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This Is Just The Weirdest Thing!

posted 3/8/2007 5:36:02 PM |
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tagged: sex, fuck buddy, lies

I'm sitting at my desk at work this morning, trying to look busy and efficient, when my cell phone rings. I store my purse in my bottom desk drawer, and since I haven't been at this job very long, there isn't a lot of stuff stored in the drawer yet, so the sound of my cell ringing really reverberates! I whip open the drawer, grab up my purse, fish the phone out and flip it open and whisper, "Hello?" (feeling like every eye in the office is upon me). No one is there! WTF!?! So I put the phone away, put the purse away, and close the desk drawer and go back to looking busy and efficient.
A few minutes later, my phone rings again! This time I can feel my boss's eyes boring into the back of my head as I whip open the desk drawer, pull out the purse and flip open the phone. I again whisper, "Hello?". This time, a rather demanding female voice says, "May I speak to your husband?". I'm flabbergasted. Because I'm not married and haven't had a husband for a LONG time! So I say, "I think you have the wrong number." The female voice, sounding equally flabbergasted, then says, "Oh, you're not married?!" I say, "No. May I ask who you are?" And the next thing I know the phone is slamming down on my ear!
WTF? What the heck kind of call did I just get?
As I sat there staring at the spreadsheet on my computer screen, replaying the phone conversation in my head, a little nasty feeling starts in the pit of my stomach. Just a little touch of nausea. You know the feeling- when you put two and two together but don't want to be THAT good at math?
If you've read my earlier blogs, you know I've been seeing a guy as a FB for the last couple of weeks. He told me he is divorced. Since we've been FB's he's never said or done anything to make me suspicious of him. So I start to wonder if he's lied about his marital status, and was it his wife who just called me?
After about an hour I've worked up quite a good sweat, and being as how I'm a direct sort of person, emailed him, quoted the conversation verbatum, and then asked him if he had any wives or jealous girlfriends he hadn't told me about.
I get no answer from him for about two hours. So I do more fidgeting and more sweating, which is making it increasingly difficult to look busy and efficient!
Finally, I get an email back from my FB. And this is what he said, "Sounds like a crazy woman. Is that redundant?" and attached to the email were some jokes.
What kind of answer is that? In my mind, it's no answer. He danced right around the question, which raises my alert level to orange! But I'd like to get some second opinions. What do you guys think?
Is he married and lying about it?

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Mar 8 @ 5:42PM  
that's got red flag written all over it... I take it you don't have caller ID on your cell, or the person calling blocked it?

Mar 8 @ 5:42PM  
yeah that would have my warning bells going, or is it possible that he is going through a divorce and she is just being kind of nasty about it??? Did a number show up on your caller ID? maybe do a reverse look up on it if it did.

Mar 8 @ 5:48PM  
Its quite possible. But lets look at everything. Let say he is married and his wife saw his cell phone and saw previous numbers. Maybe he was constantly telling her he had to work late or had business trip or something. That would always raise an eyebrow or two with a wife. Not that i have one but using common sense.

Maybe someone had the wrong number and its all a big coincidence and he answered your question sort of then.

Mar 8 @ 5:50PM  
i hit enter by accident. Maybe his wifes crazy ? Anyway whether hes married or not in my own opinion shouldn't be your problem to much. He should be faithful to his wife. Its not like you know he is married and your having fun with him just to be some bitch. Thats all i an see from this really if you think im missing something let me know.

Mar 8 @ 5:51PM  
here's the question that you should pose yourself

Are you ok with being a fuck buddy or were you intent on being more?
If your ok with being a fuck buddy, then his infidelity is his and his wife's problem.
If you wanted a relationship with the guy, then he's a slouch and can't be trusted.

That's assuming he's married.

Now, if he's not... mabey he has a jealous ex-girlfriend whom was so crazy that he left her and she can't get over it. If he's as good of a gent as you say he is, it's likely that a woman might get obsessed with him.

The conclusions on many, so I wouldn't rule anything out until you have more evidence. Have you tried *69 the call and see who answers?

It could also have just been a coincidence and your mind just created a whole story around it...

Mar 8 @ 5:57PM  
did you call the number back? want me to do it for you ??

Mar 8 @ 6:03PM  
...Either a wrong #...or _HER_ husband is seeing someone on the side...
{Maybe BOTH!}
But...keep grilling your F/B...until he's convincing about it...!!

Mar 8 @ 6:09PM  
OF COURSE E IS. as soon as i got to the woman's voice, i started thinking of your fb. no surprise, i'm such a good detective.dancing around things seems to be the common thread here. i'm sorry for you. turk

Mar 8 @ 6:09PM  
Public service anouncement aside, I would say that the wierd wash that came over you immediately after, was your answer. I definitely think that he was found out, and just wanted to "ease" your suspitions, with humor.

Funny thing, though.(pun intended)

Whenever someone is doing something that's not on the up-and-up, there are 3 ways that they deal with the current state of embarrassment.

Denial. Self-explanatory, since it is the most common

Anger. (moreso, transposed anger) this is where someone gets mad at you for having the gall to suspect them for doing something, that 9 times out of 10 they are doing. If you can be thrown off, you'll be too worried with second-guessing yourself, than to focus in on the individual doing, what they've accused you of doing.

Humor. If I keep you laughing, you'll reduce what just happened as nothing more than a joke.

I could be a stumbling, bumbling idiot, that knows nothing, and makes a career out of being wrong lol. I'm just writing the first thing that jumps out from within me.
I hope I am. What a bum series of events

Mar 8 @ 6:15PM  
He could very well be. You need to ask him face to face and really see what his reaction is.

Mar 8 @ 6:15PM  
I'd call the number back if it's possible and talk to the woman and ask her why she called and if she is married to your FB. If there is no number to call talk to your FB gace to face and ask him the question again and tell him you want a direct answer. You'll get your answer through his reactions.....good luck though and I hope it works out to your expectations

Mar 8 @ 6:18PM  
I think that you are on the correct track with your thoughts. I would get the facts. This can be done on the net. I would reverse search several sites with his information to see if someone else showed up with him as a spouse. Try switchboard, 411, mellissadata, whitepages and If you got caller ID when the lady called today, reverse search that number. If you need more let me know but you can get the facts if you want to. A little PI work never hurts!!!! Good luck, I hope everything works out as a positive for you.

Mar 8 @ 6:19PM  
It's sounding very suspicious, but unfortunately he is the only one who knows the truth! Good Luck


Mar 8 @ 6:23PM sure is a little strange, especially given his reaction. I'd say based on what you posted that he may very well be married and not telling you. Perhaps she found your number and is calling it to fish for information as to who you are. Or perhaps he really is divorced but it wasn't what she wanted? Maybe she's jealous or possessive? If I were you I'd grill him a bit further next time you're on the phone or face to face. Then I'd decide if he was worth any further risk based on what info he gives you.

Good luck.....stay safe.

Mar 8 @ 6:29PM  
I would of called the woman who called you back and started asking her questions. Not sure what kind of answers you would of gotten? And the FB is going to tell you anything? I don't think so. Just my thoughts on this.

Mar 8 @ 6:33PM  
When I read your first post about your FB I thought to myself he may be married.
When I read part 2 I was sure he was married. You have been played. Now you know, he knows, and the wife knows. It is now a level playing field. What do you want to do about it?

Mar 8 @ 6:33PM  
Have caller ID? Call the woman back and get to the bottom of it...people that are on the sly will lie to the bitter end!

Mar 8 @ 6:58PM  
Good possibility but most importantly Sunshinegal.... your gut is already telling you more than you realize I'd say. You know your FB's habits and trip words more than most anyone else here

Mar 8 @ 7:09PM  
That would be my opinion.

Mar 8 @ 7:59PM  
I did read your previous blog and started to interject my two cents but did not see where it would be beneficial. I had already noted that the women were generally suggesting that he wanted more or wanted to move to another level; while the men were generally of the opinion that he wanted more as in more sex. I did and do agree with the men that he is probably a player and just playing the field for what he can get. Let’s face it, most people that look for a FB are looking for someone that is available when one or the other is hot and horny and want or need some relief. That includes occasions when one’s spouse turns them on only to then say the have a headache. When that happens a good FB is usually better and more effective than handing them a glass of water and two tylenol.

Men and women think different, we may say the same things but all too often they have totally different meanings. As example, when you said he asked "Are we exclusive?" I tended to see the women reading and interpreting that to mean he wanted to move to another level and did not want you sharing your affections with others. Or that he was feeling you out to see if you already had a # 1 before he asked for the position. Myself and several of the men interpreted that same expression to mean, “Hey, you aren’t fooling around with anyone else where I might catch something that I could carry back to my little woman that will get me caught or get my balls cut off are you.”

Your FB blog indicated you were getting serious and was hoping he was too. If that is the case I do wish the best for you. However, I must admit that it sounds like she picked up his cell phone and found your # logged in memory. One way to tell, ask for his home #, call at different times and see who answers or whose voice is on the answering machine, provided he will even give it to you.

By the way since I spent the time on this blog I will go ahead and provide what I would have told you had I answered your FB blog. I would have said to tell him that you wanted the personality that he exhibited with his family and friends and suggest that he either invite you to their house for dinner or out to a restaurant with his family. That way you could see first hand the personality that was the family one and see how he responded. If it was a date then the possibility of him being single would be better than if he said that was not a good idea or started to wiggle like a fish out of water.

Again, I do wish you the best of luck. You seem like a sincere individual and sincere individuals deserve better than being strung along by individuals who aren’t.

Mar 8 @ 8:18PM  
He's full of something and it isn't soup! RUN

Mar 8 @ 10:11PM  
Call her back and ask her who her husband is. She called you, call her back. But don't be anal about it. Just ask.

Mar 8 @ 10:40PM  
i my self would play the game of knowing nothing till he came over..
because it seems to me
he is not going to answer your question..
and that would make me think..what is he not telling me ......
so what i would do is...
if a number is on your caller id... i would call it...and just ask the person all you want to know....
if no number
i would wait till he comes over and when he is out of sight..
I would go threw his phone numbers and write them all down and then i would call each one of them...
you can find out all you need to know in his own cell phone number list...
that should answer all your question..
and now for two..
having him avoid your question is rude and childish..
high school years are over..
and three...
if no cell phone then the next time your out in his car..
open up his glove compartment and get his reg address now you will know for sure where he lives .. no more lies or games.. and then i would drive to the house..
that will answer your question and his wife if there is one...

another thing
did you ever think that perhaps the phone call was a miss dial..

but it still wouldnt hurt ...
when in dought check him out....


Mar 9 @ 12:36AM  
I think he may know who that woman is. But that doesn't make her his wife.
Take a step back and look at the big picture, your entire friendship/relationship.
In the past has there been times when things just didn't add up and you dismissed it from your mind? Can you call him anytime of the day or night and actually get ahold on him, not a recorded message but actually reach him personally? Things like that start to paint a picture. He maybe single and have someone else he is seeing besides you,
One thing you know for sure she wants you to know she's in the picture.
Go with your gut feelings about this.

Mar 9 @ 2:22AM  
I need enlightened a bit here.
So if a woman thinks her hubby/partner is fooling around, is it common to call the suspected "other woman" and ask to speak with her husband? And when she is told wrong number, she asks to verify that ur not married, is that how women confront other women?
I thot they called the "other woman" and told her what was up!? No, yes, depends?
Anyway, I really want to hear comments on this please...Thx...And Good Luck Sunshine

Mar 9 @ 9:15AM  
tell your fb that you called her back and set up a meeting for the 3 of you. Do this in person, that way you'll know by his reaction if she is connected to him.

Mar 9 @ 11:24AM  
boynextdoor had a point. It could be that he really IS divorced and she is just causing trouble. I have had it happen.. believe me. One b/f's ex would call every time he showed up at my place just to cause issues. I know the divorce was final because I saw the decree... but yeah.. might be that.

Mar 9 @ 11:24AM  
hmmm definetly has " suspicious " written all over it... not necessairily his wife persay ... but gut feelings are more often right than not.

Mar 9 @ 12:25PM  
Another great reason why I do not, and will not...ever own a cell phone!! It's bad enough getting calls from people who have dialed the wrong number at home...

Anyhow, to answer your all sounds a bit suspicious to me.

Mar 9 @ 3:45PM  
Yeah, i pretty much agree with the others on here.

Mar 9 @ 7:00PM  
I am assuming she called you and blocked her number so youi cannot call her back - other wise that is obviously the way to go. Sounds like he knows this other woman. If it's important to you to find out if he is married ask him in person and look at his reaction and the way he answers the question. You could also warn him that you intend to call her back (pretend she did not block her number) and see if he fesses up then....

Apr 6 @ 10:40PM  
So if a woman thinks her hubby/partner is fooling around, is it common to call the suspected "other woman" and ask to speak with her husband? And when she is told wrong number, she asks to verify that ur not married, is that how women confront other women?

I would think thats what i would do in that situation is call the other woman and find out if she is married if she is willing to help break up my marriage evil intent would be to notify her husband that it was going on. Tho personally if he is a cheat dump the bastard he isnt worth fighting over.

As for his response to your question im not so sure he is being guilty maybe he just passed it off as some insecurity on your part and chose to ignore it. You need to decide how important it is to you as to whether he is married or not. If it is important to you ask yourself this questions:

Do the two of you ever go out in public?
Have you ever been to his place?
Have you ever met someone that knows him or works with him?
WHen you arent together do you talk on the phone do you have his phone numbers? if the answer is no to these questions hes hiding something.

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