning 2 worry...

Besides, if I were 2 stop blogging here on AMD I would definitely miss Cabl_guy’s barely coherent rants, and BelAir789’s constant attempts at getting dumblonde 2 show us that ass without any panties on it. My guess iz BelAir789 wants her 2 send him the panties. Yeah...I heard he’s N2 that sorta thing. Besides...he already has a bra that fits and they are pretty much the same size...

Can I take this time 2 point out that Blueyesprkln proves that if U sit there with Ur hand up going, “Pick me! Pick me!” long enough it pays off in the end. 4 future reference, any other females trying 2 get my attention? Just try showing me Ur tits. It works every fucking time. Duzn’t it, SxzeBBW?

I’m not saying the guy iz right 4 the fucking job, ok? But they damned sure had 2 go back a few generations 2 dig up any dirt on Barack Obama. Like anybody gives a shit that his ancestor’s were slave owners. Whose ancestor’s weren’t slave owners? Oh yeah...the ones who were slaves. But if U want 2 find dirt on Hillary U have 2 go all the way back 2 Wednesday. I kid the Senator from New York. But seriously, if U really wanna dig up some dirt on that bitch all U gotta do iz take another look at the Whitewater land deal. I believe that’s why they couldn’t prove that Bill wuz dirty on that one...his old lady wuz. But don’t take my word 4 it...ask Susan McDougal! Oh...that’s right. She izn’t talking iz she? Lock the bitch up...she still ain’t saying shit. She must have developed an affinity 4 breathing or something. Maybe she noticed how quickly people who decided 2 share their opinions of what may or may not have transpired regarding the whole Whitewater fiasco quit doing that very thing with a sudden abruptness. I know I did...

Looking4ever iz the most recent star of my sexual fantasies. It involves me joining her in a hot shower (Gee...wonder why?), but no matter how much soap we use, we just keep getting dirtier! Good Lord Almighty it’s a good thing some of these bitches live as far away from me as they do, or I just wouldn’t be responsible 4 my actions!

Check it out...let’s have some fun, y’all! Most of U know I do some photo art from time 2 time. I want 2 do a nude deck of cards, and I need models! C’mon, ladies! Get ahold of me if this sounds like something U might want 2 do...

Just so I don’t have 2 listen 2 wtxman whine about it I’m gonna cut this blog short B4 it ends up being a Two-Part affair, the way so many of my blogs seem 2. So until next time, U keep on reading and I’ll keep on

Keeping U posted


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Mar 17 @ 5:34PM  
As always, a great blog dear.

Mar 17 @ 6:02PM  
DS wtxman cancelled his profile a few days ago. He's not gonna be whinning about anything, or makeing us laugh either.

Mar 17 @ 6:29PM  
Damn, DS... I am so glad someone once told me to read your blogs (I forget who it was, but thanks to them anyhow). You speak your mind with intelligence behnd it, not like some of these sick fuckers on here who write like they just graduated kindergarten. I'd MUCH rather read your 2 part blogs than these idiots who post blogs like "Hey, look at my new pics and contact me." What intelligence does THAT take?

By the way, Mister Hillary Rodham Clinton (also known as Bill) was always too busy playing the saxophone and chowing down on Quarter Pounders to be worried about Whitewater!

Mar 17 @ 10:24PM  
I added "Whig 2 bitch" to my profile so you quit your fuckin whining.

Great blog!

Mar 17 @ 11:27PM  
Hey DS cum here and yell Aussie Aussie Aussie and we will see.........

Mar 18 @ 1:25AM  
DS darlin, you must be thinking about somebody else. I didn't raise my hand yelling "Pick me, Pick me!" I just flashed you these 44D's and you started talking. But don't tell Dix that. She might beat my ass.

Mar 18 @ 3:47AM  
so I am fairly certain that belle1010 iz sitting around the house without a shirt on (she likes 2 make sure the neighbor has reason 2 peek, and those are two very big reasons indeed!)

Have you been peeking in my windows again???

Mar 18 @ 5:44AM  
Let me get the hot water going....

Mar 18 @ 10:42PM  
Yes, I have more battery operated toys than my kid .....and as a matter of fact, I've been court ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from ANY vegetable farm!!

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Random Thoughts & Scattered Ideas Vol. VIII