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The Who, What, Why and How... of being on an Adult Site - My Perspective.

posted 3/10/2007 4:32:58 PM |
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tagged: opinion, adult

Ok, let's face it, most know that I found my sweetie on here, we are less than discrete about that fact, LOL............ However........... after reading a lot of blogs this week, I felt I needed to post THIS blog in response to many of them, as I didn't want to post comments that were longer than a lot of the original blogs themselves.

Last night I had an email war with someone who was very upset that I would NOT have cyber sex with him. My profile says I am here for erotic chat. A fairly innocuous choice, in my opinion. This stupidfuckingmale (Thanks SunnyD) felt that since I had listed that, I was apparently "required" to have erotic chat with him. When I pointed out that my profile states that I am in a relationship, and that my essays state I am only here for friendship and fun as I have found someone, he got very nasty stating that I had no business on a site like this if I were in a relationship, and that my boyfriend was ignorant for allowing me to be here. I ended up telling him off and blocking him as I had had enough of his crap... but it's got me thinking.

Do I belong here? Why not? Can I not say that by posting erotic blogs or flirty responses on forum threads that I am fulfilling my "erotic chat" selection? Of course I can, if you look at it with that perspective. This site is for anyone who wants to chat with other adults, in whatever manner they choose to do so. Does it mean that I am required to talk "dirty"? Absolutely NOT. No more than anyone who selects "one night stand" is required to have a one night stand with anyone who requests one.

In my opinion, the ADULT part of this site name is being ADULT enough, responsible enough, and intelligent enough to act in an ADULT manner, and play in an adult manner. If having sex with multiple partners is what cranks your motor, go for it, no one here is gonna care, but do so in a responsible ADULT manner. If posting blogs is your thing... fine, do so in an ADULT manner. Don't act CHILDISH when someone posts their ADULT response/perspective of what you have said on your blog. Realize that as another ADULT, they have their views and opinions and are just as entitled to them as you are. However, it is their responsibility to make their comments in an ADULT fashion, not in a derogitory manner.

I am a member of several "Adult" sites, and I have to say, that AMD is by far the best of the lot. I prefer to think of it as an adult "playground". There are so many activities to be participated in, from the chat rooms, to the forums to the blogs. I am so amazed when people blog saying they are bored. I have said repeatedly, to anyone who will listen... you only get out of the site that which you put into it. If you don't take the time to give it all a whirl, you simply aren't ADULT enough to play here.

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Mar 10 @ 4:39PM  
Well said Krissy. As an adult it is up to you what you say or do, and who you choose to do it with. As an adult it is up to me to accept my limitations. If they can't deal with either of them, then they are not adult enough to be here.

Mar 10 @ 4:40PM  
you belong here. you can do what you want. anybody that doesn't like it can go fuck themselves. they probably have to anyway.

Mar 10 @ 4:43PM  
Crissy told me this fuckingstupidmale also had the gall to say that I should not allow her on this site. WTF gives him the right to tell me or Crissy what she should do as she is a grown woman!

Mar 10 @ 4:48PM  
AMEN hopefully the bear will get us more options, course it won't matter to some since dicks can't read LOL you still gonna play nekked twister with me though in the harem puleeeaassse!

Mar 10 @ 4:51PM  

Well said crissy. This is an ADULT site. NOT a SEX site. People have the option of looking for sex or friendship. Or even a serious relationship. It'e their choice.
No one is obligated to do anything they donot want or feel comfortable with. As
I said it's an ADULT site so why don't we act like adults ?

kudo to you Crissy.

Yes you belong here.

Mar 10 @ 4:55PM  
Great Blog and Well said....two thumbs up...

Mar 10 @ 4:58PM  
We shouldn't have to do anything that we don't want to do. Plain and simple. Just because we are not on here to do cyber sex with people does not mean they have to give us a hard time and say we don't belong on here. This is an adult site yes but that does not only mean for sexual things. At least in my opinion.

Mar 10 @ 5:00PM  
Wow, I wonder if it is the same guy I was blogging about. Ha!

Mar 10 @ 5:12PM  
Well said PK and I think you were arguing with the same (stupidfuckingmale) I got emails from last night. With the same problem if I am in a relationship why am I here. FOR FUN first of all, I met my guy here so I like the site, and we use the email here to talk when he's at work as well.

Mar 10 @ 5:18PM  
You most certainly belong here. If some stupidfuckingmale can't get his peabrain around the fact you are in a relationship and are here for friends HE should go elsewhere.

Mar 10 @ 5:45PM  
Great blog PK, kudos to ya, some people have a hard time understanding!


Mar 10 @ 6:11PM  
well said, give him hell. as for his comment about your boyfriend being ignorant just from what i have read recently in the blogs your man seems to have the right idea of how to treat you with respect & allowing you to make your own decisions.

Mar 10 @ 6:18PM  
Good Blog, PK!!!
I think I might have had the "pleasure" of words with him a few weeks ago. Which also ended in him being blocked.
Even my best friends 13 year old son will tell him that when a female says no, No Means NO. End of discussion or anything else to do with the matter.... Doesn't matter if it's in person, on the phone or the computer.
When I came here I wasn't sure I was in the right place. I felt intimidated, for lack of a better phrase. But now I have made a few friends enjoy the blogs and am comfortable with being here. There are a lot of friendly people here. But there are a few that just insist that cyber sex is owed to then because it's a cyber world and they are in it...... I don't do cyber sex, not that it's right, wrong or indifferent. It's just not my thing.
We all belong here as long as we belong to the human race that can show respect.
Just my 2 cents.... Do I get any change?

Mar 10 @ 7:43PM  
You're right, there are too many idiots on here who throw that in your face when they can't get what they want. Those kind of people aren't with anything and will never find what they're looking for. Kim has run into the problem as of late too.

Mar 10 @ 10:12PM  
Crissy loads up her double barrel 12 guage set on full choke,takes aim at " stupidfuckingmale" and splatters him all over the AMD site!!! Way to go friend A kudo for you

Mar 10 @ 11:33PM  
You belong here. You may never never leave...

Mar 11 @ 1:48AM  
Yes Crissy you belong here, you are one of the reason I joined this site, along with a few others. I enjoy the site and the new friends I am now starting to make. Without you and the others here I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I have missed a lot of them when they would take breaks, but they all seem to return in one fashion or another. If the "stupidfuckingmales" here can't take the hint....they should be reported and blocked. I would be very disappointed if you and Gerald left, I think it's great you've found each other and want to be together. I applaude both of you for staying to "play" with your friends. Never leave us.

Mar 11 @ 3:14AM  
Sorry about that PK,, I guess its a "cant see the forest for the trees" kind of thing with some folks (guys and gals) I love, hot, erotic, adult chat but I think its a good idea to find a want-to partner, rather than brow beating someone into it..

Mar 11 @ 4:43AM  
I've been getting the same types of messages lately even tho' my profile says basically the same thing! I sent a suggestion the "The Bear" that they add a chat or friends only option to the relationship category. Hopefully they will! Don't let the bastards get ya down!

Mar 11 @ 6:50AM  
OUCH!! hey now StarD, spread some luven we all get ticked sometimes

Mar 11 @ 8:42AM  
Good Job!! Some people have no idea what it means to be an adult. I have had some small exchanges with people here and I must admit the ones who I have heard from have been very nice. But as the old saying goes "The few ruin it for the many"

I guess what some people refuse or ignore to understand is that a profile is not carved in stone, it is like a tide, ebbs and flows. The decision to play is totally up to the players not the player. He abused a privilege not a right and you were kind enough to give him enough rope.

Do you belong here? Well if you like a free exchange of ideas, frank talk, and honest people then you belong here. The person who does not belong here is the person who has abused an opportunity to learn. That is his loss, a loss he will neither miss or understand.

Stay true.

Mar 11 @ 1:01PM  
Hey CK,,, well said buddy,,, well said!!

Mar 12 @ 8:59AM  
Damn!! Of course you belong. You belong to us all in someways... Even Argit understands that, we're no threat to your happiness we are your virtual, and some actual... support group and commrades!!

We wouldn't let ya go anyway... sillys.

Mar 20 @ 1:27AM  
Amen to this. This place is just as much fun as the trad hot rod board I'm on. Different personalities but the same kind of fun. Hoo-ray for adult mindsets!

Jun 8 @ 5:17PM  
You're regular and correct PK

Just consider the source,,,,,,,,,,,, "stupid fucking male"

But you do have to give him some credit.... At least he got his screen-name right

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