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Part 8 mmmm so good!

posted 3/5/2007 8:11:48 PM |
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He reached out and grabbed her tight breasts and squeezed them roughly.
The morning light was falling in cross beams from the window. It was a beautiful morning and the birds were happily chirping the new day. David woke with a grunt and felt the girl next to him. She turned smiling towards him. David lifted up his foot and kicked her roughly out of the bed. She fell hard to the floor. “Hey what’s this about?” The girl asked with hurt in her voice. David only smiled “Be useful would you love and bring me a bottle of wine.” She looked sullenly at him but complied. When she returned with a bottle she tried to climb back into bed, David smacked her butt hard. A sharp crisp sound floated in the air. “I am done with you wench!” David said throwing her clothing at her. The girl thought, didn’t she just think last night how innocent and out of place he looked in the keep, now she was sure he would fit right in. She dressed eyeing David as he took two big pulls from the wine bottle. She was sure the Baron would be pleased to know he drinks in the morning too. Still she thought what a waste and such a handsome lad. She finished and left. David was glad she was gone he corked the wine and started getting dressed. It was already tiring playing the drunkard no good son. However, he knew he must stick with it if he was to gain the Barons confidence. Last nights images played in his mind. How he wished it had been Charity, Charity’s soft hands on his chest, her tongue on his body. Pictures of her naked body stuck in his mind. He could still feel the softness of her body when she had hugged him. David was rebuking himself for parting Charity without arranging another meeting. He knew now he must see her again. Unconsciously his mind was already planning a meeting though if one was to ask him at that moment he would have denied it and no truth teller in the world have know he was lying.
Charity awoke, the sun was long gone and the moon was higher in the sky then when she usually awoke. The Baron had sent another henchmen to see yet if she still slept. So she took the sleeping powder and had slept far longer then normal. Only a day had pass and she knew it was silly, but she yearned to see David again. It was her plan to keep her routine the same as when the knight had found her. She hoped he would come and find her. She stayed extra long in the shower last night only to have her hopes dashed when David did not show. Looking at the moon she knew it was soon to be midnight. The air was sweet and warm. Ever since the meeting she had had her mind on the knight. Her mother has seen it on her face and asked her about her mood. It was easy to tell for when Charity thought of him her eyes would gleam and her face would take on a dreamy look. Charity’s mom was alarmed to find someone had found Charity out. However, the generous smile and bright glimmer in Charity’s eyes did some to allay her fears. Also she was glad to know it was one of the king’s men. Charity poured the water and felt it warm as it trickled down the shower head. She slipped lithely from her clothes letting them hit the grassy ground. Charity looked at the blanket of stars shinning brightly and saw one falling, streaking across the heavens. It was white and bright leaving a trail of light as it descended from the sky. She made a wish and hoped it would come true.
David sat at the Stool’s Inn drinking a flagon of ale with no real heart. His food a pallet of rudely cooked potatoes and beef sat steaming by his side hardly touched. The inn’s keeper had long stopped bothering him knowing when a man wanted his own company. David eyed the patrons knowing one must be a Baron’s spy. This was a common mans bar full of farmers and day laborers, mixed in with some merchants who were either too cheep or too poor to find a better place. The merchants were easy to spot. Riding on ponies and seating at their merchant booths made them overly fat or overly skinny when compared to the laborers and farmers who by comparison were rugged looking with thick unshapely muscles. The difference in dress was also to be noted. The farmers and laborers wore brown clothing stained with dirt and sweat their hands rough and busted from their hard toil. The merchants on the other hand wore something of color faded though they may be and their hands were clean and nice. Looking around David saw in the corner a man who looked out of place. The man was in brown work clothes drinking from a cup that never grew empty. His clothes were too new and clean to be real workmen’s clothes. David looked at his hands they were as white as a new moon, no trace of dirt or grime could be seen. The man’s face also was as cleanly shaven as a baby. Knowing this was one of the Baron’s dogs he wanted to give the man the slip, but was unsure as to why. David had no real plans and besides losing his tail could only arouse suspicion; however, he already made up his mind to do so. He whistled to one of the barmaids, and she approached happily. She looked the patron over and thought to herself finely a paying customer and maybe one that tips even. The girl was pretty but already aging from her tough profession. She looked faded around the ends the way a delicate cloth can look after years of use. It was no secret the maids performed two jobs, serving the drinks and servicing the men for the right amount of money. David pulled the girl close. She sat laughing into his lap “Oh here’s a nice one, aren’t you?” She wiggled her ass into his crotch and splayed her breasts in front of his face. David pointed to the man in the corner and told her what he wanted done. She looked a bit unhappy. She would have muched preferred to lend her services to David but money was money. David informed her the man was quite shy and would need lots of prodding; however, she was not to stop trying until he went up into the room with her. David would pay half now and half latter after she returned from the room. The barmaid’s eyes lit up like silver dollars in bright moonlight. In David’s palm was five times the amount she normally charged and the prospect of earning that again after her task was done. “You are a kind one Sir, perhaps after I could catch your fancy?” she said as she wiggled her breasts saucily. She left to perform her task, David waited until she had sat in the mans lap before exiting the inn. When the spy noticed David was leaving he attempted to leave himself, nevertheless, the barmaid motivated by the full payment was true to her task and kept the man wholly unable to move. It was only after he punched her firmly in the mouth did he have a chance to escape.
David was on his horse and ridding swift-fully away when he rounded a long curve and could no longer see the inn, he was satisfied he had made good his get away. He rode a little further and exited the main path and hid in the trees to make sure he had not been followed. After a time when neither beast nor man was heard he continued r

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Mar 5 @ 8:26PM  
another great one, kudos!!


Mar 5 @ 8:53PM  
keep 'em coming!!!

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Part 8 mmmm so good!