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Part 7 More to come

posted 3/2/2007 6:38:19 PM |
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Fights broke out between the men dueling for a chance to debauch the women. Some men simply waited and not a few of them older men who knew not to get in the way of an angry cur and his bone. Yet others simply enjoyed watching. These people had a secret gleam in their eyes which spoke of pleasure they would have when they were alone with their thoughts. David spied a group of fat men with rosy cheeks and powdered faces. They were escorted by young men with bodies fit for roman athletes. These men simply laughed prissily at the whole affair or seemed to take no notice at all. One of these was licking oil off the torso of one of the young men.
David saw that the girls were being ravished not a hole or an orifice was spared. The orgy’s great shadow was cast by the fire onto the dark walls. The shadows moved and squirmed like beasts with many heads. The moans and cries of sex ringed in his head. This was the world the Baron spun a world of indulgence, lechery, and greed. It was both his weapon and his gift and he used it well. David looked around the great hall and was surprised to see one of the women had escaped the great orgy. She was huddled close to the Baron. David saw the lips of the Baron move as he spoke to her in confidence. The Baron lifting his head saw David and waved him over. “Aw I see you are a man of more class then these pigs around here. It is refreshing to see a man who knows when to keep his fleshy cravings at bay. Why go on for all that rot when you can have what you want in peace? No reason to fight like a dog over an over chewed bone hey? I have a small gift for you something to make your stay more bearable.” The Baron spoke. He pushed the girl closer to David, she grabbed a hold of him and pushed her firm breast against his arm laughing she said “My dear Baron who is a gift for whom?” She gazed salaciously into David’s eyes. “I would willingly take him to my bed.” The Baron slapped her rear “I doubt a whore like you could wait even that long.” David spoke with deadly seriousness “And who says I shall have her? The decadence and immorality of this place must make the heavens themselves weep.” The Baron looked David strait in the eyes. A man with morals was a dangerous thing. It would seem his first impression was right; all off this was a setup. The girl looked hurt to be rejected. David enjoyed the stress he was causing in both the Baron and the girl. Smiling David clutched the girl and kissed her on the cheek “Baron my dear man it was a joke, I shall have her and have her again and again to be sure.”
Two shadows stumbled in the torch lit hallway. A bottle was lifted and one of the shadows drank deeply. The sound of a girl’s laughter was heard. One of the silhouettes leaned heavy on the other. A man’s loud drunken voice rang through the corridor followed by the smash of a bottle. More laughter ensued as the shapes made their way. There was a sound of stumbling as one of the outlines fell pulling the other one down. A girl’s laughter “My aren’t you the frisky one and the Baron thought it would be me who couldn’t make it to a bed.” David pushed her delicate shirt up and found her breasts to be tight and her nipples hard as chips of ice. He buried his head in them and sucked harshly at the nipples. The girl moaned. David knew he was never going to bed this harlot, however, he knew he had to make a good show of it. David had a plan and was glad. The very thought of touching a woman who had been picked over by the Barron revolted him. It was all he could do to carry on. “Now my dear lady first some more wine to make the night more merry and our bed more warm.” David said lifting himself to a sitting position he eyed her bare breasts and fondled them in his hand. The lady laughed and getting up pulled David up with her, leading him to his room.
The room was dark and gloomy. David attempted to light some candles. He fumbled with the matches and dropped them to the floor, bending down he nearly fell over; the girl helped him and leaned him against the wall. She lit the candles and the room glowed warmly. David squinted in the low light but found what he was looking for. A cork popped through the air. “Come here you wench.” David commanded. She obeyed and he felt her soft hands unbuttoning his shirt. David leaned his head backwards as she pulled the shirt from his body. He drank from the wine bottle in big gulps, wine dripped down his chin and body. The girl licked the droplets of his body slowly guiding him to his bed. He was directly over the bed when he felt her cool soft hands undoing his pants, he drank once more from the bottle and commencing with his plan he pretended to pass out falling heavy on the bed. The girl sighed hissing air between her teeth. It was hoped the young knight would pass out. However, she had planed on that occurring after she had worked her art on him. It was a shame really she was looking forward towards sharing his bed. She looked down upon the peaceful face of the knight. How innocent and out of place he looked in the debauchery surroundings of the keep. She also feared what the Baron might think. He had wanted to bond the young knight sexually to her. The Baron knew the power sex had over men. Still it was not her fault and she hoped the Baron would understand. Making sure he was deep in the throws of sleep she slapped his face briskly. The knight simply turned and his rhythmic breathing continued. Satisfied she began to search his belongings. It was not long when she found some correspondences between David and his father. She was not learned in the ways of letters so took what she found back to the Baron. David seeing her leave closed his eyes for the night knowing his plan had worked.
“Passed out drunk you say!” laughed the Baron. “This is good, a greedy little drunkard, now that is a man I can work with.” The girl was relieved to know the Baron was not angry at the fact she not bedded the knight. The Baron looked down at the papers the girl had brought. It seemed to confirm what the knight had been saying all along. The letters from the father pleaded with his son to desist his rhetoric against the king. Also one of the notes was an officially signed degree from the king banishing David from the royal city until such time he should regain regal favor. The last note of importance was an unfinished letter to his father. In it he scolds his father for being too unambitious and for being a lapdog to the king. The Baron smiled this along with David’s actions confirmed what the Baron thought of David a greedy, ungrateful boy. Yes, here was fine material that could be molded and shaped into a tool of wickedness. The Baron quickly placed the papers back in their original order and handed them back to the girl. “Be quick and return this from whence it came. Sleep with the knight and keep him warm. Maybe in the morning he will be in better shape to take advantage of your particular skills.” He reached out and grabbed he

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Mar 2 @ 6:49PM  
More, more!!

Mar 3 @ 2:29AM  
How many more installments can we look forward to? I'm looking forward to many many more. Great writer darlin. Give your fans more.

Mar 5 @ 8:25AM  
Have read all your blogs, you are a fantastic writer, looking forward to reading the rest.


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Part 7 More to come