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What's the point????

posted 3/8/2007 3:02:21 PM |
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I’ve got to know, why on earth would you men (and women) get a wild hair and decide to contact someone you were talking to at one time, when all contact had been cut off?? Do you sit there in front of your computer and just say to yourself “self, how about fucking with someone that had/has feelings for me?” Is it just for shits and giggles? If you have no intention of keeping the lines of communication open then why bother? Obviously something happened for communication to have stopped. You either didn’t give her/him enough credit or have faith enough in them to let them in on what’s going on in your life. Did you just wake up one morning and have an epiphany? Lightening strike your ass or something??

Or is it that you just want them to know you still exist, to keep you in the front of their minds? To totally fuck with their minds?? Confuse them all to hell?

I for one would really like to know what ya’ll think….

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Mar 8 @ 3:12PM  
well it depends on the person belle!! there are a few men I throw a hello out to just to make sure they remember me Then there is one who I would love to see again but he really is an ass so i guess just to make sure he don't forget me either

Mar 8 @ 3:33PM  
You know, I'd like to know the same damned thing! I think it's an ego thing; they start to feel like no one wants them so they open up the little black book and find someone who they already ruled out but who they know lusted after them...just to see if this person might still bite the line. But what is "biting the line"? I mean, if I'm nice and am willing to open the lines of communication again - even if not for a "special" relationship - I'm setting myself up to be shit on (again)...If I don't, I'm a cold bitch. I'm fucked if I do, and fucked if I don't. Piss on 'em. Done is DONE.

That means you, you, you, you, you, and you (and YOU know who you are!)

Mar 8 @ 3:36PM  

Does my opinion count ? If so,..I'm not sure I have one...other than I like to remain
friends with everyone.

Mar 8 @ 3:45PM  
I happen to be on the other side of the matter at hand. There is someone I know personally, with whom I was (operative word being was) romantically interested in. She gave me her number, and initial conversation was fluent, and I was on my way to getting to know her, and vice versa. Then, the next thing you know, days go by (....and still I think of you ), weeks go by, and she'll be so pissed off, at the fact that I won't call, or acknowledge her existence.

Some people's idea of a clear conscience, is nothing more than a selective memory

The truth is, I would call.I'm just not a big fan of handing you my groin, while I wait for you to flash-kick it. Whenever I do get in touch, it's as if nothing happened. . Unlike what cosmopolitan magazine tells you to do, I call with the intent to keeep conversation with you and to make sure that you don't second guess that I'm interested. Some people make a game, out of the game, and it really does get aggrivating. Are you that much of a sheep ?

Call too much = clingy/needy/geeky
Don't call enough = keeping them at bay/anticipating their next move

Decency is a lost art.


Mar 8 @ 3:50PM  
all good answers...i like to keep things short an sweet sometimes....

EGO can't think of ANY other reason......

Mar 8 @ 4:46PM  
I have contacted someone that there had been no communication with just to see what happened. Sometimes, curiosity just takes over and you wonder how so and so is. On the other hand, I have had someone reappear out of my history. Like sxze said "to see if I would bite", like a dumbass I did. Now my mottos is ditto to sxze's--let the past be the past!!

Mar 8 @ 4:52PM  
Some times I write for a few days then get all wrapped up in my other life and forget to get back to this site. I am busy and would hate to sit at home being bored. Right now I was snowbound for about 24 hours. (Global Warming My Ass) but that is another story.

Mar 8 @ 5:55PM  
I don't know, maybe that person hoped things would've gotten better to where you can be friends and maybe have some fun. But i would keep lines open after that. Some people maybe cant leave the past behind them or have a memory they liked they want to re live. Theres a ton of reasons.

Mar 8 @ 6:15PM  
nope in my case my memory is crap and I probably forgot he was mad at me ..

Mar 8 @ 6:15PM  
I can take a Hint...but I Dispise being Ignored...!!!
If I'm interested in someone...I try to be Genuine and Sincere...
If they haven't the conscience to at least say ' No Thanx ' .. or '' Sorry, not my type ' .. or something Polite...then I was misled to believe that we could develop something, Anyway....
_Also_...I don't like the old ' You're too far away ' dodge . .
Let's find out if we have some common interests, preferences and desires in life...
There are women out there that I'd DIE to get to know...and KILL for have a relationship with....W h e r e v e r they currently live...!!!
I'm not Perfect, but I'm willing to make concessions .. if I can find Happiness, again...!!!

Mar 8 @ 6:20PM  
yanno damned well what I think.. I think the person needs a good ass kickin and an enema.

Mar 8 @ 8:45PM  
Been there more than once,,, never did that... It seems some have a need to twist the knife in deeper.....Bite me once ....came very close to letting one bite twice,, I walked way,,,, it hurt as bad as the first time ,,,,,, This time I felt like the winner...

Mar 9 @ 6:10PM  
yanno damned well what I think.. I think the person needs a good ass kickin and an enema

ya need a hand with that P???

Mar 9 @ 7:31PM  
I met a guy on line like 3 yrs ago....we went out a couple times and all he wanted was to get laid and I just didn't like his attitude. He thought he was the dam shit....and he wasn't. I tried to explain to him that I wasn't interested...he went away for a while and then tried to weasel his way back in this past summer...and I thought ok....I'll see if maybe he might have matured or something...(don't know what I was thinking) but when I finally said...look...this e-mail crap is getting me....he started texting me.......then I met someone and I had to tell him like 800 times to go away...I tried to be nice at first.....he just didn't take the hint....finally I had to be a bitch.....and he finally went away.....

I'm clueless.....what is it with some of these men????? Good Question Belle!

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What's the point????