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Hair Coloring

posted 3/7/2007 4:08:18 AM |
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How many men and women out there actually color their hair? If so, what is the best product out there that you think is the best and works for you? This is a huge market which rakes in billions of dollars every year for companies. I think I know the best product out there, but I want to see what people have to say before I offer my answer.

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Mar 7 @ 4:21AM  
don't know anything about coloring hair, but I will say that redheads are sexy... natural or fake... doesn't matter to me =)

Mar 7 @ 4:22AM  
I colour my hair, have done so since I was about 24-25? Long time, I know that! Started going grey very early, and from what I remember, had a very ugly natural colour, LOL Kinda of a greyish greenish brown *shudders*

As far as which is the best product? None of em, LOL, I have resistant grey, and the color seems to fade off within 3-4 weeks no matter what brand I use, so I usually buy whatever brand is on sale when I need to buy some.

And I don't worry about the "carpet" matching the drapes as I have hardwood floors, LMAO

Mar 7 @ 4:22AM  
FFMatt has good taste

Mar 7 @ 4:23AM  
awwwww Matt, you are one smart man!

Mar 7 @ 4:40AM  
I have used products in the past to dye my beard to a natural black but have given it up because so many have told me that I look much better with my salt and pepper beard, lol. I have a friend that is contantly dying his beard and hair so as to not look his age, tease him about it all the time.

My hair is now starting to get silver streaks and may consider a dye job to cover the grey. But as has been said, it only lasts 3 to 4 weeks so I would feel as if I'm constantly dying my hair - don't know if I would like that.

Mar 7 @ 4:42AM  
My hair color changes a lot...I use what ever is cheap/on sale to maintain the black color then get highlights put in later. Colors range from caramel brown to bright red.

Mar 7 @ 4:46AM  
Thanks for the compliment hair turned red when Bush was re-elected

Mar 7 @ 4:47AM  

Mar 7 @ 5:38AM  
I just started coloring my hair all the time this past year as my daughter is turning my hair white silver! I buy whatever is on sale, but haven't found anything that covers those white silvery shiny hairs and it's driving me crazy! I have about 10 of them and they aren't taking color at all!!! So if any of you know of a brand that will, let me know!! Oh mine is colored a coppery dark reddish brown.

Mar 7 @ 6:03AM  
Okay, I started getting some gray hair in my mid 20's and then I started to use the womens Excellence from L'oreal Paris. That stuff really works perfectly on my hair. I use the womens stuff because I figure it's better since it's been around a lot long than the guys stuff, and it's used way more often than the guys stuff. The cost is about $8 a box, but I feel it's way worth it. It also helps to get the Sunday newspapers for the Excellence from L'oreal coupons if their in them that sunday. You see some of those coupons for like $2.50 off a box, and sometimes $5 off two boxes. If I can't find the dark brown I would then go with dark auburn. It's looks about the same except for a slight auburn tint color on top of your hair.

Mar 7 @ 6:54AM  
My running joke is that I will never have grey as long as Miss Clairol is alive. But in honesty, I don't have any grey. I have always stayed a lighter shade of blonde but changed that about 2 years ago. I use a professional permanent color that you can only buy at a beauty supply store. Christmas of 05 I decided to go a warm brown with deep auburn high lights. Never imagined I would have an allergic reaction to the orange base....... LOL Christmas morning I had only gotten about 2 hours sleep but woke up to my face bright red, blotchy, severely swollen and my eyes were almost swollen shut.I glowed more than Rudolph!!! And itchy, OMGosh.
So now I use a color that just adds pick-up to my natural color and then I add lighter blonde highlights. A little more in summer than winter.

Mar 7 @ 7:31AM  
I attempted to dye my hair strawberry-blond back in came out a disturbing shade of more dye for me!!!


Mar 7 @ 7:49AM  
I started getting grey hair in my late teens, not good! I get mine done at the hairdresser, that way there is not muss no fuss, more expensive but I figure, what the heck! My hair color is a dark brown, very close to what my natural color is.

Mar 7 @ 7:51AM  
I go and have mine done by someone that knows what they are doing. I have dyed my own but it never turns out right. I have been a redhead, light brown, blond, and still a blond. I get mine done blond, with blond hightligts. I like the color now. It is in my new picture. The bad part of it is my roots grow in fast and it gets expensive to keep up. I think this time I am going to buy touch up for roots and see if that works. Might be cheaper in the long run. But I love going to have my hair done. I think it feels great.

*Ponders the thought on what my natural color use to be it has been so long*

Mar 7 @ 8:01AM  
Good ol' bleach, a cap and a stick to poke my brains out with.....
I'd rather have a cock to poke....OK, you know what I'm gonna say...LOL

Mar 7 @ 8:43AM  
I usually use what ever is on sale, but if I got a little extra I'll buy Feria Caramel Kiss it's a dark blonde and what gray doesn't get covered looks like highlights because it is a silvery gray, I think it will be pretty when it finally goes all that way, if I let it LOL.

Mar 7 @ 8:45AM  
I haven't seen any comments from the guys here about thier hair. I for one am as vain as any woman; and am proud to say that i color my hair to maintain it's natural color that was lost a long time ago.

Mar 7 @ 9:06AM  
I use clairol and or revlon, or whatevers on sale. And red typically fades the fastest. But as long as I can get my arms above my head... i'm good. And my carpet has never matched the drapes. it was brown and always has been, even though I am naturally a blonde.....

Mar 7 @ 9:08AM  
I will admit to trying it at times to cover up some grey at the sides. I have tried Garnier Nutrisse, the avocado oil conditoner that comes with it is great. I don't use the whole package at once because my hair isn't that long. It doesn't seem to last all that long.

Mar 7 @ 9:21AM  
I go in every two weeks,,,My hair grows fast,,,,except for yesterday when I went in,,,,,I had everyone in the shop laughing with my stories,,,,,that she was scissor happy and I didn't realize she cut off at least 6 inches,,,,,

Mar 7 @ 9:28AM  
Auburn has always been my favorite color for the ladies and red hair popped in as second place only a couple of years ago for some reason.Didn't like it before- go figure!

As for my own color, my sides are graying. Maybe I'll color it dark brown and "fool" everyone I know- think I'll get away with it? Or maybe I'll just shave it all off and see if it makes my sex life better!

Mar 7 @ 9:40AM  
I have been coloring my hair since I was 14. I started because I was sick of being blonde and also wanted to tick my mom off by going with black. I didn't really care for being a blonde so i took to dying my hair. I have been black, red, auburn, burgandy ( yes diff shades of red ) , strawberry blonde, brown, brown with blonde highlights, blue and purple. LOL. I have to agree with you on which hair color to use. I always use L'oreal Paris but the Preference one. They seem to last pretty good in my hair. Although with the dark red and black I actually stained my hair and had to use several hair strippers to get it all out.

Mar 7 @ 9:45AM  
I have been dying my hair for the past 13 years at first it was to lighten my darking blonde hair now I have gone red about 7 years ago have tried several colors and brands and finially found one that I love and I have been using for the past 3 years it clarol colure experts with the highlights chocolate mouse its suppose to come out dark brown with redhighlights but on me it comes out dark red with light redhighlights

Mar 7 @ 10:13AM  
Mine is all natural!!!!

Mar 7 @ 11:58AM  
I like Clairol, and just dyed mine yesterday.....bright auburn for me this time, but I used to find this awesome color of burgandy at the (can you say OMG?!) Dollar Store. Just can't find it anymore, so went back to Clairol.

Have been dying my hair since I was about 15, hated the dishwater blonde look, love the red. I have natural auburn highlights, so now that I color it auburn, I have blonde highlights instead. Funny how that works! LOL

I get my dye @ WallyWorld for about $3 a box, so I always stock up on different colors, just in case, and my girls get a kick out of dying their hair too. (They are 15 and 17 now).


Mar 7 @ 12:00PM  
I started coloring my hair when i was about16, my natural hair color is blond, it's been red for many years now. Most people i know don't realize red isn't my natural color, lol. I color mine whenever i think it needs it.

Oh i just have to throw this in, my step-son used to tell me i have artificial intelligence, i'm a blond that colors her hair red....

Mar 7 @ 1:31PM  
I don't worry about it. I'm a natural red-head (and the carpet does match the drapes)!!! People always ask me if I color my hair and the answer is NO WAY! I would be afraid of it turning green or falling out!

Mar 7 @ 4:04PM  
LOL thats what I have been told to Belle. Since I am supossed to be blonde.

Mar 7 @ 4:13PM  
I dye my hair blue-black. I too was going grey at a young age. I never could get red to stay even when done professionally. Sometimes I go to the beauty supply store. Mostly I buy loriel. I just dyed it but cant remember the kind. It had an oriental woman on the front and is labeled as blue-black.

Mar 7 @ 5:10PM  
I dye my hair as well. I have dyed it various shades of red, and brown once. But now i use a plum colored one, and most people don't notice its plum unless i'm standing in the sunlight just right. Plus my hairdresser thinks its a very good color for me so i'm sticking with it.

Mar 7 @ 5:59PM  
Here's a tip for you people with grey roots who don't want to spend the money on a whole box of dye, just for touch ups. Buy the "JUST for MEN" beard coloring! It's permanent, it covers grey, and you only need to mix what you use, and can save the rest for future touch ups. This saves me money between dye jobs, I can just touch up the front or where it's obvious, and best of all, it works in 5 minutes!

Mar 7 @ 7:07PM  
Straddle, I use Garnier #50. Works great for me!

Mar 27 @ 4:05AM  
hey i dye my hair every four weeks... i hate the same old same old... i have had every shade or red imaginable... but im a natural strawberry blonde lol.

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