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But we sensor profane language, sex and nudity....

posted 3/6/2007 10:21:10 PM |
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By the time a child finishes elementary school she will have witnessed 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television.

Priorities people. Fucking priorities!!!


P.S. Thanks to cktocl's latest blog; "30 Things You Will Never Need To Know"

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Mar 6 @ 10:31PM  
I would hardly say hearing a news story, or reading an article, containing the words. killed, stabbed, shot, etc. Is 'witnessing' murders, and acts of violence.
And few children in Elementary school fully understand the concept of death anyway.

Mar 6 @ 10:36PM  
those numbers seem rather low...and i agree that children are deluged with violence...

but my feelings on profanity are different than nudity and different from sex...

profanity isnt really neccessary...

it really depends on the nature of the nudity, the so called "tasteful"..or pornographic...

as far as sex, it really depends on a child's age and understanding of sex, and how graphic the images are...

Mar 6 @ 10:38PM  
You know this does bring me back to censorship a topic which is very hypocrtical. I always use tv as an example and say "You know when you can watch a movie like total recall on tv and see all the shooting and violence going on whats wrong with the f bomb or seeing the 3 boobed lady lol". Its true i mean whats going to affect a childs mentality more the f word, boobs or shooting and death.

Mar 6 @ 10:38PM  
let me clarify my statement total recall on like channel 11 or fox or tnt.

Mar 6 @ 10:53PM  
I think 2 of you are missing my point.

A 7 year old watches the news and sees a mother crying and smothering her child who's is dead after having both legs blown off.

A 7 year old watches SuperBowl and sees Janet Jacksons nipple (covered with some silver jewelry.

Which will bring more uncertainty and fear into that 7 year olds life?

NYStud.... I am afraid that we just got stamped as liberal left-wingers.

Mar 6 @ 11:03PM  
i agree the violence is more traumatic...the nipple thing was no big deal except for the shock of it, that most people would not expect that during the super bowl...i have no problem with sex or nudity, depending on the childs developmental stage and ability to understand...i think as parent, it is my responsibilty to monitor what my child sees, know my child well enough to know what they can understand, and be ready and available to answer questions that they have...

how many children do you have, bvatl?

Mar 6 @ 11:06PM  
I grew up on The Waltons, Little House on the Praire, and Happy Days. those were good shows for kids, don't have much like that anymore it seems.

Mar 6 @ 11:07PM  
I'm by no means liberal i just dont like how people don't use common sense. If you don't want your child to grow up like a madman make sure you teach them morals and respect. Its not TVs job or news to make sure your kids are protected its yours as a parent. Whether how much you want them exposed to should be the parents choice and i think thats been given to them with things like the v-chip in tvs. You can censor them. Why should TV have to ?

Mar 6 @ 11:08PM  
I have 2;
A High-schooler and an Elementary-schooler.

Parent or no parent; some things are just common horse-sense.


Mar 6 @ 11:12PM  
its TVs job to make parents aware of what kids might be exposed to so that they can make informed choices...its the parents job to monitor, but it can become overwhelming if parents done know the content of programming...

Mar 6 @ 11:16PM  
I have noticed that a LOT of people dont actually have "common sense"

it seems to be taken for granted that EVERYONE in the world has common sense, but unfortunately that is not the way it is

Mar 6 @ 11:28PM  
TV's job?????
Is it Cingulars job to inform you that the neighbours 15 year old bimbo just made the cellphone strip video that your son is currently masturbating to?
Or Dell's job to inform you that there is no Parental software in the world that can't be bypassed?
Or Chevy's to inform you that a 3000lbs car going 80mph will kill someone if you loose control of it?

TV doesn't have a job besides as entertainment for people with free time. Pure and simple.

It is our job as parents to educate and inform our children what exists and how to handle it (come talk to mom or dad) so that they can process and talk about whatever they might see. No matter what that is. Take some responsibility.

Mar 6 @ 11:35PM  
excuse me, bvatl, i beleive i said its my responsibilty....

Mar 7 @ 6:57AM  
I have students in my Pre-K classroom that play "car-jack" with toy cars!!!

Mar 7 @ 8:56AM  
My son is 6 and I only let him watch Nick jr, veggie tales and food network. (he wants to be a chef). I have a tivo and its the best thing ever to pick what your kids can and cant watch... worth every penny.

Mar 7 @ 12:30PM  
There are 6 kids in my house ranging from 4 to gonna be 18 next weekend. My house is THE house for the teens to hang out at. It's not that I am so permissive that they can do anything... but rather that the rules are enforced and I think absolutely NOTHING of sending an 18 year old "to the corner" for violating one of my house rules. Their friends are absolutely dumbfounded the first time that they come over and discover that 99% of the tv channels you have to have a password for if you want to watch. They are further dumbfounded when they discover that there's not a single game system in the house other than an absolutely ancient (something in the neighborhood of 25 or 30 years old!) one called Pong. (Anyone else still have one of those systems?") The first question that the kids invariably ask is "what DO you guys do for fun?"...

"My kids" on the other hand look at their friends like they have 3 heads when that question is asked... Then they drag their friends outside or they drag them off to the front closet where there is a stack of games just waiting to be played or they drag them to the game/weight room in the basement.

You would THINK that having rules and having limited "mindless entertainment" would make my kids THE kids to avoid rather than making them THE kids to hang out with BUT the reality is that there are ALWAYS at least 4 or 5 extra kids here hanging out with my kids. Kids start strolling through the door about 10 minutes after school lets out and their first stop is my kitchen table for snacks and homework. NOTHING happens until I check homework and excuse the kids from the table and they all know it.

Saturday mornings I have to open BOTH kitchens in this house to accomodate all of the kids that are here as soon as I flip on the outside speakers and announce to the neighborhood that we are awake and alert enough for visitors. Saturday mornings I give cooking lessons to all the kids in the neighborhood and we have done everything from enough stew to feed a small army to bread from scratch to hundreds of dozens of Christmas Cookies and more.

For the most part "My kids" are happy, well adjusted kids who know the rules and follow them. Every once in a while though one of them will be an insulting brat and we will have to have what they call a "Come to Jesus" meeting out in the barn. It doesn't happen often though.

Am I a "full time" parent? Yep. So is every OTHER parent on the planet. Parenting is NOT an easy job and nobody ever said it was. It's also not something that we should sit in judgement of someone else over.

Mar 7 @ 1:47PM  
It does bother me that in your rant against sex, profanity, and violence that you failed to mention anything about religious influence. Religion is as influencing to a young mind as the other three.

Chances are, you can try to be the best parent you can possibly be, and your kids will still see carnage, hear profanity, eavesdrop on religious preaching and witness acts of a sexual nature on tv and in real life. All your efforts will merely exhaust you and diminish your own quality of life.

As a hardcore advocate against censorship, I don't think the answer is to let the government with sticks up their ass dictate what the rest of the U.S. is and is not allowed to listen to.

I believe since your kids will see this even with all your efforts, how about the parents just teach their kids the responsibility behind what they see and hear.

It's okay if a kid knows about sex (they may be hiding porn from you already). It's okay if a kid sees violence. It's okay if some religious freak cracks open a bible in front of your kid. And let's face it, the kids are using profanity when they aren't supervised.

Just be there as the responsible parent to teach kids that it's not okay to get back at someone by shooting them. Teach them the ills of getting someone knocked up. Teach them the meaning of the profane words and when it's okay to use them. And I'm sure most if not all of you will already brainwash your kids to influence their spiritual beliefs.

Don't let the tv, radio, church or government be your child's parent.


Mar 7 @ 4:24PM  
Well... I consider myself to be left of center politically, but I have mixed feelings about this subject. I agree that the lines of censorship are drawn arbitrarily, but can we all really agree on where do draw them?

Think of all the violence we've all seen on tv, and then ask yourself: is the world any more violent than it was 100 years ago? 200? 300? We all retained enough from our history classes to know that it wasn't. History repeats itself, and someone somewhere is always engaging acts of brutality, entertainment influences notwithstanding. Although I was only allowed to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers when I was young, I saw some of the heavier shit when I was older and somehow avoided developing conduct disorder or something.

Then again, there's sex all over European television, and no offense to you Europeans, but chauvinism is a MUCH worse problem on the other side of the pond. Much worse. But you could make an argument that television only reflects that trait and doesn't actually cause it.

So, it's hard to argue, with real evidence, that overly raw broadcasts are formative influences on children any more than culture without television. Still... my own gut tells me that we shouldn't be inappropriately desensitized to sex OR violence. (Profanity is a little different, since it's more about manners and is essentially harmless.)

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