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Annoyed at others atitudes

posted 3/11/2007 1:38:19 PM |
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tagged: mental illness

I am ready to explode on the issue of mental illnesses. There is a huge difference between crazy and mentally ill . A great many people think that someone with bi-polar or another mental illness is unworthy of love or capable of love. This is such utter bullshit.

What you SHOULD be saying is someone with a mental illness that does not follow their doctors orders, see their therapist or take meds as directed. THOSE people give mentally ill people a bad reputation. THOSE are the crazy ones.

Someone who does not tell a potential longterm friend or mate about it and educate them as to what might be expected if their meds have ceased to work correctly.

Take it from a person who has lived with bi-polar since puberty, someone who knows when she is about to spike up or down and does something about it. Someone who follows her doctors orders to the point of not drinking (and misses a good drunk), takes her medication better then women take their birth control. Someone who is upfront if anything is to come of a relationship.

Living with a mental illness


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Mar 11 @ 1:48PM  
Hey Kali,you are absolutely right about this subject.There is alot of misinformation,fear and ignorance concerning it.I think that you will find understanding and compassion here; at least from those I call my friends. A kudo to you;great blog.

Mar 11 @ 2:03PM  
Yeah--I know what you're referring to, and that wasn't such a good example. Mood disorders can be a major stressor on relationships for obvious reasons, but being bipolar doesn't make someone irreversibly unable to have sex or be a loving partner.

Mar 11 @ 2:08PM  
THOSE people give mentally ill people a bad reputation. THOSE are the crazy ones.

Allow me to speak for the hundreds of thousands or people with mental illnesses who don't have access to mental health services, or who can't afford the medications, or who have other issues that antagonize or exacerbate the mental illness - or who can't handle the side-effects of the plethora of drugs they have been "ordered" to take...People with untreated mental illnesses are NOT crazy and they do NOT give "mentally ill people" a bad reputation. THEY ARE ILL.

Aside from having worked in a mental health center for a while, and having focused on mental health in my college education in social work, I have had to watch the life of one of my oldest and dearest friends spiral quickly downward as schizophrenia takes her over. I have seen the way she is treated not just by people in general, but by mental health professionals, and I am furious that anyone would blame her (the victim) for not having all she needs to be a mentally healthy individual. Her young life is being destroyed and you have the nerve to talk down to her and people like her? You, of all people, should be more understanding. Please, don't ever wonder if or when someone else doesn't show compassion for a person with a mental illness, when you can't even do it yourself.

And it is "person with a mental illness", not "mentally ill person". Put the person before the disability. Isn't that what you're asking?

Mar 11 @ 2:20PM

No excuse for no medication. Mental health care can be hard to find but its there if you look. If your doctor is a jack ass find one if possible who is not. If that doesn't work take a friend or significant other with to help stand up for you. I had to for a long time as I had no options.

They are "crazy" because they know they have a problem and do not take care of themselves. If they do not know they have a problem I have no clue what to say.

I would NEVER say anything about someone who tries to control it and meds just do not work or make them sicker. Keep talking to your doctor there are more meds each day. Some off label.

What I have no compassion for are those that refuse to follow what they are told needs to be done. What I have no compassion for are people who say these people are unworthy of anything but ridicule and pity.

My heart and prayers are for your friend.

I am fortunate and have it under control. As you say there are many who do not for lack of care or medication.


Mar 11 @ 2:29PM  
Ok, this is in danger of spiraling out of control. Sxze makes an excellent point about not lumping everyone with mental illness into "compliant" or "noncompliant" (as far as supposed willingness to take meds, seek treatment, etc.). I think Kali's frustration stemmed from another blog which inappropriately cited bipolar disorder as an example of a potential sexual deal breaker in a relationship.

But now the pendulum is swinging too far. Kali, there's a huge difference between a mood disorder such as your own--which is obviously painful and difficult but, as you point out, controllable with medication--and a devastating cognitive illness like schizophrenia, which can sometimes be controlled but is progressive and incurable. Withholding compassion for them when they don't "just go to a doctor because they know what's wrong" ignores the fact that they're often in the throes of psychosis and bombarded by voices that hopelessly complicate their world.

Mar 11 @ 3:16PM  
It's even worse when the person with a mental illness is a child and the so-called professionals choose to treat the parents as though they are alternately either complete idiots or criminals.

It took 5 LONG and difficult years to get my mentally ill child diagnosed. He's bipolar. He has PTSD. He's also autistic.

I REALLY never want to go through that particular process again.

Mar 11 @ 4:03PM  
They are "crazy" because they know they have a problem and do not take care of themselves.

I'm sorry, did I forget to mention the untold numbers of people who DON'T know they have a mental illness? And lets not forget that there are mental illnesses for which there is no known treatment.

If they do not know they have a problem I have no clue what to say.
That's the problem...not with you, but in general. No one knows what to say, what to do, how to help...So we (collectively as a society) turn our backs, point fingers, and lay blame. We used to round 'em up and institutionalize those whose minds aren't healthy - now we tell them "there are services available, go get 'em and if you don't, you're to blame". Ever try to convince a clinically depressed person with psychotic episodes to take an unknown pill? I don't just doesn't seem right - you're still blaming the victim.

Yes, I know there are programs and services to help those in need; still, access is a problem. Even when I was helping people fill out paperwork to gain access to those services, there are still so many issues that prevent people from either getting the help they need, or continuing on a treatment plan. It's not as easy as "it's there, go get it".

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Annoyed at others atitudes