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Real Women-And Men (IMHO)

posted 3/1/2007 9:51:14 AM |
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I was inspired to write this blog due to several I have seen here stating what a 'real woman' is. I happen to disagree, although I have no harsh feelings toward the person/people that wrote them, and they are very well thought-out, well-written blogs.

However, my view of a 'real woman' differs. A real woman does not wake up an hour before her lover/husband to primp and preen. She wakes up an hour before her family to do the ironing and pack the lunches and make sure that everyone has everything they need for the day. A real woman does not care if her mate sees her in her housecoat and pony-tail, because she is usually married/partnered to a real man who views her as twice as beautiful just that way.

A real woman usually doesn't have time to slather on lots of make-up and make a fancy hair-do to worry about atop of her head all day. She usually showers, dresses, puts on what makeup she has time for, and pulls her hair into a stylish bun. She kisses her husband good-bye at the door and drives her children to school. Then she goes to work herself and, as in everything she does, from ironing to fixing a tuna casserole, a real woman sets about it with passion. Be it being a devoted stay-at-home Mom and housewife, or the CEO of a great corporation, she pours her heart and soul into it. Even if it is pumping gas. A real woman will do anything to benefit her family in any way.

A real woman also puts her family first, and if she says she will be at a soccer game, she will be there, work or not. She is the first one home and there is always still work to be done. However tired she is, she does not complain about helping her children with their homework. If there is no supper on the table when her husband comes home, then it doesn't matter. A real man understands how busy she has been all day, and knows that he and his family will get fed somehow, even if he has to make supper himself that evening. A real man does it with a smile on his face, thankful for all his real woman has done for him that day. On occasion a real man offers to pick up take-out or take his entire family out for a nice dinner. On other occasions he arranges for grandma to come over and takes his real woman out somewhere special, or he takes the kids to grandma and they spent a quiet evening alone.

A real woman does not complain, degrade, or point fingers when finances are in trouble and they must sell their house. She stands, eight months pregnant, in front of the rented townhome they now have and squeezes her husband's hand, telling him that it's perfect. One year later, when they have both worked hard to get their finances in order again, and they stand on the lawn of their new home, she once again squeezes his hand and tells him it is perfect. Because anywhere a real woman is with her real man is perfect.

A real woman will hurt you in ways unimaginable (law-abidingly, that is) if you attempt to hurt her family. A real woman is not jealous but will zealously protect her relationship with a real man from interlopers. A real man is the same.

A real woman views making chicken soup for her sick family, slapping on cartoon band-aids, and kissing boo-boos twice as important as running a multi-million dollar company. A real woman can and will dress for a night on the town with her husband, but when she is home and in her flannel nightgown instead of a sexy negligee is when her real man is most turned on. And even though she is tired, drained, and physically exhausted from her week, not to mention her day, a few times each week a real woman still finds the strength and energy to cuddle up to her real man and make love like they are newlyweds.

That's my view on real women & men.

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Mar 1 @ 10:33AM  
kudos to you

Mar 1 @ 10:37AM  
Thank you Kris for telling what a Real Woman is. That's the way real women act in my family also. We always take care of our kids and man first. The other parts of life fall where they may, but our family always comes first.

Mar 1 @ 10:42AM  
I think you took those blogs far too seriously. They were posted as jokes--hence for laughter. However, on a serious note this is a very good blog.

Mar 1 @ 10:49AM  
I am a Real Woman,,,,,,these are the things I did for my family.....I posted those for laughter.....But good blog....Sorry you disagreed on laughing with me.....Kudo goes out to you

Mar 1 @ 10:52AM  
Well written! Kudos to you!

Mar 1 @ 11:05AM  
good way with words kim!!!

Mar 1 @ 11:49AM  
Good Blog... but I still hate putting gas in my car

Mar 1 @ 12:47PM  
good blog, though the same could apply to a real man too,especially one like me, who has to bring his children up on his own. sure theres the physical differences, and i dont have a flannel nightgown, i prefere to be natural, but if i had one, im sure my woman would see me just as sexy (well...). i guess what i read in to this blog was that you should be loved for the everyday things that must be done,and a real partner will,always x

Mar 1 @ 1:54PM  
Very good Blog!

Mar 1 @ 3:44PM  
Very well written. I agree with alot of what you said.

Mar 1 @ 4:01PM  

Very god blog and well written. kudo

May 25 @ 1:22AM  
It's also a set of opinions that have a lot of truth behind them. Bravo.

Pity that the person seems to get lost at times.

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Real Women-And Men (IMHO)