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posted 3/11/2007 11:49:12 AM |
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Oh Yes! Here we go again ladies and gentlemen! Could it be one man's attempt to just stir things up around here or is it actually an escapee from a "Submissive's Gathering?" This guy is no more a man than "Pat" from the Saturday Night Live!" Look ladies he is getting what he wants by your "Defensive Comments". I know it is hard to take and to withstand having to read however, the real way for him to go away and actually for you to enjoy, is to IGNORE HIM! when you have a little child who whines and whines about his not getting what he wants, if you continue to respond then THAT IS the attention he so demands and your supplying it to him! Give him "Nada", Neyt, Over, Finsihed! Because then in essence you control! You see, he controls by getting your remarks and gives him fodder to continue along his path of self righteousness! Forget this lame horribly poor example of a MAN! Hell! Strap on an AK-47 and head to Iraq! There you can teach Iranian women the art of "Skull Fucking!" OH! But then you'll be totured and left for buzzards! Ah! Rightly so though! My guess is you'd be found with a dick in your mouth that you bit off! Sad really! Oh well I have said all I have to say and ladies, ladies, ladies............Do Not give him anymore fuel to display his really uneducated wit on these pages we see! Put No responses in any of his blogs! TRY! TRY! TRY! He will go away like a bad cold! Actually it's mor of a case of bad Diarrhea and you are the Kaopectate!

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Mar 11 @ 11:56AM  
I received this! From Mr. Wise!

Where do you see in my prose the suggestion that I am interested in 'forcing' a woman to do anything, dubious person? Skull fucking a bitch isn't much fun unless she really wants it.

And what is there but wishful thinking that suggests men who enjoy fucking women in the mouth must, somehow be gay? What circuitous route did you travel to reach that?

I understand your pain. It springs from the same observation the women who send me insulting mail draw from -- you SEE yourself in my blog and you don't like the characterization. If you really need to punish me because you don't like the way I SEE you, dream up some blistering insults, but for chrissakes make them relevant so they are, at least, interesting.

Easy to kick someone's ass when they're in Georgia and you are in Cleveland using nothing but your bearded mouth....just now that I think of it...maybe I AM gay, because I think I'd enjoy that sweet little tufted kisser of yours as much as any young bitch who comes to mind. Think you could hold still long enough or will I require a girl to hold you down?



Mar 11 @ 12:03PM  
I do believe after his last several blogs everyone should send a sound out to the bear and beachball that that man needs to be banned

Mar 11 @ 12:04PM  
He is just very rude and ignorant in my eyes and I made one reply to one of his blogs and I won't be wasting my time doing it again. Block will work fine for me.

Mar 11 @ 12:09PM  
Actually, a narcissist like him (someone who is totally into themselves) thrives on reading their own words. If you notice, he posts many comments on his own blogs. This means that he will continue to write his crap even if nobody reads it, which, I guess, is OK. Let him waste his time.

Mar 11 @ 12:14PM  
He sent me in my mail
I still like that little bearded mouth of yours, cupcake.


Mar 11 @ 12:22PM  
two thumbs up ..Rick...

Mar 11 @ 12:52PM  

I must get in here and read the blogs more???
I think i'm missing something

Mar 11 @ 1:37PM  

I'll give you twothumbs up on this.

But baning him would do no good. He'd just come back with another name and
profile. And then seek revenge.

Mar 11 @ 2:40PM  
because i to fell into his ploy and posted something to his blog, i returned to it several hours later and noticed that it had not gotten approved, i posted a comment on another one...he sent me an e-mail stating that he does not sit on his computer waiting for responses (yea right) and said that i should re-post one on the hijacked blog recanting my response...i simply arent worth my time..and blocked him. Even if he does get booted, he will probably come back on another name.

I am disgusted by this man. I am a woman, (yep it's true) and i am a mother. And dam good at being both. I do not and never will bow down to anyone, especially a man. And i say that because of who i am. I am a caring, loving, considerate woman and mother..I feel that i deserve respect as well as anyone. And he believes that all women should just get down on thier knees open up and take it. How would he feel that if his mother or daughter was treated in this way. I have read every response, and a huge majority of the men feel as we women do. He is in a league of his own, no wonder he's single.

Mar 11 @ 2:47PM  
I was thinking he was more like a case of herpes, sometimes you can't see him but he never truly goes away, and just like herpes if we clear him up here he is going to go somewhere else to spread it around.

He obviously isn't able to intelligently debate a subject and after resorting to petty name calling and trying to spread his violence, I have reported him, perhaps next week he will be another has been and we can all get back to our naked freak party of humor fun and perversion.

Keep having fun..

Luv ya all, at least the women, guys, the real men here I have much respect for you guys.

Mar 11 @ 3:02PM  
I thought that you were terrific. I responded, but to you mostly. You need to back and read it. He wrote me that he got the responses that he wanted from the people that he was trying to get attention from. You are my cyber hero!! A knight in shining armor!!

Mar 11 @ 6:18PM  
It's gotten to the point where I only read a blog if it is someone I know.. or the first few lines showing on the show all new blogs page seem interesting. There's only one troll I wanna feed right now.. she keeps me busy enough annoying her space

He has come and gone and come again.. this time with slightly better grammar.. he will go again.

Hey.. Rick.. ya wanna?

Mar 11 @ 6:52PM  
I have to tell ya Rick, i kinda like that bearded mouth of yours too. I haven't commented on any of the blogs pertaining to this person, except this one. You're right, the more we feed his ego the longer he's going to try and prove he's right. Because this is the weekend, the bear and the beachball won't be able to do anything, just hold on til tomorrow when they get wind of what's gone on. I'm fairly certain they will take care of the problem.

Mar 12 @ 4:57AM  
I still follow my tired and true method of reading blogs. If the subject matter looks interesting I'll stop and read. If the blog reads of stupidity I go on to another and don't even waste my time commenting. Why add to an inflammatory statement? I'm not here to argue a point with ignorance as it seems to do a pretty good job of that all by itself.

Indeed this is the internet and the only power that can be given is thru words, so why empower such idiocy? In such a case I won't even bother to be drawn into a battle of wit as it has no affect other than to detract from my experience here, not what I want, nor what I am about.

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