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posted 3/12/2007 9:48:13 AM |
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Ya know....visiting AMD is something that normally is fun. In recent weeks we have encountered a few bumps in the road....we managed to get past them. Then....just when you think you have seen it all.......One more steps up to the plate even bigger and bolder. I first and foremost want to say the guy in know who you are.....I NEVER EVER felt for you the kind of contempt I feel about this new troll. Well...I never even called you a troll for that matter...but regardless........I know that we all have a right to free speech....bla bla bla.....yes it's true.....if you don't like it....don't read it...yep......for all of you who advocate that are right on the money. HOWEVER.....I am of the mond that if Stad's blogs can be removed.....then so should the SKULL FUCK bullshit.....Straddles blogs.....sick as they were...never once came close to disrespecting women in the way this dirtbags blog did. to you Straddle....I give props....but I would respecfully submit to Da Bear that those Blogs be removed and that he be fully warned. Every single comment he received witht he exception of the two (2) yes only 2 comments that he received on the first one were right on the money...he speaks of a form of RAPE.....for that alone....he should be removed. No woman on AMD or anywhere should be subjected to that in writing or otherwise. All those who agree say I

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Mar 12 @ 10:38AM  

I post ALL comments to my blog because I RESPECT all opinions. But I never thought of respect as something required of a person. I always thought of it as a thing to be earned -- not due at birth and certainly not due simply because of some characteristic one was born with...particularly a characteristic shared by half the human race such as gender. What kind of respect have you earned by being born a woman?

Moreover, the amount of disrespect I've been paid by you and other people posting to my blog regarding my age, my appearance, my manhood, my sexual orientation, my penis AND my personal opinion so far outweighs any INFERRED disrespect you sense in my blog it's a joke to mention the word in this connection.

Nor is it respectful to intentionally mischaracterize a person's intentions as you do when you describe my activity as rape. Have you never even heard that many women find pleasure in submission. I am amazed that the fundamental nature of both male and female alike are regarded by you et al as perverse. It is the twisted way in which you have reconfigured the nature of the genders that is perverse -- not a woman who WILLINGLY submits to a dominating man.

Mar 12 @ 11:14AM  
2nd that if everyone still wants him to speak as clearly as he can , at least monitor his topics....... 2nd

Mar 12 @ 11:30AM  
Yep...Ur right you fucking sick fuck....women deserve no respect....YOU DESERVE NO RESPECT. After having thought about this for a minute....I only drew atention to you when I posted this blog.....exactly what you were looking for. How could I have been so stupid...I was being driven by my my feelings.....something you have none of. I am going to delete this blog shortly. I should have gotten my head together before I posted it, but I wanted to speak for all those who felt they couldn' mailbox is filling up with comments of people afraid of going public.....I will stand up for those who don't have the strenght to because of men like you. You don't deserve a single ounce of air to the very fact that you have the privledge to walk the face of this earth is purely a dirty trick being played on you because you surely will not ever be able to enjoy the pleasures that this world has to offer when your time is up.

Mar 12 @ 12:41PM  
i personally have decided to just pass over every blog he posts....i dont care what it's about...he's a troll

Mar 12 @ 1:43PM  
that is a good policy hulkNpooh, but if we don't report abuse, it won't be dealt with. if you don't like what he writes, don't read it. But if he is spouting violence towards women, men, whoever that is different that is a Hate crime and the PTB
(powers that be) need to know!

Mar 12 @ 1:53PM  
i agree Giggl and i have responded to his blog and another...i did report this type of abuse..and i know several others have done the same. It hasnt worked yet...i dont know how long it takes? Maybe he will get booted, maybe he wont, i just figure if i dont read or even give him the time by responding to his blogs, he'll go away.

Mar 12 @ 2:02PM  
To Luvrgrl..
To Talkpro..

This so called sorry excuse for a man should have been a blow job!!
It sucks that people want to waste suck good cum!! Tsk tsk!

I honestly dont give a flying fuck if people dont like what I have to say but I respect thier opinion and atleast listen to what they have to say...
This "troll" obviously needs to think about what he is sayin and if he is on here lookin for a girl ..then he might want to care alil bc what u say about women will affect u getting ass, buddy!! So grow up..get a since of respect.. and yeah u may see it as u earn respect but u havent been earnin much from what I can see!

Mar 12 @ 2:43PM  
I have noted such a massive increase in hatred and venom on this site lately. By and large, most anything written (my own blogs included) is of no more significance that musings on the walls of a stall in a public rest room.
So many people are acting like this site is a church and somebody is desecrating the alter.
Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes once wrote, essentially, "We must have freedom of speech even for the speech we hate the most."
If people don't like somebody's opinions, don't read them. If you don't like their comment on your blog, delete it.
I just fail to understand how anything on this site, or how this site itself, has become so important to somebody so as to seemingly have their day ruined by something on here.
Respectfully, don't look now, people, but there is something going on around you besides AMD. It's called life.

Mar 12 @ 3:02PM  
I'm afraid I have to agree with wordsofwit on this one. I know that I did enough sounding off about talkpro. I disagree with him wholeheartedly, but.............I think this is taking things just alittle too far!

For someone to say that he doesn't deserve a single ounce of air!! Come on people what gives us the right to judge like that!

People being afraid to go public!! Why may I ask are they afraid? Not like he's going to go after anyone, and really why the heck would he!!

Lastly who gives you or anyone else the right to say he does not deserve the pleasure to walk this earth cause he will surely not enjoy what this world has to offer when his time is up. For some unknown reason, I thought that was God's decision not yours or mine.

I am not asking anyone to see where I am coming from, cause believe me on a good day I don't know where I'm coming from, just ask Loveyou he knows, LOL.. I just don't think that being vile is going to serve any purpose! I do inpart apologize to talkpro cause I am inpart ashamed of how I went after him. From now on I will not read his blogs or comment on them. I suggest that maybe everyone else do the same, but ultimately that is our own individual decison!!


Mar 12 @ 3:26PM  
Domination is lifestyle of consentual behavior built on trust and respect. The act of dominating a woman is in part her complete trust in you. the trust that you will not cross certain boundries, the trust that you have a great deal of respect for her. Most people who enjoy the lifestyle, at least those I have met, will tell you that if they did not trust who the were with, they would not be involved.

However I have read most of this man's blogs and I have only heard him mention the domination lifestyle once. That is in his responce to this blog. Like grabbing for straws to explain his sick nature. In every one of his blogs and all of the comments he left to me, he specifically embraces his superiority over women, his power over them, his right as the Alpha Male to control his women and take from them when and what he wants. He is not talking domination. He is not talking trust or a behavior that inspires trust. To hold power over and take control away from another in a sexual context is Rape.

Rape, Rape, Rape...

and i hope the bear will see and deliver his just rewards. A strong warning is to week a punishment. banishment is called to action, banishment from AMD for those of us who find rape sick and are offended and disgusted by it. Superior intelligence he claims to have. And can't win an intelligent depate and resorts to name calling. this is the Alpha Male? I am not impressed. I am glad I am not a man in his eyes, I couldn't live with myself.

Mar 12 @ 4:34PM  
Thank you Zena for acknowledging me. There are a lot of people on here who are very good people and well within the range of normalcy. I think that loneliness may be the driver.
But it should be seen for what it is and given no more wieight than it deserves. The undercurrent to what I read in all of this is that there are far too many people who are not only single, but alone. I don't defend the dude's perspective, only his right to have it. But it certainly is a very insignificant perspective.
After all, if his ideas were embraced would he even be here or feel the need to post or comment?

Mar 12 @ 5:02PM  
I do not see or understand where any one sees that this is overboard. What action could he claim to want to do to you that would justify punishment? Would you allow this to happen if it were anywhere other than the internet? Do you think the proper thing to do is ignore and hope he just STOPS? It was not just one blog that he made,every blog he made up to the horrid one was demeaning to the female gender........ so from what I see he was already over looked ENOUGH ......

Mar 12 @ 5:04PM  
One other thing..... no true Dom would post crap like that ...... dont be fooled by that , Gry is a Dom , does he act or speak in such a fashion? Dont let him hide behind the fact that oh women love domination .........

Mar 12 @ 5:46PM  
I wholeheartedly agree, his blogs should be removed and he should be sent packing.

Mar 12 @ 6:25PM  
To talkshit, sorry talkpro
For a man who is supposedly well respected with his own talk show you have the brains of an amoeba! I don't know or care how you earned this respect as your opinions are not only disrespectful to those who openly share their ideas but they are also so very wrong too.
You had an e-mail argument with my fiance over pubic hair telling her that she shaved because men wanted to see the pussy of a young woman whereas she in fact informed you that she did so because she found it more hygienic.
She knows her own mind and will only do as she sees fit but that does not mean that I am submissive to her or that she dominates me, we share things equally and have no secrets from eachother.
Either you are doing this for material for your radio show or you are winding us all up. Either way you are a very sad and slightly warped individual who is in bad need of a shrink.

Mar 12 @ 6:58PM  
Let me just be clear one one thing: This is not a which hunt or an attempt to start something because someone said something I didn't like. I have been in a situation where a man controlled me in a way that was demeaning to say the very least and horrible to say the best.....I can not imagine how awful it would feel for another woman to experience anything of the sort. It was simply my intention to be a voice for those who feel they can't speak....I know how it feels to feel afraid to speak....that fear is brought on by men like this...that is why I feel that this person and his blogs should be asked to leave. No woman should EVER have to live with that. Ever. It is abusive to say the very least.....

Mar 12 @ 8:45PM  
I can see that this anger comes from women who have been abused, and from those who know someone who has been horribly abused. There is absolutely excuse for abuse. I don't know if the person all this anger is directed to abuses women or not. Being arrogant, and posting about certain things that may be his fantasies is not a crime.

Mar 12 @ 10:57PM  
he's just one more know they come and go all the time ..each more fucked up in the head then the ..maybe they're ALL the same dopy fucker??

one things pretty sure...that dopy bitch would be lucky if he could get a date with his FIST after his wonderfull personality has come to light

Mar 25 @ 9:13PM  
what happened here?!

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