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To Buckle or not to Buckle

posted 3/14/2007 10:01:37 PM |
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I heard on the radio this morning a huge debate about making all passengers in every vehicle, including backseat passengers in trucks wear thier seatbelts....They want to make it Law here in Indiana. I for one do not object to that. Here, only the front seat have to wear thier belts in trucks. One caller said..a mojority of accidents happen within 5 blocks of your home...and besides you're probably only doing 30mph anyway, how much damage can you do at 30mph.....another caller said...if your just driving around town and you have to make several stops, it's just an inconveinence to buckle and un-buckle...I personally have a huge problem with that. Not only do i value my own life, but every single person or persons life that gets into my vehicle. Therefore, i will not turn the key in the ignition untill every one has thier belts on..period. How do you feel on this??

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Mar 14 @ 10:14PM  
must admit i'm NOT one to be dictated to BUT ...i know from experience...(totald a tbird at bout 70mph) and with shoulder harness /seatbelt/air bag......i didn't have so much as a scratch....not sure what the stats are for phys damage to those in the back seat of ..tuff call....I BUCKLE UP but it's MY choice.....

Mar 14 @ 10:23PM  
Where i live you have to wear one by law, and the way some people here drive you want to anyway.

Mar 14 @ 10:23PM  
This is already the law in most states........what do you call a truck ??????
In diesel trucks ( 18 wheeler) This has been inforced for over 15 years now..


Mar 14 @ 10:23PM  
i never buckle.....watched i guy burn alive trapped in his seatbelt in a crash........he had no knife and legs were broken could not pull himself out before the fire uncle tried to drag him out but belt was too tight....his pants caught on fire so he had to get away from the vehicle......the screaming was bad but the smell was worse.......broke me from seat belts forever.......

Mar 14 @ 10:27PM  
Everyone buckles up everytime in my vehicle. I lost a good friend 18 years ago to a closed head injury. Chances are she would have survived with much less serious injuries had she worn her belt.

Mar 14 @ 10:34PM  
I did say that "personally" it's how i feel...meaning my opionion, i cant change the law. It is also my choice to, making sure everyone buckles up, I just feel better knowing everyone has a higher chance of surviving a wreck. It only takes what..a few seconds to reach over your shoulder to grab the belt and put it on. I guess i should have added that prior....I'm not an ogre, I just feel they put them in our vehicles for a reason. Why not use them.

Mar 14 @ 10:35PM  
Ok this one pisses me off big time!! I hate the fact that the "LAW" says I have to wear a seat belt! (it's my damn life and i'll live it my way). BUT I can go buy a crotchrocket that can do 200+, get on it wearing nothing more then shorts and sandles and that's perfectly fine.. What's wrong with that picture??????????
it's the "MAN" bringing us down!!!!!

Mar 14 @ 10:43PM  
hey, wanna, well its the cops and rescue that has too dig you out of the car after wards. but i do agree with u too, cause ive seen a woman die in a seat belt and they said if she wasnt in the seat belt she would of survied :)

Mar 14 @ 10:54PM  
I think it should be my choice to wear or not wear it. When I was surveying power lines, I had to get out of the car every couple hundred feet. That was a pain in the ass! However, I do agree with the law as far as minors are concerned. Over 18, MY choice! I've paid about 8 seatbelt fines so far.

And, 1 important question...............WHY are there not seatbelts in school buses?

Mar 14 @ 10:57PM  
i agree with that one cable guy , if ur kid was no seat belt u get a ticket!

Mar 14 @ 10:57PM  
That was another valid belts on school much money they say...Hmmm?

Mar 14 @ 11:20PM  
I hate seat belts half the time they don't latch right the other half the time they are twisted up and wrinkle your clothes. ..

And a swear at them everytime I buckle-up..
And I wear them everytime I drive...

Mar 14 @ 11:36PM  
My feeling go both ways on belts,,,, as a driver in a vehicle I waer them,, and have no problem with it,, as a passenger I don't like a car ok.. in a PU.. no....
I also so have sandrails and race a desert car,, where I wear a five point harness,,,, That means that little belt between your legs these have save my ass more than once,,,but thats another topic ....

We all know the seat belt laws...... are the for the all mighty $$$$

Mar 14 @ 11:52PM  
the way i look at that is if you got to drive that g d fast you should have left earlier than whenyou did

Mar 15 @ 12:31AM  
Personally, I do not wear a seat belt and will not even if I get fined. Perhaps I am being rebellious but I do not support how insurance companies all of the sudden rule the law making. No one is going to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own person, in my own vehicle when it is no way causes bodily harm to others around me.

I do however have my children wear one.

Mar 15 @ 12:41AM  
I have mixed feelings. I know seat belts can save a life, but I also had someone I knew die when his car flipped upside down in a lake and he couldn't get the seat belt undone.He drowned.
Personally I have a slip from my physician that says I don't have to wear one. Some times I do some times not. They are not allowed to stop you here Just for no selt belt.Yeah right!! I got stopped last spring for a red light--The Was NOT Red ,yet-- But when the cop came up to the car the first thing out of his mouth was why didn't I have on a seat belt and was it broken...When I gave him my slip he got pissy. Called it in and they told him it is legal.Then he really became a prick.
When I went and paid the fine the dispatcher asked me why I didn't fight it. She said he came in that day and was fuming that such a thing was allowed. Admitted to her that he would have probably let it go if he hadn't seen the no seat belt.
But I still make anyone under 18, front or back seat buckle up.I guess I value their lives more than my own.

Mar 15 @ 2:12AM  
You have a good point along with the others on your blog. I choose not wear a seat belt and I tint my windows dark to the point that you could not see me or better yet if there is a seat belt in the truck. You ask why... because I would be dead in the last two wrecks I was in if I had a belt on. I agree that your chances are better to live with it on but life is a choice. With that being said I choose to drive a BIG truck and I hope you do not hit me in a larger one. LOL

Mar 15 @ 3:36AM  
if A is doing 30.... and B is doing 30.... wen they hit each other... it becomes 60...... I put it on.... its as easy as a condom......

ohhhh no i dont want herpies,,,,,, but im ok with flying out my front window into a tree........

thats what i think.... just me what do i know.

Mar 15 @ 3:46AM  
Kids very young, sure, I don't have a problem with that, but adults should have the right to decide if they want a seat belt or not on. Here's what's really messed up....they still haven't passed laws here in my state for people on motorcycles to wear helmets. I think here they have things ass backards. Right now we only have seat belt laws, but the police cannot pull you over for that. They have to have a reason to pull you over before they can give you a seat belt citation.

Mar 15 @ 7:35AM  
Just another governmental form of Romantic Paternalism........

Mar 15 @ 7:51AM  
It's been mandatory here for almost my entire life. Having never felt like something was being taken away, i agree with the law. I do understand how others think a liberty is being taken away, but for every 'seatbelt trap' story, there are 20 others that are the opposite. If seatbelts are mandatory in the front seat (no-one seems to really argue that) why shouldn't they be in the back? More often than not, kids are in the back anyhow

Mar 15 @ 8:48AM  
When my kids were little and "Mom's Law" reigned supreme (It was a dictatorship and *I* was the dictator)I "passed a law" that said that the vehicle didn't start if everyone wasn't buckled up. I don't know how many times we sat in the driveway because "the key wouldn't work" until the more stubborn amongst my little darlings buckled up.

These days I transport my nephews as much as I do my own children... They follow the rule too... as does anyone else who gets into a vehicle with me... The van doesn't start *at all* if everyone isn't buckled up.

Mar 15 @ 9:04AM  
But Rox... what if your kids would prefer you to survive an accident, god forbid it should happen? You might not cause anyone else bodily harm by smashing your head into the windshield, but what about emotional trauma to your loved ones--angst that was totally preventable?

Mar 15 @ 9:54AM  
Just wear the damn thing! Why even play the numbers with your life!

Mar 15 @ 10:39AM  
Car does not start with out all buckled, and to my kids annoyance I hold to NC 80lbs or 8 years old car seat law. My son best pray I don't hold to the 80lbs. As fast as his mouth runs he will never make it.

Crotch rockets riders should be auto organ donaters. My ex was an EMT he called donorcycles.

I look at it this way, if you are an adult transporting kids model the actions you want them to take. If they are in the car buckle up. If not its your life.

Mar 15 @ 12:58PM  
I am opposed to this law as it should not be up to the federal powers that be to babysit us. I have survived 17 accidents, some of them were my fault, but most of them were not. Only two or three of them was I wearing a seatbelt. I've suffered no injuries. Of course if I did suffer injuries, it's my fault for not putting the seatbelt on. Why does daddy government have to get involved?

Mar 15 @ 1:37PM  
It's just another way for the Indiana courts to micro-manage your life, and gives the pigs on the prowl another excuse to pull you over. I was riding with my window down on a beautiful summer day, when I drove by one of these jerks looking to score his quota. I had on my seat belt, but wear the shoulder harness under my breasts, because I am quite endowed, my breasts cause it to go up around my neck. He refused to be wrong about me NOT wearing a seat belt (as it appeared), and ticketed me anyway! It's all about the money! (and cops' power trips )

Mar 15 @ 2:01PM  
First of all I had a horrible accident and there was only one car and I wasnt the driver...
My ex best friend was driving and we had a horrible wreck..
I had my seatbelt on and it saved my life...
If I hadnt worn that damn pain in the ass accessorie to a car I would have been dead at the scene..
Even though I have a broken neck in two places and a plate and four screws in my neck and not to mention I have lost somefingers I will always wear my seatbelt to save my own life and I agree with makin others in ur car wear them to..
Hell if they dont like it then tell them to walk or find their own damn way of goin...

Second just by what DOIDETECTAHINTOFTUNA said should make u feel like u need wear a seatbelt...

That is all I have to say and I dont give a G D what anyone esle says itll never change my mind I will always wear my seatbelt and so will u if u r gonna ride in my damn car!

Mar 15 @ 2:41PM  
I wear it, I feel naked without it. Besides it's the law here and I'm not paying a fine for not wearing it. Me and the kids joke in the car....belt your brother, belt your sister! That's the commercial. The kids always remind everyone to buckle up. I know everyone can do what they want but what really irks me is when I see kids riding in the front seat when they are little and kids buckled up but without being in a car seat! That's another law. Kids up to a certain weight belong in a car seat for their own safety.

Mar 16 @ 5:15PM  
How much damage can you do at 30 mph...???
Ask a Pedestrian...!!!
They're trying to _Save Lives_ . .not inconvenience anyone..!
Try walking down a street in Boulder Colo. with a lit Cigarette...!!!
Yes...!!! No the entirety of Boulder...!!!

Mar 16 @ 5:24PM  
I'd like to see more 'Buckle Up' commercials....!!
Along with other Public Safety ads...!!!
Example : . . .
In a rain storm, no matter what time of day...
a Gray, Silver or Metallic Blue car is Virtually Invisible...!!!
The same with White cars in Snow...!!!
If you can't Be Seen...You can't be Avoided...!!!
Use your Headlights when conditions are less than Ideal..!!!
That's why new cars come equipped with 'Permanently On' lights..!!
{I won't Own one!}


Apr 13 @ 2:23AM  
It goes both ways but the bottom line is the Governments of the Various States overstep themselves when they legislate things like this. For instance, in the State of Illinois a law was recently passed that requires all children under the age of eight to be in a car seat of some sort. How many of us were in car seats when we were eight years old? Seriously. Some of you are going to say, "Outstanding law". I've a feeling you weren't in a car seat at seven and a half. Nor, if this law is not in effect in your state, are you making your third-grade son sit in a car seat.

I understand the insurance lobbies screaming for seat-belt laws. It statistically reduces their pay-outs in accident cases. Its their job to attempt to save money. That being said, it's still a government legislating my choice. Big freakin' deal the EMTs have to come and pry you out of the car. They'll be doing that seat belt or no. There's no guarantee that when the belt locks up and the bags deploy that rescue services will be prying a living being out of a wreck anyway, just a higher statistical probability of such.

Wannaplay2day said:

Ok this one pisses me off big time!! I hate the fact that the "LAW" says I have to wear a seat belt! (it's my damn life and i'll live it my way). BUT I can go buy a crotchrocket that can do 200+, get on it wearing nothing more then shorts and sandles and that's perfectly fine.. What's wrong with that picture??????????

This is an excellent point. Another is hulkNpooh's observance of the fact that school buses have no seat belts. Anyone remember sitting properly in their seats EVERY TIME they were on a school bus? Never once have I been on a public conveyance of any sort that had retention devices of any sort EXCEPT for aircraft. Find me a city bus full of elderly folks with seat belts, I'm curious. And don't tout the safety of modes of public transportation (people STAND on subways and city buses) as being an excuse for not having retention systems. It won't wash when placed up against those folks who've driven thousands of hours without a mishap.

I was driving my best friend's car when we rolled two and a half times (no, alcohol was NOT involved, nor any other controlled substances other than a Marlboro) and if either of us, especially him, had been wearing a belt, we wouldn't have left that twisted wreck alive. In his case, sitting in the passenger seat, they wouldn't have needed a casket to bury him. A small box about three feet long by two wide and maybe a foot deep would have done the job with plenty of room to spare. And the first-response rescue team would have had to remove the seatbelts to get our corpses (what would have been left, anyway) out of said wreck.

Its a risk every time you get in a car. There are statistics to proove survivabiltiy for either useage or non-useage of belts depending on the situation and, as stated above, there are numerous situations where useage prooved to be fatal when not being belted in would have saved a life. If vehicles were designed with passenger compartments that remained intact in multi-rollover or high-compression incidents, then sure, make it manditory. But they aren't and being belted in can sometimes be worse. My stance: Leave utilization of seat-belts to the individual or the owner/operator of the vehicle.

Apologies to Feather for focusing on one facet of her first post.


Apr 13 @ 5:55AM  
I'll be so freaking happy the day they make seatblets designed for short, large chested women. The belt starts above my ears in mosr cars. I don't wear it because the shoulder strap rides across my neck. But I am in the minority when it comes to the folks seatbelts are designed for.

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