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Oral Sex and Kissing Afterwards

posted 3/1/2007 3:57:29 AM |
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tagged: oral sex, straddle

I know most if not all people love to have oral sex. People enjoy kissing too while they're together. If there's one thing I wouldn't do is kiss her after she performed oral sex on me after me cumming in her mouth. Kissing I love, it's very passionate and romantic, and I feel that we can get all the kissing in before we start with the oral sex. Just the thought of tasting myself in her mouth does not appeal to me whatsoever after the oral sex. Am I the only one that feels that way? I know a lot of women have tasted themselves, more so than guys I'm sure. How many people out there would actually kiss your lover on the mouth, even stick their tongue in their mouth after oral sex was performed on you? I know, with all the things I blog about, this is one thing I don't like.

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Mar 1 @ 4:11AM  
Ok dont kiss me after you go down on me and I wont kiss you after I suck you dry

Deal ?

Mar 1 @ 4:17AM  
If you go down on me you BETTER kiss me...LMAO!!

Mar 1 @ 4:21AM  
That's a deal, baby!

Mar 1 @ 4:48AM  
THIS of all things, you find disgusting???

Mar 1 @ 4:55AM  
I see nothing wrong with it myself. It is however you own body fluids you are tasting. Now if there were more than two people involved I don't know that I would kiss a woman after she went down on someone else, unless maybe it was another woman, but of course that is probably the usual guy answer, right? I do think that kissing is more personal than any other act so if you really care enough about each other then why wouldn't you kiss your mate under any circumstance. Just my thought...

Mar 1 @ 5:02AM  
Yes, JRJones, kissing is very personal to a lot of people, including myself. I still would prefer not to kiss her after her going down on me though.

Mar 1 @ 5:13AM  
this is one thing I don't like Imagine that!

Mar 1 @ 5:15AM  
lol...Hey, just because I do a few gross blogs doesn't mean that I have tried it or would want to. I just enjoy throwing the idea out there with some humor with it.

Mar 1 @ 7:36AM  
I'm surprised that would bother you. Just wondering how long you would want to wait before you wanted to kiss her after receiving oral sex. I know I would like to kiss my sweetie soon after oral sex.

Mar 1 @ 8:19AM  
man get a grip,if you go down on her you better kiss her and if she goes down on you, and you cum you better be willing to share,its your cum why not share it with her,and vice versa,and theres nothing better than going down on her after you cum inside her,get a BIG GRIP go for adds to ther excitement and i think its just really HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 1 @ 8:48AM  
I've got absolutely no issues with this at all, and agree with the others that I am surprised this is an issue for you with all the kinky stuff you are into.

Mar 1 @ 8:51AM  
so stradler... i dont suppose you would kiss a woman after she has rimmed your arsehole out

Mar 1 @ 8:52AM  
Kissing after oral sex is not a big deal. I kiss him after and he kisses me after. If she swallows that what's the problem????

Mar 1 @ 9:06AM  
I am surprised by this. If I perform oral on my partner and he doesn't want to kiss me afterwards, it's pretty much going to ruin that mood. And vice versa. How fair would it be for me to want him to taste me, but not be willing to kiss him because of it? I enjoy kissing and being kissed too much. To me it's a very intimate thing and I'm not going to give it up. However, it does turn me off to have someone kiss me with bad breath or taste like an ashtray.(tooth paste, mouthwash, breath mints) Just my preference.

Mar 1 @ 9:40AM  
I dont see any problems with kissing after oral. But this blog definately surprised me Shawn. hahahahaha....

Mar 1 @ 10:36AM  
Well, all my sex partners that I have been with, that seemed to never be a issue, they (3 of them) have kissed me after doing a little oral on me at one time, and it didn't seem to bug me at the time since I didn't fully cum in their mouth. The problem I have kissing them on their mouth or sticking my tongue in their mouth would be if I fully came in their mouth beforehand. It's just a preferrence that I didn't.

Mar 1 @ 11:33AM  
i dont have a problem with it at all... it's my own fluid/flavor... its like biting your lip - your gonna get blood in there - doesnt mean i enjoy tasting it but it's mine...

and just remember this - when you kiss or go down on him/her - when was the last time they were with another person? you might unknowingly be tasting someone else anyway... not everyone subscribes to the same higiene ethic..

somethings - you just shouldnt think about and when it comes to pleasing her - do whatever it takes and if she goes down on you - kiss her dammit... i have never been with a woman who hasnt kissed me after i went down on her and i'm a VERY messy eater.. i feel if I havent got her dripping off my chin and in my eyebrows - i have done my "job" in trying to please her...

Mar 1 @ 12:02PM  
it aint bad

Mar 1 @ 12:31PM  
I don't like my own flavor and prefer not to have to taste it. So I can totally understand a guy not wanting to taste himself either. I always have gum in my mouth when I am giving a blow job so the cum flavor goes away quickly anyway.

Mar 1 @ 4:00PM  
Straddle I can't believe you, LOL. I actually was wondering the same thing as Loveyou, how long after will it be before you kiss her, are you going to make her go brush her teeth What is better then kissing, and it doesn't matter when. Also he better want to kiss me after giving oral beings its HIS c**k I have in MY mouth. Really looking forward to it with my sweetie as well.


Mar 1 @ 4:41PM  
Okay, to answer that question, sure, I would most likely wait till she did brushed her teeth. What I have learned on here is all people have different taste (no pun and what they like with sex, fetishes, kinky stuff, and tender moments. Enjoyitall is right about not everyone has the same hygiene ethic. I'm not knocking people at all for what they like, it's just something that I can't see myself doing. To each their own.

Mar 1 @ 6:25PM  
straddle.. even though i dont agree with you as far as kissing afterwards - i do agree whole heartedly with you in that - to each their own..

and no - you shouldnt do ANYTHING you dont want to - but on the other hand - dont expect her to do ANYTHING she doesnt want too and if at some point she decides she doesnt want to go down on you because she would rather cuddle and kiss - dont get upset with her....

Mar 1 @ 6:43PM  
I don't know, if I like the taste, why wouldn't he??

Mar 1 @ 7:00PM  
hell - i've tasted mine on the lips and in the mouth of my lovers.... to me it really doesnt taste like anything.... now of course - i havent tasted a full load of mine and maybe that is where the taste is...

i think for most guys it makes them feel they are a step closer to sucking a guys dick than they want to be.... i dont know - maybe someone can share their thoughts on it...

Mar 2 @ 1:14AM  
my bitches dat don't i pimp slap em til they will

Mar 8 @ 2:37PM  
I for one love to kiss the woman I am with after she has gone down on me. I don't have a problem with it at all. It's even better if I have cum in her mouth and then kiss her but what I find even more erotic than that is for us to both cum in her pussy and then I go down on her and lick and suck every last drop of our cum out of her pussy Mmm Mmm .

Aug 28 @ 2:31PM  
I'm in SHOCK!!!!! mean there are guys out there that DON'T?.....Come about lack of sensitivity!!!!....
Guys...your lady deserves better treatment than that....

ok...returning to my corner now

Sep 26 @ 1:10AM  
Some of us are ultra oral, others not. I'm on the ultra oral side and my girlfriend and I like to taste each other so much that during a typical lovemaking session we will have intercourse while kissing and then 69 , cycling through this several times during one session. I'll also kiss my girl after I cum in her mouth.

I'm bi and love to 69 with guys, but I don't like kissing them under any circumstances.

Why we all end up with these likes and dislikes, who can figure ?. It is interesting to read these responses.

Sep 28 @ 4:00PM  
We who truely love oral sex and kissing say
I love to go down on a lady and eat her into a convulsion then with my mouth tongue and mustache coated with her delicious juice to go back up and passionately kiss and enjoy her savoring her own juices. I also if I have gotten a tremendous BJ will kiss her passionatley as it is the absolute sharing of our passion the joy we have given one another.

May 13 @ 10:09AM  
You just don't know what you are missing if you don't kiss and trade cum with your lover after the two of you have sucked and drank the cum of the other.. it is awesome mixed together and so fucking HOTT !!! If you guys are too good to taste your own cum then don't ask her to swallow it either.....

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Oral Sex and Kissing Afterwards