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posted 3/15/2007 2:55:47 AM |
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I've seen a few abrasive, outspoken people on here lately. And, yes, they caused quite the uproar. But, by god, they got attention..........bad or good...they caused an eruption of emotion. They broke you out of that lil' comfortable day-to-day, complacent style of living that we got used to.
And, I, for one, appreciated the challenge. Stuff that makes you say, "WTF?" And, you delv past the words.......past the hate.....past the venom. It slapped you in the face. MADE you pay attention! And, now, I understand.
Maybe, it's just me. But, that's all good as well. Somebody needed to bitch-slap me to get me to pay attention to the shit that's going on. We're dumping shitloads of money into Iraq..........while we can't figure out a plan for national health care for our OWN people.
Businesses are moving south of our borders because of unions, retirement plans and tax breaks. Yet, our economy is! We build nothing here anymore. Cars are from Canada or Mexico.........unless you buy a Honda or Toyota or along those lines. Buy an "American" vehicle, it sure as shit ain't built here! Maybe, 20% of it, at best.
But, hey! You gotta feel sorry for their living conditions! You can buy a kickass home in Mexico for $100,000. You may buy a house trailer near the Bronx here for that. Not in a good neighborhood though.
Just my thought but, we're being bought and sold. We're the next generation of 'niggers'...........not on racial terms.......on $$$$$ terms. Such as, "the Mexicans will do jobs Americans don't want". Don't want? WTF? No, we don't care to work for $3/hr and live in shitty housing. They can't pack 10 familys in a 32' x 40' building with 2 bathrooms.
Yet, I saw this in Oregon during peak harvest season. ONE guy was making the cash at least. And, the same applies to tobacco. They USED to sell base. That being a guaranteed market price/pound. You were alotted a price/pound up to your 'base'. I.E.-2000 lbs base @ $2/lb=$4000...........simple math.
But, cigarettes are evil now. So, they forced small farmers to quit. Are they gonna quit making cigs? Hell no! But, they'll be BETTER now that they grow them on big, commercial farms...........overseas.....for $0.20/pound. And, they'll run anti-smoking they take your cash...........and send it overseas.
I know! It's a rant! But, hey! Somebody's gotta say........them fuckers are selling us out and making US the 3rd world country. Without productivity and the edge on technology......we're sucking ass! Damint! Shoulda made my own blog!
Kudos to you, talkpro! We need people like you to get their attention. They'll read every blog you post just to bust your balls.

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Mar 15 @ 3:06AM  

Then get some sleep. It'll seem better in the morning. Ok...I'm lying. It won't seem any better, but we will have averted yet another potential POWDER KEG just fucking waiting 2 blow, man! Just fucking waiting 2 take the lid off of this motherfucker right here! Are U willing 2 be the one that lights that fuse, man? Are U? FUCKING ARE U???

Oh...U are? Ok...

Cool then. Need a light?


Mar 15 @ 3:09AM  
... piss the public off ...........they'll never forget what you said ....

Mar 15 @ 3:49AM  
Say ....yeah wouldn't have a couple of bucks you could lend me...just until I get back on my knees.....ya cheap bastard

Mar 15 @ 4:02AM  
Ah the rich get richer. The way it is and always has been. Never read talkpro's words of wit and wisdom, saw his comments and that was enough for me. Alpha male? A type personality? Got enough of them bastards at work, lb for lb I'll take any one of 'em on (always wanted to use that one).

Nothing against the guy, he just seemed a bit banile with all his self ego boosting propaganda. Maybe I'll give him a shot and read one of his blogs (maybe).

Mar 15 @ 8:21AM  
dayum cabl your just now getting it??? hunny we've been getting it in the ass for awhile now!!!

Mar 15 @ 8:52AM  
Welcome to the fold bro.....


Mar 15 @ 9:40AM  
Did you say you wanted to be bitch-slapped? Well...far be it for me to deny you that pleasure!

I see your point, CG - I honestly do. I have been known to say some things that pissed people off (my AMD Bill of Rights for Women certainly pissed a few folks off...heh-heh!), and I LOVE to play Devil's Advocate - I don't always agree with the position I take when I do this - and I don't do it to start a fight but to get people thinking, talking, interacting...

Now, just to make sure you're happy - let me bitch-slap you again...not to start a fight but to get people thinking.

Have a good day!!!


Mar 15 @ 9:58AM  
OMG - did that ever come out wrong! Sorry!

The emoticon was supposed to post again!

To me!

Mar 15 @ 2:12PM  
You make two points here I like a lot.

First of all, the Rastafarians have a saying that "It's all good." In other words, even something that may seem to be an evil or a tragedy can become a force for good if people choose to use it that way.

Secondly, the US is becoming a third world nation. We are hemorrhaging money as we are using our resources to protect "the American way of life"; by which I mean conspicuous inefficient consumption. Anyone want to guess how many assholes I saw driving SUV's or Hummers in Europe?

We are fucking, eating, and driving ourselves into obscurity. Note: I did not say oblivion. Oblivion would imply out ultimate demise. Instead, as other nations progress, there will be many who get to say "Remember how powerful the Americans used to be?" as countries that we once mocked now use us for their outsourcing needs.

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