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Who's to blame?

posted 3/16/2007 9:12:26 AM |
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I have a serious do you think is to blame for the problems in our world? We have some sick people in this world not to mention this country. I hear people blame movies and video games. I hear people blame paretns. I hear people blame corporate America.

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Who's to blame?
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Mar 16 @ 9:21AM  
here's my take...

Games and movies...I grew up watching everything under the sun. I've played some of the most violent games out there. I played with Gi-Joes and toy guns when I was younger. I never wanted to hurt anyone and I didn't grow up with a twisted sense of blood lust or flatout stupidity.

Parents...I do blame the parents. My parents taught me right from wrong. I knew what it meant to do something wrong and what the results would be. My parents very very rarely spacked me (if getting a swat across the butt could be called a spanking), but I knew and understood right from wrong. Parents today seem more into "oh my god I can punish my child cause someone will call the cops on my".

Corporate America...I see peoples point in that all America seems to care about is the almight dollar, but still that shouldn't over-ride right vs wrong. I think corp. America could do a lot more to help the world out than they do, but that's their own choice.

Basically I guess I'm saying...quit blaming everyone else and just take responsibility for it. It's not race, money or anything else. It's parents being lazy and it's people being lazy. Everyone is looking to get rich quick or pull something over on someone. Just be a good person. Kid gets out of line discipline them, man kills someone for no reason...insanity isn't an excuse. Kids get into trouble...the parents should get into trouble.

Ok...enough rambling.

Mar 16 @ 9:32AM  
Blamers are to blame.

If we spent as much energy "fixing" as we do "blaming", there'd be a lot less to fix.

Mar 16 @ 9:54AM  
The problem with the world is an ignorance of we. The fact that people today never take reasonably for their own actions, they hide behind religion, and language. The people of the world(we) have stopped listening to the other side and have no desire to here the other sides story. We have become a world of simple black and white thinking.

If a man beats his wife, he will say she deserved it and we as a society will entertain that idea by thinks maybe she did. We let our presidents lie to us and praise them for doing so. We give murderers the same star treatment as Tom Cruise. We treat world famine as an excuse to have a concert and that make us feel good. We fill our children with drugs so we won't have to deal with them.

Then there is the fear of being wrong. The war really brings this home, there are people who oppose it and are called traitors. Those who support it are patriots, when in fact the reverse is true. To be a patriot one must question it's government so that the powers that be do not do harm to the country. Those who follow lock step are traitors to the freedoms they think they are protecting.

It is not corporate America, not movies or porn, not video games that is to blame it is us that is to blame for letting the few tell the many what is morally acceptable.
And here is an interesting point to bring that home. The Bible Belt or red stats have the largest amount of x-rated rentals and sales in the county, yet it is them who preach to us about morals.

Mar 16 @ 12:30PM  
There are four groups who need to share the blame for the problems today: Parents, lawyers, religion, and society.

The parents aren't being responsible with the upbringing of their children. They aren't teaching them responsibility when it does come to them playing video games or watching/listening to material not suitable for children. And the kids are still exposed to it. Ever see a kid scream his head off or make a scene out in public and the parents do nothing about it?

Lawyers have made it so morons who do something stupid are now able to sue as a way of blaming someone else for their stupidity. A guy gets fired for looking at porn at work and sues because it was a way to releive stress. A guy cuts his arm on the broken glass when breaking into a house and sues the owner. A woman asks for hot coffee and sues because she spilt it all over her precious fuzzy parts. We should ban lawyers.

Religion is the start of people thinking that they are right and now they want to control how mainstream society thinks. The case in particular that pisses me off are those who are in the FCC and have decided what we are and are not allowed to see/listen to on tv, radio, the movies, and in video games. Luckily they aren't able to stop the internet. But of course it is also religion that led to 9-11 and now a war that is not going anywhere.

And finally society. Those who instigate violent crimes in neighborhoods act, they don't talk. The affected society talks and doesn't act. There would be a lot less violence in the neighborhoods if the society just got fed up and started shooting back.We have become too separate an entity from our fellow neighbors.

In decades past, parents and neighborhoods were stronger, lawyers were seldom, and for the most part, religion didn't run or babysit our lives..

Mar 16 @ 3:13PM  
I agree with pudge, when you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. But there is more to it than just that.

You mention movies and games. These are not the problem, people know that this is fiction, people rarely try to emulate fiction unless they are disturbed. However our media is very good at showing only negative news. Think of it along the lines of negative reinforcement People emulate what they perceive to be real and our media shows us real life as something that is negative. People emulate what they show on the news they seek out to do what they know is wrong because real life is filled with negativity, just watch the news. This also isn't all thats wrong with the world, just a part.

Our justice system uses negative reinforcement to control good behavior. We punish you negatively for doing bad behavior. The alternative would be rewarding people for good behavior. When is the last time you were pulled over by an officer who told you that the reason he pulled you over was to thank you for being a safe and curtious driver? When is the last time the media used a news broadcast to highlight what is right with the world?

Corporate America is al about money, why should it be about anything else. People invest large amounts of time and money building these corporations and many more invest in buying stocks. Who would want to invest in a company that wasn't profitable. Looking to corporate america to aswer for the behavior of our society is not smart. Why don't we just blame them for poor education as well.

Parents are the largest group that can change these behaviors, because they can teach, lead, and provide council on much of what goes on in the world. How often to parents sit down with their children and try to explain the news to them, or help them look for different viewpoints on the same story and teach them the differences. How many parents use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior instead of negative reinforcement to punish bad behavior?

Schools and education have to do a better job teaching our children. Not just preparing them for academics tests. When I went to school, at least half of education was teaching students to use tools to find the information they needed. Tools like the dictionary, encyclopedias, the library, and past newspaper articles or stories. The internet didn't exist then, but still a useful tool. Children need to be educated not just lead through 12 years of school and then not prepared for the outside world.

I hope this helps with your question, and it is only my view.

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