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Special License Plates for Sex Offenders in Ohio

posted 3/2/2007 4:16:13 PM |
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tagged: cars, straddle

It was on the local news here two nights ago that sex offenders will be given "gold plates" to drive around with on their cars. We already have the red on yellow plates for people who have been caught drinking and driving. Do you think Ohio has gone too far with the sex offender plates, or not at all? This to me is a hot topic for debate I'm sure and emotions run high when sex offenders are mentioned, but is it right to go this far and why? And if you don't agree with this please feel free to also explain why you don't think this is right.

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Mar 2 @ 4:23PM  

No that's not to far. Sex offenders should have it tatood on their forehead.

Mar 2 @ 4:30PM  
I agree with Chuck. Sick fuckers should be branded so that others can beware!!!

Mar 2 @ 4:33PM  
I absolutely agree with Night!! If they decide to go scanning neighborhoods for god knows what, people will easily pick them out and be aware, I think it is an excellent idea. I also think it's a great idea for the drinking and driving also. Kudos Straddle


Mar 2 @ 4:59PM  
ok i agree in 99.9% of the cases this would be a terriific idea, and for repeat offenders 100%. But sometimes being labeled a "sex offender" is not totally fair. For example, I had a good friend that when we were in our early 20's had sex with a 15yr old who looked older than i was and lied to us all about her age. Well her parents found out and pressed charges.he was convicted and is now and forever will be a registered sex offender. Was it ok for him to have sex with her? NO, but how many people demand proof of age from their partners? But as a mother and a woman it would be nice to know if that car cruising through the park, near the school, or wherever belongs to a dangerous person!

Mar 2 @ 5:09PM  
Though I do agree sex offenders should have a tattoo on their forehead saying what scum they are I don’t agree with the tags on their car. It’s easy to look up the registry for them and find out where they live so you can avoid then as much as possible. I think tagging their cars opens up to much possibility for innocent people to get harassed. Unfortunately even sex offenders can go on to have families. What if his wife is taking her child to school one morning and someone decides to lash out at them because the plate says sex offender. People are stupid they wont look first they will just act. Now not only does this child have to live with the offender but now has to deal with the general public lashing out as well. That’s not fair to a child who has no choice who his/her parents are.

Mar 2 @ 5:13PM  
I don't like sex offenders, and they should pay their debt to society. But we're also becoming a country anymore to where after people pay their debt to society that they continue paying for their crime for the rest of their lives. Having those special license plates on their cars can cause harm to either party if and when people decide to have a controntation with that person with the license plate, or causing damage to their car when no one is around. Let's be rational here, that's pretty much going to happen. That can be easily seen as government sanctioned harassment. We already have notices set up to alert people in neighborhoods if a sex offender moves in. There are also guidelines in place on how far a sex offender must live away from schools, and that I agree with. It seems to me that muderers get off way to easier today than some of the other crimes. There are a lot of emotions that run high about sex offenders, and I can understand that, but I do think some of this stuff goes too far. It just seems to me that it's almost human nature anymore to try to destroy people. As you recall about 10 years ago, hate crimes were passed, so I have to ask this question, if people contronted sex offenders to start a fight with them or cause damage to their property, would that be considered a hate crime? You know that's going to happen. Let me make this very clear, I have no use for sex offenders, I just feel that sometimes we can go too far with a lot of raw emoitions.

Mar 2 @ 5:15PM  
Oohwa, I agree with you, there are also innocent people that have to live under that label. I too think that's unfair.

Mar 2 @ 5:22PM  
Personally i think sex offenders should have their dicks cut off especially the ones involving children..... So I do not feel that making these people known is a bad thing. If any thing it will probably run alot of them out of the state and maybe keep new ones from doing the same thing. Embarass then hell out of them...

Mar 2 @ 5:35PM  
I'm all for it!!!!!!!! Just another good reason for me to carry my revolver...

Mar 2 @ 5:38PM  
one thing a lot of people don't have easy access to the sex offenders registry, I think it is a great idea!! If you can't tatoo on their head this will help people identify them, especially child molestors, they should never be allowed to roam the streets!!!

Mar 2 @ 6:21PM  
Why not just shoot the fuckers and have done with it

Mar 2 @ 6:46PM  
I think it's a great idea! After all, if sex offenders didn't do these despicable acts, they wouldn't have to worry about getting whatever is thrown at them in the first place!!


Mar 2 @ 7:20PM  
I'm all for the SPECIAL tags! Being the Mom of a 7 year old girl, I want to know who is around us! I don't think they will be hanging out at the park with those tags on their cars! I understand they have 'rights' but frankly I don't care! They were convicted of a crime, live with punishment for life. I get the updates through email, but I know they aren't correct because there is a registered sex offender that lives down the street for my Mom's, but he isn't there, so where is he living?? That address is the one he is registered with???

Mar 2 @ 7:21PM  
I agree child molesters and rapists should be pointed out to the community.
these people are dangerous and the community needs to be aware of them.

Mar 2 @ 8:19PM  
I think it's "good" (if faulty) legislation. Good because it gives the community a "head's up" that someone is a sex offender. Faulty because it doesn't differentiate between someone who assaults a toddler and the serial rapist. Or possibly 18 year old Jimmy Jones who got caught having sex with 1 day shy of 18 year old Susie Smith and wound up being charged with statutory rape because her daddy caught them and was less than pleased about the fact that his little girl was having sex, let alone that she was having it with someone like Jimmy who is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Legislation that helps protect children I will usually "get on board" with... but this legislation is faulty and will merely make things worse rather than making them better. After all: what's to stop a rapist from having a car registered in his wife's name or his mother's name or his sister's name? If a vehicle is registered in someone else's name the law **can't** be applied to them without violating their rights OR punishing them for a crime that they didn't commit without benefit of evidence OR a trial.

Mar 2 @ 10:13PM  
How about a tattoo on their forehead for those that are rapists and child molesters?



Or better, yet... Let's put them, the drugs dealers, and the murderers on an island in the middle of shark infest waters... and let them fend for themselves!

Mar 2 @ 10:46PM  
I think they should do something other then the registry online for repeat and child sex offenders. I am a mom and I actually went to visit a web site my grandmother sent to me made by John Walsh from America's Most Wanted and it lets you see how many sex offenders are in your area and it even has pop up windows of thier photos and address. I thought this was good because it helps when you have an older child like I do to show her the photos and tell her " If you ever see this man or woman and they ever try to talk to you go running to the nearest adult or phone " or something alogn those lines to help keep her safe. I'll give you guys the link to the web site. I was actually very surprised at how many child sex offenders and 3 rapists that I live close to. I now have had to speak with my 11 yr old daughter about it and go through precautions.

Here is the website if anyone wants to check thier area.

Mar 2 @ 10:49PM  
Looks up, put them on an island? isn't that how australia started? I honestly think a man who rapes a woman or molests a child deserves no mercy for their crime. However i think they should have different classifications for sex offenders. I think cases of domestic altercations should be handled differently. And really a case where you happen to see another mans penis while in a public bacthroom where men go to use the restroom, that should not have even made it to trial. I am sure most people have caught a glimpse of another persons privates when in a bathroom situation. Where do you draw the line what about in school locker room where you are required to shower with fellow students after gym class or sports practice?

Mar 3 @ 2:43AM  
I don't understand why these people don't get life sentences....they should all be in jail not living amounst us. There is no cure for pediaphilia...they do it over and over again and kill our children in the process.....the catholic church protects pedephile preists by transfering them to another church so they can molest children again...believe me ..this is STILL going on....fuck this is begining to piss me off...better stop typing before I throw the fucking computer out the window

Mar 3 @ 5:33AM  
I agree with a most of the opinions here. I know that sometimes a person gets branded a sex offender when it's an iffy call. There 's a guy lives 2 blocks form me, served his time for being 18 years and 2 months old and had sex with girlfriend who was 17 years and 10 months old. Her 3 brothers beat him pretty badly and Daddy pressed charges because daughter was under age.Truth of the matter is, one of the brothers had a 16 year old gf and he was 24.

I understand what people say about they served their time,I've had arguments with myself about fairness and people getting a fesh start. BUT if it was child molestation and he served his time are you willing to risk that your child is safe?? I'm not. And it's not just random children on the street. There is a guy in our town that went to prison for having sex with his girlfriends daughter (she was 12) for almost 2 years.Even showed her pornos of him and her mom, to teach her. He is not the type to just molest any child he needs the safety and trust issue with her first. So what if he or someone like him is on this dating site. Yes, he is registered as a sex offender but a lot of people still don't know how to retrieve those lists and what if he doesn't live where he is registered. Some say then he is breaking the law, not like he's never done that before....

I believe they need to issue the plates depending on what category offender they are.That could be done.There is a category ranking. And I live in Ohio.

Mar 3 @ 6:04AM  
After having been employed in law enforcement . I believe they should denied the privilege to drive and also register a motor vehicle FORVER! That would slow down the traveling around and the recommitting of their past crimes. And the plate bullshit!

Mar 3 @ 12:24PM  
It will be struck down on constitutional grounds from two perspectives: First, the "guilt by association", because anyone can drive that car; just driving it would expose the driver and passengers to dangers from people who, as has been pointed out, wish to lash out at the sex offenders. Second, it would place an unfair restraint on anyone who needs to use the vehicle, for much the same reasoning. Who would want to drive a car if they know they are exposing themselves (no pun intended) to danger? Just because someone is a criminal doesn't mean that anyone associating with him or her in any way is also guilty.

There HAVE been instances in other states where convicted sex offenders had to wear a sign stating they were a sex offender. Maybe a tattoo IS the answer.

Mar 3 @ 6:45PM  
I agree with Joltman. Take their license and do not allow them to register a vehicle. Taking the transportation from them seems to be a more "logical" fix. It would force them to live closer to their place of work and travel less thus giving them less opportunity to become a repeat offender.
And, as with DUI plates, it's easy enough to avoid them if you have family or close friends that that buy the "poor me! I'm being harrassed because of my past... blah, blah!" line. And, my God!, why GOLD of all colors?!
I think the idea is full of holes and needs revised. There is far too broad of range in sex offenses to group them all together as a whole.

Mar 4 @ 1:59AM  
Very nice blog bro. And the comments from my friends here has said it all.

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Special License Plates for Sex Offenders in Ohio