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Non Smokers vs Smokers

posted 3/13/2007 3:27:28 PM |
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tagged: date, smokers, health, nonsmokers

No this is not a lecture on quitting smoking. If ya got them smoke them to your hearts content.

If you are serious about wanting to meet up with someone check their smoking status. If you do not see it ask. I myself an a non smoker, I can not be around smoke with out having breathing problems. Even the smell makes me wheeze a bit.

I am sure there are many women and men out there that also have problems with smokers. Be it health like me, have quit, are quitting or just plain can not stand the smell. Some may well not give a rats ass if you smoke around them or not they just do not smoke.

I have met two guys who said they QUIT, yeah quit the last one before walking in. They sat down with me, I started wheezing, said nice to meet you I have to go.

Just ask the person if there is a reason. If you do not your date may end up in the ER.

Not a bitch because I walked out on a lier, and wont date a smoker*


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Mar 13 @ 3:35PM  

I agree with you Kli. It is not right to lie about things. Be honest with people and you will get a lot further.

Mar 13 @ 3:53PM  
I am a smoker, but I can definitely see the medical issues with it in your scenario.

But that is BY FAR not restricted to smoking vs non-smoking;

What about dating someone who has pets and you have allergies?
Or someone who has a breathing reaction to perfumes.
Or your house not being clean enough?

Bottom line is that I have no problem with people who state that they have a problem with this or that and it is an issue when choosing a mate/friend.

Mar 13 @ 4:09PM  
You are right I never thought of those you are so correct.

Thanks for adding those.

Mar 13 @ 5:33PM  
I am probably the strangest "smoker" around. I smoke all of 4 or 5 a day... ALL of them outside. I don't throw my butts on the ground. I won't smoke in resturants (for the reasons cited earlier in this discussion). I won't smoke in the house. I won't smoke in the vehicle. Even when it's 30 below outside... I take it OUTSIDE.

I made this choice because my "right" to pollute MY lungs doesn't supercede the rights of anyone else on the planet. My kids don't NEED to smoke simply because I choose to smoke. My friends don't NEED to smoke simply because I choose to smoke. My family doesn't NEED to smoke simply because I choose to.

I take it outside because my choice is just that and I don't have the right to inflict that choice on anyone OTHER than myself.

Mar 13 @ 5:47PM  
I smoke all the time, and anywhere.....

filthy habit I know.....just one of many...

Mar 13 @ 5:55PM  
Well your not a bitch. If someone will lie about that what else will they lie about!

Mar 13 @ 6:26PM  
Said very wel and with class! I used to smoke and all my friends smoke but my Austin hates the smell and taste! And I have begun to too..

Mar 13 @ 6:38PM  
I completely agree with your blog. There is something wrong with a person who lies about themselves. As stated if they lie about this issue what else will they lie about.
Everyone has the right to smoke or have pets wear perfume etc but please show respect around people who the effects of these things could cause adverse medical reactions.
I dont think anything you wrote makes you a bitch.

Also kudo to you Angel for the respect you have show everyone else.

Mar 13 @ 6:59PM  
Thank you all for your posts.

I posted the same thing over on the MD side and was told I need a shrink because allergies and asthma are all psychosomatic. Bunch of F%$#tards over there. I like it here better.

Mar 13 @ 7:03PM  
I agree that it's not right to lie about it.

I dated a gal that KNEW I smoked. But, she made it a habit of taking cheap shots at me over it such as, "How does your food taste? Oh, that's right! Your taste buds are dead from smoking. So, you can't really tell."

Our dating didn't last very long.

Mar 13 @ 7:41PM  
I can't kiss a smoker... I think of it sorta like trying to lick an ashtray.

Mar 13 @ 9:12PM  
Ok..i am a smoker, 26 year habit. I have tried everything to quit. Hypnotized, patches, drugs and just cold turkey. Never worked. I am very considerate to those who "do not" smoke. I dont smoke in the house, in my truck, and most of the time when we go out to dinner, we get non-smoking. Most of the restaurants here are non-smoking, so most of the time i have no choice anyway. My husband doesnt smoke, so when i need a cancer stick (he calls it) i go outside, when i come in i will use mouthwash, and then wash my hands. I hate coming home from the bars (when we get to go out) i hate taking my jacket in the house cause i know it is gonna reek of smoke. Now, i feel it's the habit i will have to the day i die. And now when someone ask me, "Hey when you going to quit that habit"? And i simply say "I tell you what, I'll make you a promise, the day i die, is the day i quit, I always keep my promises."!! I know it is something i should again to quit, but i'm just not ready...And you have to want to quit...i just dont wanna

Mar 13 @ 10:25PM  
I am a x-smoker of 23 years then chewed for 3. I usually will not date a smoker. She has to be a light smoker if i do.

Mar 14 @ 12:39AM  
I agree with you, too, Kali. I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke. My ex mother-in-law smokes, and I love her to pieces, but even though she tries to keep it to a minimum, I end up leaving her place with a raging headache and clothes that smell like stale smoke. I once dated a man who said he smoked occasionally. Only if occasionally was every thirty minutes or so. Needless to say, that didn't go far.

You have to respect what bothers the other person. I have pets, and a wonderful man I met had allergies. I hated to not pursue the relationship, but I couldn't see it going anywhere because of that.

They need to be honest with you, and you need to be honest with them.

Mar 14 @ 12:56AM  
As far as I'm concerned, if they weren't honest with you about anything, you will never be a bitch for walking out on a date. Not only is it totally disrespectful to lie to someone, in your case, it could be detrimental to your health and well-being!

I am a smoker - down to under 1/2 a pack after 25 years of smoking a pack + a day. My quit date is April 1st.

Mar 14 @ 3:51AM  
No, you weren't a bitch for walking out on him, He deserved it, and you deserved honesty and to be able to breathe.
I know a guy, he's a a little weird sometimes but after almost 9 years we are still friends,and he claims that he is a smoker. And he is. Sorta. Since way before I met him he smokes one cigarette a day. Everyday. Says that when he was a teenager a girl he liked told him she thought it looked cool to see a guy smoking, But didn't like the smell.They dated for over a year and he kept the habit all these years.... Hmmm, is it a habit or a ritual?

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Non Smokers vs Smokers