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Dreaming of Summer

posted 3/4/2007 5:43:04 PM |
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It was one of those muggy summer nights, overcast but warm. I decided to walk over to a small neighborhood park and kick it on the bench with a good book and a beer. As I entered the park, I saw it was practically deserted. The only other person in sight was a lovely young woman in a cute baby doll dress laying on a blanket reading, her legs kicked up and her shoes off so you could see her calf muscles when she flexed and pointed her toes. God they were beautiful. I could not see her face behind her long auburn hair.

I walked over to the bench about 20 yards away and positioned myself to where I could read and look at her. After about a half-hour, she rolled over onto her back and crossed one leg over the other, causing her dress to fall back and expose her long thigh and hip and just enough of the round of her ass. I felt myself getting hard. I felt a little awkward but said fuck it and let my arousal continue.
Nearly an hour had passed when all of a sudden rain came pouring down soaking the both of us. I gathered my things and ran for cover by a statue of a winged horse in the middle of the park. I left the shelter of the wing I was under and peeked around to the other side of the statue to see what had become of the woman. Surprisingly, I found her right in front of me - drenched from head to toe. Her yellow dress was of light cotton and I could see that she was completely naked underneath it. Her nipples were erect and clearly showing through.

“Hi,” I said, somewhat startled.
“Hi,” she replied. “I was wondering if you were going to come over and say hello or not.”
“I’m not one to intrude.”
“Oh really? I noticed you staring at me when you came into the park.”
“You caught me,” I admitted with some embarrassment. “And I couldn’t help watching you when I was reading… you’re quite a distraction. Or should I say, those those beautiful legs are.”
“These legs?” she asked as she slowly pulled up her dress and showed me one entire leg and then the other. Coyly, she asked, “Would you like to touch them?”
“Yes” is all I could utter before I found myself on one knee with her foot resting on my thigh. We were still exposed to the downpour, but neither of us seemed to care. Her skin was soft and smooth with the rain. I lightly ran my fingers along the outside of her foot, up to the bottom of her knee, and along the outside of her toned thigh. She shifted her weight so that her legs parted more and the soft, shaved lips of her pussy were exposed.
“Will you pet this how you’re petting my leg?”

Eager to oblige, slowly and gingerly I pulled back her labia - she quivered to my touch and moaned a sigh of satisfaction. She was already wet with excitement, and the rain and her juices mixed well. I was able to run my fingers on both sides of her pussy and lightly pinch her clit between my fingers. She shuttered and sighed with pleasure. I couldn’t wait to taste her. I softly kissed her labia and then moved my tongue onto her clitoris. Her fingers grabbed and pulled at my wet hair and she pushed my face into her pussy. My cock throbbed in my shorts.

She began to buck up and down along my face so I slipped part of my finger inside her and she pushed down on it hard. The rain and her juices tasted like heaven. With my finger deep insider her, my tongue licked and flicked her clit a little nibble here and there. All I could think of was how good this pussy was going to feel on my cock.

She screamed out “Oh God… I’m coming!” and I could taste her warm cum on my tongue. God it was so sweet.
I stood up grabbed the bottom of her dress, and pulled it over her head revealing beautiful breasts – C’s for sure! Her nipples were rock hard and little beads of rain were trickling off them one by one. Immediately I engulfed one with my hand and licked and sucked on it just like I had done on her pussy.

She reached down and grabbed hold of my crotch to feel how hard I was. I stepped back for a moment and peeled off my wet clothes. I could tell she was happy with what she saw, if not a little surprised. I’m used to that reaction - at the head of my cock I’m pierced - an apadravya. She smiled and grabbed hold of my hard cock. I shivered from her touch and throbbed in her hand. She got on her knees in front of me and with the lightest graze of her tongue slowly began to lick around the head of my shaft, flicking one side and then the other, lightly rolling her tongue all over my cock. Soon she reached with one of hand and cupped my balls, massaging them while still running her tongue back to the top of my dick.

When she swallowed me whole all the way down to my balls, I moaned with pure pleasure, “That feels so good…” She continued to suck and massage much to my delight. At one point, the hand on my balls moved to my prostate gland and then slowly began rubbing my anus. I loved this so I opened my legs a little further to hint for more, which she promptly understood by putting a finger up her pussy and then up my ass. Gradually, she worked her finger into my ass, using juices from her pussy as a lube. I thought I was going to explode when she pushed her whole finger up my ass.

I had to be inside her. I wanted to feel that wet pussy dripping on my balls and I wanted her to feel me inside her too. I lifted her off her knees and turned her around. Next I slipped my hand in between her legs and started to massage her pussy again. She was so wet and warm, it was still raining. I slipped the head of my cock into the very opening of her pussy and slowly rubbed it back and forth. I could feel her clit swell as I flicked the ball of my piercing on it.

She turned to me and whispered, “Please, give it to me now!”
I did, but slowly. I worked the head of my cock inside her back and forth.
“Please” she begged.
“Yes” I replied and slid the whole of my shaft into her, out and then in. I held on to her breast and pinched and twisted her nipples as we both became more and more driven into each other. She leaned onto the statue for support when she came. I could feel her body start to shiver and shake and her pussy become warmer and wetter. My cock continued to swell deeper insider her. I stopped deep to let her catch her breath. Her pussy was a perfect fit and I rested inside her.

I turned her around so that we could look each other in the eyes. I wanted to taste her lips and her tongue on my mouth. For some time we kissed passionately as though we were lovers. It stirred me and I had to have her again. I lay down on my back and she straddled me. She began to mount me but this time she worked the head of my cock up her ass. With a little wicked smile she sat and I was in fully.

“God you are amazing” I mumbled.

“Of course I am,” she replied and began to ride me fast and hard. I sat up and started sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She leaned down and bit the nape of my neck.

“Cum with me,” she whispered into my ear. With that I exploded and so did she. Her nai

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Mar 4 @ 6:53PM  
GryGoast not one of your normal blogs, but DAMN its great!!

Mar 4 @ 6:59PM  
lordy I was expecting a spurt of wisdom....... that was a spurt of a different sort... what brought this on ??

Mar 4 @ 7:17PM  
Hot, very hot!

Mar 4 @ 7:47PM  
Crap ... it cut off the climax ... sorry girls

Her nails dug into my back as my cock pumped loads of cum into her ass. Our bodies collapsed on the wet ground but we continued to hold each other. My cock was still hard and deep inside her. As I rolled her to her back and slowly slipped out of her, I could feel our cum dripping on my balls. It was so warm and soothing in the rain. I looked into her eyes and gently kissed her on the lips. We lay there holding each other - exhausted, wet and happy.

We never did tell each other our names and we have never seen each other since. But every summer day I think it is going to rain, you’ll find me sitting at the bench reading a good book with a wicked little smile on my face.


Mar 4 @ 9:43PM  
oohhh I like your story........

Mar 4 @ 10:00PM  
left me thinking bout going to the park , what month is this??

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Dreaming of Summer