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Suck-up males.

posted 3/13/2007 4:14:10 PM |
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I have stuck around here for a while now, and while some agree that I am an horses-ass, others enjoy my opinions and even solicit them.

There is, however, one thing that I have noticed exists in large quantities;
Suck-up, spine-less, agree-with-everything males.

Now if you do in fact agree with everything a woman says simply because she has a pussy, it is time for you to rethink your dating-strategies OR flag yourself as a door-mat male submissive.

Agreeing with everyone DOES NOT make you more attractive.
Flagging yourself as a the "nicest" guy on the site is NOT going to get you laid, more than probably not even going to get you a date.
And the man who is most in touch with womens feelings DOES NOT agree with every word they say.

Standing up for yourself, stating your honest opinions, no matter how politically incorrect it might be will net you a lot more attention as well as interest.
No matter how twisted and/or perverted you think you are I can guarantee there is someone out there worse than you. And she is probably female.....

There. Had to get that off my chest.

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Mar 13 @ 4:24PM  
Now that you have that off your chest.....would you like to put something ON it? Like, enormous breasts? LOL

Sorry, the devil made me do it!!!!

Mar 13 @ 4:32PM  
I'll be damned!! I thought I was the ONLY one on here to notice a lot of that going down...

I'd like to add a couple of things...

1- I get a big kick out of men who brag about the size of their cocks...I've asked 1000's of women this very question...

Does it turn you on when a man brags that he has a X inch cock?

And I'd say at least 99.8% say that they in fact are not! And most go on to say...if they do brag about how big they are...more often than not, he's a big disappointment in bed!

And in a way I guess by posting a photo of mine, I shouldn't talk...but I don't go around bragging about what I have...

2- Whether it is on AMD, or anywhere else on the internet...I get tired of reading the wanna-be bad asses/tough guys talking about kicking so and so's ass...

I wish they'd just shut the fuck up and go fucking do it already!! But once again, I guess it's a way for some men to think they're impressing the women?

Mar 13 @ 4:37PM  
Certainly. As long as I can bring some lengths of soft rope.....

Don't get me wrong. I am all for impressing who I am with or have my eye to. But I am glad I have more in my arsenal of impressive tricks than a cock-shot and a low-brow pugilist fantasy.

Mar 13 @ 4:38PM  
Well, bv, you've got yourself a point there... I share that pet peeve.

Mar 13 @ 4:45PM  
I understand what you're saying bvatl!

As I all for impressing who I am with or have my eye to.

However, I'm sure as hell am not about to start by doing anything other than what I've done my whole life...and that's by just being myself...and be true to who and what I am...

As there is one thing I'll never be...and that is...pussy whipped!

Mar 13 @ 5:05PM  
Oh my gawd....I agree with you one hundred percent...and of coarse with all the comments and blogs ever written

Mar 13 @ 5:12PM  
You're right, I too have seen that going on here in recent months with guys on this site. Good blog!

Mar 13 @ 5:27PM  
when your done with mommy wanna come here and let me lay some on you also?? but don't tell cravy he might want me to pussy whip him again

Mar 13 @ 5:45PM  
I'm not a male and I certainly don't care who agrees with me--darling you are simply scrumptious!!

Mar 13 @ 5:54PM  

Careful or you'll laugh'em all the way nekkid....) Always a good strategy...


Why thank you. And the same goes for you; As long as I can bring some soft rope.

Scrumptious even? COOL!!

I think I need to plan a cross-country trip soon. And buy some stock in Durex Inc.

Mar 13 @ 6:16PM  
Hold on here.. are you intimating that they shouldn't agree with my every utterance simply because I have a pussy? Think about that before you answer..

Mar 13 @ 6:18PM  
It is very cool to meet a guy who knows his mind, enjoys a lively debate and plays with soft rope!

Mar 13 @ 6:32PM  
I completely agree with everything ponme just said. Everything. In fact, I began agreeing even before I read her comment. Oh, and I promise to treat her like a queen.

*waits patiently by inbox...*

Mar 13 @ 6:57PM  
Great blog! Kudos to you!

Mar 13 @ 7:06PM  
Not at all. What I am saying is that your pussy shouldn't be the main reason they agree with you. They should agree simply because you are a divine Goddess and they are merely filthy maggot men......

Where'd'ya see him? If he is in the mid-west I know someone who wants to have a date with him............

Thank you much.

Mar 13 @ 7:15PM  
i just agree that you are a horse's ass...


Mar 13 @ 7:20PM  
how did you know what i was thinking? i'm married too so i have 2 strikes now........ one more and i'm out......

Mar 13 @ 7:24PM  
aaaawwww. She wuv's me......

"Strikes" against me?
Dude. I stopped counting at 499. I was 13.


Mar 13 @ 7:55PM  
I think one of those guys just agreed with you

Mar 13 @ 8:35PM  

I disagree with you. Just because a person tries to be nice and not argue or use profanity ? Does not make him a door mat or anything else. Maybe you had better rethink your statements. You seem to think your shit don't stink and every one should side with you. I don't.

Mar 13 @ 8:42PM  
If that is the case then I must look better in a black silk evening dress with matching heels and stockings than I thought.......

To me the simple fact of the matter is that you don't.
And since you are disagreeing with me, you have obviously not seen me in my black silk evening gown with matching heels and stockings.....

Mar 13 @ 8:58PM  
I would prefer him to have his own opinion , lemme feel some strength ...

Mar 13 @ 9:27PM  
ok BV i've waited almost 4 hours for you!! where are you with the rope!!! come and get me sweet checks!!!

Mar 13 @ 9:33PM  
That's the spirit....

No one ever told you about Atlanta rush hour traffic?

Mar 13 @ 9:46PM  
It's not only the men that do this....i've seen some women doing it too. If you agree with someone else's view, fine. If you don't, then either don't comment or stand up and say you don't agree! Yeesh! How fuckin hard is that???

Mar 13 @ 10:11PM  
Kudos to your blog and photographer!

Mar 13 @ 10:19PM  
You know...i think i love all ya' crack me up... ....Hubby doesnt always agree w/me...but i tell you what...if he wants "any"...he will

Mar 13 @ 10:22PM  
Testify sister!!!...........

Thank you, and I am going to have to accept the second thanks personally too....

LMFHAO..... ..... We are all different indeed....

Mar 13 @ 10:28PM  
just let that shirt go and turn around

Mar 14 @ 1:05AM  
No kidding! I can't stand stuck-up, arrogant, "God's gift to women" men! Oh wait - you said SUCK-UP MALES. Sorry, my bad :) heh-heh...Yeah, can't stand a man who sucks up to a woman for some pussy. I say, just pay her!

Mar 14 @ 1:42AM  
is it considering suck up when i only respond to blogs that that i agree with. i choose not to respond to the others because i dont need the drama that can come from it. so if thats sucking up im guilty ascharged lol.

Mar 14 @ 1:59AM  
Well now.....your gonna hate me for you remember my blog in which you and I first met?...the one where I said males will say whatever it takes to get a female to respond...does this not support that point?...I know, I know..not all males..but a good percentage..sorry couldn't resist.

As far as your attitude..I prefer debate...a side effect of loving to learn...and your interaction thus far has been intelligent and never intentionally harmful...given our last communication...dare I say....considerate...

Notice..who did I come to with my request....out of the blue?



Mar 14 @ 8:09AM  
It'd seem to me that you got some fabric-dropping to do first sunshine. Your tit for my tat so to speak??.........

LMFHAO....There is such a fine line between stuck-up and suck up you mean?.....

Not really lonlyknight. What I am referring to is those who scour and post on everything with their most flowery prose even tho the woman or the message might totally contradict who they are themselves or what they purport to be looking for.
In Norway the word is "nikkedukke", but I fail to find an adequate translation.

I am afraid that I don't remember, but it's hardly a matter of all men.
Some men certainly. And some women as well. And they are those I am trying to open the eyes of here.
And thank you for the "review" of my communications....

Mar 19 @ 4:36PM  
so many men out there have post there picture of there lower part.. there are some that are large, some small, some fat, some thin, some short, some long,.. but none of them impress me at all.. because to me its what you dont see that calls my attention.. and i think your picture is done with style and very sexy... just wanted to say nice picture bvatl.. it got my attention for sure..
im not hitting on you at all because im married ... but just wanted to give you a

Mar 27 @ 1:48AM  
We'll I'm glad to say that I don't have that problem at all. At the sametime alot of women might take what I say as abrasive when i'm not. I don't care to suck up and be some bootlicking pussy desperado.

Mar 29 @ 5:59AM  
that is easy to say but 80% of the male population will say what they think a woman wants to here just to get laid

Mar 30 @ 1:41PM  
Amen to what the OP said. And yes, I have seen suck-up males operating. But you know what? They would not be doing it if they didn't have an emotional, unthinking lap-it-all-up audience hanging on to every word. So that's something to think about too.

Mar 30 @ 7:43PM  
Ok well to me if a guy is just agreeing with me (which I can generally tell) just for sex. I back up n run the other But if guy can show that he can have a real converstaion n stand his own then I give him props..

I tend to sway towards guys that has their own mind. Sorry I was always raised that if u can think for yourself then u need an man that can do the same.

My motto is " I am not perfect in any way and I know that I tend to be wrong sometimes so their for I would like to be told. So speak up!"


Apr 8 @ 5:53AM  

What about the comments I leave that do not agree with a lady, that never get posted? You do realize this happens? More than most know?

Oh wow that creates the appearance of suck up males!


Apr 8 @ 7:18AM that really you?

Apr 12 @ 4:56AM  

What about the comments I leave that do not agree with a lady, that never get posted? You do realize this happens? More than most know?

Oh wow that creates the appearance of suck up males!

I don't see how ... unless you are somehow speaking (unverifiably) for a significantly large group of men who did not get posted for disagreeing with a lady. There are many ladies who auto-approve comments. We can use those as a test pool to see how many guys proffering comments on those are sucking-up or using their spine. Better yet, choose blogs that discuss something that ladies typically feel strongly about and see how many guys actually swim against the current and exhibit a shred of independent and possibly contrarian thought.

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Suck-up males.