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Democratic/Republican Parties...My rant

posted 3/1/2007 9:39:05 PM |
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To the Democratic/Republican Parties:

I am proud to call myself a liberal, but like all politics people differ when they are in office. I, myself would love to see more focus on the United States and it’s many problems rather than focusing on other countries. Why are we policing the world, when we cannot even police ourselves properly. To help others you must first help yourself and make sure we can survive. Our Crime rate is high, corruption is high, medical costs are high, gas is high, government allows monopolies in cities (Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network, WM), Natural gas prices, pollution, high taxes (taxed more than 3 times), terrible streets, poor education. Need I go on, because this letter could turn into a novel.

Canada being our neighbors have a national health care coverage for every citizen, but with fairly high taxes. Canadian residents may also has the ability to purchase a more premium health care coverage, but the fact is that they at least have had the program up and running for years. So everyone says Canada has high taxes, but at least their taxes are up front and out in the open. The United States on the other hand hides multiple taxes, while taxing it’s hard working citizens over and over again on the same dollar. And need I break it down to let you in on your scandals for taxes? We pay taxes that come straight out of our paychecks, then we also get taxed on purchases, property taxes, and house taxes. Not only that but the money that you put into the taxes that you get back from the government at the end of the year, you have to claim it as income the next year…was it not already taxed the previous year or am I just stupid? Why are we paying property taxes when I have purchased the property, or shall I keep sending money for rent. Also why are we paying taxes to three forms of government? I’m talking about Federal, State, and city. Why are we not just paying Federal? Then let them divide the funds to the state and let the state divide it amongst it’s cities, it would only make sense, but then again we are One giant country put together by 50 small countries.

With that last statement of 50 small countries, I ask you; if we are a nation and one country, why does every state have different laws, different taxes, and borders? Why are we not set up like a true country run on the same set of laws? Why we are taxed much higher than other states, and other cities?

The war on terrorism is going nowhere, it is just more out in the open ever since 9-11 which the government has scared the living hell out of its’ citizens that it has brought a stand still to the current condition of recession because they are still scared of what could happen. True it is a tragedy that this has happened, yet I believe it is time for us to move on, while keeping our security measures in high regard, but try to show the citizens not to fear attack. A country cannot run properly with it’s citizens scared of another country, and I ask why are we scared if we are so powerful? Pull out of Iraq! Why are we even in Iraq, I thought our focus was in Afghanistan…BOOM Laden hit our towers, we respond with war. Then we slowly move over to Iraq for Bush’s revenge on Saddam to finish what his daddy couldn’t do? While one soldier dies in Iraq, three die in Afghanistan. A front page story headline across the states with the one that died in Iraq, but a small column in the middle newspaper if no column at all about the three that died in Afghanistan. Why are we also provoking Iran? We are not going to ever solve their problems, and there is no need for us to risk any more casualties of our great men and women who serve our country. I am grateful of those who have served and have the utmost respect for them. It is not their call on where or who they fight, but are just told to go.

I would also like to touch base on the minimum wage in the United States. $5.15/hr. Disgraceful. How can a single mother/father support a family, let alone himself with such high costs of living. Everyone is stating there is no inflation, and that is because there is no raise in wages. It is terrible senior citizens cannot afford to live a decent life after so many hard years of service. You wonder why the unemployment levels are so high, that is because most of the unemployment is coming from the younger generation and those who are losing their jobs due to outsourcing and America allowing it to happen. Why must a person age 55, not be able to retire and live a happy decent retirement? Why must a person work till at 67 and only get a few years to enjoy life without living in the fast lane? It is terrible to make them retire at such an old age, and not allow them to live a good restful life to enjoy. And although we have lost a ton of jobs, while other jobs still exist, the unemployment still exists because the older generation that should be retired (55+) are still working because they cannot get their retirement until age 67! The jobs are still there, let the older generation retire if they want to, and let the new generation accept that it is time for them to take over and run society.

Importing and Exporting…I believe we all learned this in middle school, when you have more imports than exports that is not good. And what is happening now is we have such a terrible ratio at what we ship out to what we allow to be shipped in. You are allowing so many foreign companies to ship in without taxing them. Well that would be stupid, why tax them when you just tax your hard working citizens instead? Again I say multiple taxes on your own people. I agree with allowing foreign companies to come onto American soil and hire American workers, but for a product to be built outside of the United States and not be taxed is unreasonable and stupid. We cannot export a lot of food and other items to other countries due to such ridiculous restrictions, so why do we not put restrictions on what is allowed to be imported in as well? They don’t like it, then they can take their business somewhere else. And they won’t like it, but they will go with it because they need the United States’ disposable economy to support them.

Cigarettes…Big topic that has been debated over and over about the laws of restricting them more and more in public places to even bars and pubs. I understand that the drug nicotine is an addictive drug that has been placed in cigarettes, and personally believe that the drug should be illegalized due to the habit forming intent on it. But banning and restricting people from smoking…Ridiculous and inappropriate since it was the government who insisted that you start smoking to help support the government back in the day, or have you forgot that as you have forgotten all the things that you have done over the past years, with some being so recent? With taxes being put into play more than a few times within this letter, I ask you how many times can you tax one package of cigarettes? Geesh, it seem

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Mar 1 @ 9:42PM  
I smell smoke for sure with this one... I am staying away from the fire.

Mar 1 @ 10:26PM  
As for smoking... I only have one question... "Why is it... every time we have this alleged public health debate ... dose it end in a tax increase."


Master Gry

Mar 1 @ 11:08PM  
Funny, im republican but yet i agree with EVERYTHING you just said. Your right, it is just the government in general. Sure both sides have their faults, but it just depends on your major opinion for what party to choose. Great post, finally something meaningfull to talk about on this site. If i knew how to give kudos, i would give you one haha.

Mar 1 @ 11:26PM  
Opps, didn't realize it cut off half the letter. Here's the rest. lol

Geesh, it seems that we should just get rid of history class in grade school as it does nothing for the people who run the government. In American history did the Americans not raid the British ships and throw the tea into the sea for being overtaxed and taxed more than once? With all these taxes you think you could do something to make this country a better and safer place.

With so many points to hit, I keep coming up with more things to write about. And since I touched on school, why are school teachers paid at such a piss poor wage? They teach your children and the future of your country. Be careful people in office, because one day you could be on this end of the view wondering why your benefits don’t help you as they should be helping our seniors now. I always see Michigan Lottery gives 100% profits to the schools of Michigan. GREAT, but as more people play the lottery in hopes of winning BIG more and more “Profits” are going to the schools. Sounds great, yes it is great that the profits are going to schools, but while more and more profits go to schools, you lower their budget and spending each year as well. Keep the original budget and give the profits of the lottery to schools, and we could have some of the best teachers and schools, as well as students in Michigan. New schools will do nothing to help a child to learn, it is how they are taught, and if they have the proper reading tools and equipment to learn. The future is theirs, so be careful.

I could keep going on, but with this list so far, I am at wits end and will write more later at a different time. Please take this in high regard and maybe open your eyes to what is actually going on in your own backyard.

In great hopes,

Chad Hayes


Mar 1 @ 11:28PM  
Just a couple of thoughts here. The Canadian health care system was going bankrupt. Hospitals were closing, physicians were leaving Canada in droves. They still are. Many do the internet prescription thing that we don't do here.
Many US prescription meds are over the counter in Canada.
Canada's taxes are not only high, they are brutal. Not only that, they are not transparent as you say they are. Provincial sales taxes, GST of 17% (Value added tax), it's an expensive place to live.
Throw in the fact that the Quebecois have most of the country, even those provinces that have maybe one or two people of French ancestry and the only French they might speak is their surname, they have to do most things in French as well as English.
Like you, I am a classical liberal, which makes me, beleive it or not, a member of the new conservative movement.
As for government allowed monopolies, Comcast, etc. You are partially correct. About five years ago, Dish Network and DirectTV tried to merge. They didn't due to antitrust laws, and actually it's good they didn't. The result is you can get either Direct TV or Dish Network at your option. Heck, you can even have both of you want to spend the money.
I disagree about the war on terrorism. It's that victory is slow; especially in a war like this one. But it has to be fought now, or it will be much worse and not much later.
Why does America fight the wars that Europe ignores? Follow the money trail, France and Germany were getting kickbacks from Saddam Hussein in the oil for food program.
As for Afghanistan, if we pull out of there right now, the Taliban will have won, then will take over again.
For what it's worth, I'm equally afraid of the radical left as I am the radical right. They're both radically wrong.
Good rant, you should revise and edit it, then post {email address removed}.

Mar 2 @ 10:42AM  
I started not to read this because I don't like to discuss politics or religion, I'm actually glad I did. Sending a kudo your way. Please blog more often. I like your insights and will read all of your blogs from now on.

Mar 2 @ 4:22PM  
I came up with my idea how to fix alot of these problems. Stop taxing dollars earned and tax only dollars spent. There are so many people in this country that do not pay any taxes at all. Tax what we spend and then dole out the various taxes to appropriate place. Say, that we pay a straight 22% sales tax on everything. Give 10% to the state, and the state can give 2% of its taxes to the counties. The feds get 12% to run the country and since they are collecting from everyone in the country who spends, they are collecting taxes from everyone who is currently not paying taxes.

The various governments would actually end up making more money and people would actually end up with more of their earned dollars. You can then do away with health and dental insurances and have those prvided by the government with there new earned tax dollars. You get to keep even more of your paycheck when you don't have to pay for insurance.

At the end of they day it is better for everyone. People get healthcare from social medicine program and they get to keep more of there money which the can save to prevent paying taxes or they can spend to boost the economy....

Anyway I think it would work...

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Democratic/Republican Parties...My rant