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posted 3/9/2007 11:38:07 AM |
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Well this is my first blog here, I do it other places but never felt the need to do it here.
I know almost every subject has been touched on at least once before and didn't want to be a repeat ya know.
But I figured it might be time for me to sound off on here.
Every day on get on here and I have a ton of friend requests. I deny and come back the next day and the same people I denied the day before are asking again. Why ask to be my friend when you don't know me, we have never talked before, so how are you my friend? Some of these people have a hundred or more friends. What is this a contest? Plus I refuse to add a friend if all they are showing is their cock. I really don't like those kind of pictures, yes I am slighlty a prude when it comes to that. I am sorry but those pictures don't do a thing for me, a nice handsome face turns me on faster than that. Maybe I am strange in that area but I just am that way. And does anyone reallyread a persons profile? I say no married men and thats all I get, I say nobody under 27 or older than 49, and all I get is 19 year olds and 55 year olds, whats up with that? Can anyone answer these questions for Well for my first blog I think it is horrible since all I am doing is And I know my profile is boring so here is something, if anyone can think of something original that I could add to my profile let me know

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Mar 9 @ 11:54AM  
hey gypsy and welcome to the blogs!! yeah hate seeing that lil friend request and it's a dick LOL you can actually filter your email if you go into settings. We all get the same thing but it's good you have delete and if they keep bugging you block them, if they get abusive report them, I don't think you are a prude, I myself don't care for dick pics some of the ladies here like them some of us don't just personal preference.

Mar 9 @ 12:05PM  
here here.....I hate being sent friends requests with pics of dicks....and the strange thing is it's true!!!!!. So I can imagine how some of the women feel......hmmmm....warm....soft... ok wandering there.

Mar 9 @ 12:13PM  
Why all the "friends" requests? Simple...Yes, I think for some, it is something of a popularity contest. It's almost like some think..."Hey, look at me and how many "friends" I have!" I'm so popular!

I'm on MySpace, Tagged, and a couple of other places like those...and it seems I get at least 25-30 requests per week from people I don't know. They don't even send me a message or anything, and you check their profile...and they have 100's of "friends."

As for the men actually reading your profile...well, when most men think with thier dicks, and dicks can't read. What do you expect?

Mar 9 @ 12:23PM  
Wow, I was actually contemplating doing a blog very similar to this. I also, have huge problems with someone wanting to be my friend and have never spoken a word to me. WTF?? I deny far more friend requests than I accept!! I tried to block this one guy who requests over and over several times each day, but I cannot figure out how without sending him an email--eh!!! Anyway, welcome to the blogs.

Mar 9 @ 12:26PM  
I deny the " cock " photos for friends also. I don't get turned on by seeing a photo of thier dick. Like you I much rather see thier face. I get alot of friend requests also and I don't see why when they don't even talk to me really. For the age thing I notice that alot of the guys don't seem to care what age your looking for. I don't mind talking and being friends with anyone of any age but I don't and won't ever be with a man that is old enough to be my father or my grandfather. No offense to anyone but that's how I feel about it.I just don't have a thing for older men and that is my preference. I have had to block several already.

Mar 9 @ 12:31PM  
hey girl .... you sound like my long lost twin ..... WELCOME HOME !!

The friend thing, is twofold.... some of em are wanting to be your friend and even though its backwards to ask first to you , alot of em do it that way , then follow up with mail ......

Frequent requests from the same nut means thats all they did that day , and forgot they already asked you

I have gotten alot of mail from fellas that are not in that age group so I dont know bout that one ...

Pssssst did you notice how cute crazycaveman is????

Mar 9 @ 12:34PM  
First off thanks all for the comments and yes Maggie I did notice how hot Caveman was yummy to say the

Mar 9 @ 1:09PM  
Unfortunately you might as well get used to it. The friends request button has gotten a lot more popular since the winks went away. I am not sure which one is worse. I think both make men look to lazy to write an email. And NO they never actually read profile, first mine says in a relationship and I am not looking. I have stated in mine don’t ask to be a friend if I don’t know you and if your going to email one line doesn’t work. I still get the same old stuff.

Mar 9 @ 1:13PM  
welcome vampire! they do that to me too add me on there freinds and ive never even talked to them and keep adding me so i blocked them,,lol i tried being nice about it telling them no thanks, but it dont work, so the best to do is block them good luck :)

Mar 9 @ 1:50PM  

Welcome to the blogs sweety.

Mar 9 @ 2:42PM  
Hi Vampire . I have to say I don't have that problem. No one wants to be my friend . Just kidding y'all.

Mar 9 @ 3:45PM  
there was some talk when they took away the winks, that we were going to substitute the freind request for the wink. that's all io can add to the freind request question. why anyone does anything inexplicable, is anyone's guess.

Mar 9 @ 3:48PM  
Welcome to the blog world!

Mar 9 @ 6:02PM  
sighhh ...welcome to AMD and the world where 91% of the men can't read ......some of the rest of us try appologizing for them ...but...we can't stop their desire for popularity n fame....stolen pix run as one of my buds just said earlier...might just get used to it and hit delete alot....

and YOU TLC......
seeing that lil friend request and it's a dick LOL

what are you trying to say honey!!!?!?!?!?!

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