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Men who have not been circumsized

posted 3/4/2007 9:38:18 PM |
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tagged: circumcision, guys not cut

Ok dumb a$$ questions. I have NEVER seen a real live guy who hasn't been. Now I am going to meet a guy who says he hasn't been.
Do I need to do anything different? Or is a cock a cock no matter what?

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Men who have not been circumsized


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Mar 4 @ 9:42PM  
Just make sure he is CLEAN!!!!!!!! If not, lots of icky things can be trapped in the foreskin!!

Mar 4 @ 9:49PM  
Not sure on this one.... Never been with a guy who wasn't circumsized...

Mar 4 @ 9:53PM  
I dont understand why this is of interest ...... I know men who have said "hey I am uncut" I think and have said "AND"? and surely to goodness you would not be with someone who lacked cleanliness? I have experienced both and to answer your question yep a dick is a dick ........

Mar 4 @ 10:05PM  
I have never been with one that hasn't been uncircumsized! My advice... make sure that there isn't any smegma hanging out under the foreskin, remember that the first thing that you are going to see when he drops trou is NOT going to be the head and have fun.

Mar 4 @ 10:14PM  
I have to be honest,,,,I have been with both and believe me,,,,My ex-husband was European,,,,,French,,,,Had the most beautiful big cock when erect,,,,you would not have known the difference,,,,If you had not seen it limp,,,,I think the little bit of foreskin,,,makes a women feel better once inside.....As for the cleanliness we always showered together and I washed it good,,,real good.....and thank you Maggie for your direct answer,,,so true,,,,a dick is a dick.....

Go for it babe,,,,Don't look at it until it is erect..... will enjoy.....

Mar 4 @ 10:31PM  
I am "uncut" and I haven't had a woman complain yet.

Mar 4 @ 11:20PM  
I have been with both too, and not much different, always pleasurable! but yes, cleanliness is a must!

Mar 4 @ 11:35PM  
god forbid that anyone should be ICKY!!!!

Mar 4 @ 11:43PM  
watch out for dickcheese!

Mar 5 @ 12:31AM  
Mine is cut...I think un-cut is ugly...but maybe cuz I don't have one like that...I don't know.....but I know alot of women that talk behind a mans bact to her friends but will never tell YOU about it... so to say you have never had a complaint means nothing...

they look like dog dix to

Mar 5 @ 1:06AM  
I'm circumsized- problem solved... I'm waiting ladies...

Mar 5 @ 4:27AM  
I had a blog inquiry on her last May before my grandson was born involving the hot debate on whether he would be cut or not.
My son-in-law is uncut. I know a lot of females that will not go down on an uncut guy, some consider it a deal breaker that ends a relationship in its tracks. He said he didn't believe me, that it did not make a difference to a woman. My daughter did not say a word, she just turned and stared at him, then he turned red. Little Ashton was cut.

Mar 5 @ 4:36AM  
In my youth I was very wise and worldly in some way, but ignorant in others. After PE in our all white school everybody showers and you see the other guys. I never saw an uncut one. When I entered the military, it was different and I saw uncut guys for the first time. In my ignorance, I just thought it was something unique to black guys.

Mar 5 @ 7:17AM  
What's different;

The head on an UNcircumsized is more sensitive. The usual Cosmo head-centric, icecream cone approach to pleasing it will usually lead to sensory overload pretty quick. So rather involve the shaft more and the head less.

Some women claims that the additional skin creates more pressure on the opening on the vagina as well as the g-spot. But YMMV on that.

Insofar as the dreaded dick-cheese is concerned, that shouldn't be a problem. Anyone who showers once a day will not have a problem with that.
Smegma (dick-cheese) is on the other hand a part of the body's own cleansing mechanisms. Strangely enough you will find that on a direct comparison, the dick-cheese is cleaner than most peoples mouths. But it can be uncomfortable.


Mar 5 @ 8:33AM  
The last blogger hit it right on the "head", so to speak! An uncircumsized man's dick head is MUCH more sensitive than one that is. The shaft is what it's all about, and using your tongue AROUND the head, not directly on it. Sucking hard on the head will make him cry, eventually...........the deeper you can go on an uncircumsized cock, the more pleasure you will create.

Mar 5 @ 9:28AM  
well you know the man with the uncut, did tell me he was very very sensitive,so maybe the answer to your question was be more gentle......

Mar 5 @ 9:44AM  
cock is a cock. im uncut. its not dirty, thats old school bullshit. ya if you dont wash it it gets dirty skin or not. it did used to be a prob 600 years ago when there wasnt soap.

Mar 5 @ 10:17AM  
just make sure it's clean. a smelly penis smells worse than a smelly ass !!

Mar 5 @ 1:55PM  
cut or uncut. the question you really should be concerned with is, std or no std? If you just met this guy and you are about to go down on him, does it not register to put a condom on him before you give him head much less anything else? I know in a relationship this issue could be dumb because you should accept your partner and already know what they have,but from what i have been reading, some of these people, women and men alike, seem to be getting head the same night they meet without worrying about getting a serious infection(herpes,aids-if there is broken skin)or who knows what other new strain is waiting out there) My point is, when your smart and put a condom on, there is NO head cheese,no smelly penis,no whatever. It is just like a circumcised penis in a condom, no difference! So what I am hearing about head cheese and stinky penis and such are from people that are nasty themselves because they are willing in the heat of the moment to go down with an unknown penis? Now THAT is nasty and deserved of. Even I as a male make sure if I am with a woman to make sure we both are protected,clean and showered at least earlier so there are no nasty surprises later,at least the protection needs to be there! D

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Men who have not been circumsized