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A New "Happy Medium"

posted 3/3/2007 9:27:18 PM |
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There for a lil bit, I was on my own rant. I didn't care about what my family or friends thought........much anyhow. I go through this bullshit every winter. Work drops off due to weather and holidays. I care for a minute or two, then become oblivious to it as soon as I realize that I'm not in control of it. But, each year seems to get progressively worse, attitude wise.
So, this winter, I worked up to a 12 pack per day, every day, plus the 2 to 3 packs of Marlboros to go with it. On average, $600/month. And, that was all fine when I'm working. But, DAMN!, does it hit you when you're NOT!
Anyhow, I decided 2 weeks ago today, to change it. At 40, it's kinda pathetic to create excuses to keep a habit. I imagined what I could do with that money IF I could get control of it. And, I have!
I said, "Fuck Marlboro and their $4.15/pack!" and switched to Derringer mini cigars for $9.60/carton. Thus saving about $200/month. And, I cut my drinking down to a 12 per week instead of a 12 per day. Of course, that means I only drink 1 day a week. lol But, I still have a grasp on it!
No DT's! No regrets as far as my choices. It suprised me how easy it was to change once the decision was made. Really! To me, it proved that I didn't really have as bad of problem as people thought it was. But, perhaps, that was my prove them wrong.
Sure, I didn't quit smoking or drinking. Hell, I helped grow plenty of tobacco and have made some kickass, homemade raspberry a few other talents. Point is, it takes skeptics to get me outta my rut. And, I rose to the challenge. Now, I spend $30/week or so on habits.
Shit! I even quit Mt. Dew while at home and converted to spring water from down the road. So, does that mean I have the funds for a new Springer Softail cum spring? Ya'd think so but, NOT! The old lady would never buy that one. She's hung out with plenty of my biker buddies to deny that request.
Point is, I'm just happy that change came so easily. It proves, to ME, that I wasn't totally off the deep end. I still have the power to change. And, I'm STILL in control of my habits. I wasn't sure about it for a minute. Of course, my hobbies are trivial compared to other's. I just needed a gut-check.
Of course, the old lady would prefer I smoke nothing and never drink a beer again but, that's her bad. She's naturally mellow. I don't function on the same level. I NEED the, drugs, alcohol...........on a good night, all 3! But, I'm just as passionate about my job.
Anyways, this was just a feeble attempt to pat myself on the back for jumping through hoops and succeeding. I'm impressed for the minute. We'll see how it goes from here................

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Mar 3 @ 9:34PM  
Kudo's to you for a revision well made!

Mar 3 @ 9:50PM  
A toast to you, water of course to your choice. kudos. Hey you think if you get like a million kudos this year Harley will just give you a bike... You could be there spokesperson here on AMD...

Mar 3 @ 10:10PM  
Here, let me help ***pat, pat, pat***

Mar 4 @ 1:05AM  
Dude. I just quit smokes. 3 days and counting. Not a SINGLE smoke.

Mar 4 @ 1:34AM  
Hey, you made some positive changes, and maybe over a little more time you can quit smoking altogether. Good blog!

Veer, that's great news my friend, I hope you keep it up. Thumbs up to you too.

Mar 4 @ 1:37AM  
wavin to ya, just wanted to know how ya are today ?

Mar 4 @ 1:47AM  
Good for you ...can't expect anyone else to we gotta change ourselves

Mar 4 @ 9:19AM  
Happy for ya bud. Caffiene and nicotine here. Not willin' to change yet though. Done 'nuff of that over the last 5 yrs, am gonna keep those 2 fer now. Mo' power to ya....

Mar 4 @ 9:53AM  
hey CG....good deal.....i know i just quit smoking in 2000....but i used a trick...i actully didnt QUIT...matter a fact im still a smoker....i stole the concept from AA.....i just don't smoke RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE....and i ONLY focased on that one minute when the craving was bad....then do something else....i was a 2.5packs a day smoker for years.....QUITING is a monumentus task for someone who's habit is over 20yrs.....ahhhh but to control ONE MOEMENT in a cake walk for a high stepper like you n MIGHT try that.....amazing how fast the days blend and next thing ya know's been 6yrs....and agaiin i'm a smoker....i'm just not smoking right this minute .......right now..maybe later? never know...i'm only foased on for thought for you my brother......either way ...its' all good

Mar 4 @ 10:26AM you kickedandWhat about ??

Mar 6 @ 8:29AM  
Hey big deal; I've quit about twenty times in my life!

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A New "Happy Medium"