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posted 2/27/2007 9:25:22 PM |
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I have been sitting here 4 an hour staring at a blinking cursor. Everytime I start 2 write something, I get maybe a paragraph N2 it B4 erasing the whole thing and starting over.


WTF? Its not like I need something 2 write about. Those who know me know I can go on 4 pages about nothing at all. So, why am I finding it so difficult 2 write 2day? What has changed?

I guess the short answer iz I have. When I got here a short few months ago, I had a desire - no, check that...A NEED 2 be accepted. I wanted nothing more than 2 have my words read. Like me, hate me, I didn't care, just so long as U read me. And read me U did. As a result of that I think I wrote some pretty good stuff. I also wrote some real crap...but then again, it iz a pile of coal I'm working with...U can't expect me 2 reach in and grab a diamond EVERY fucking time!

The one thing I have always tried 2 do iz remain true 2 myself and my beliefs. If I felt U were wrong I said so. At times, in tones I later felt were a little harsh, but it wuz never my intention 2 sling mud simply 4 the sake of using up bandwith. I felt there wuz something that needed saying and I said it. Good or bad, that iz who I am, and who I will continue 2 be. Regardless of what the rest of U think, I like this guy. Sure...maybe I cuss 2 goddamned much, but who the fuck cares? Izn't it the substance of what I am trying 2 say that really matters here?

I used 2 have this burning desire 2 be the most popular blogger on this site. I no longer feel that way. Its not that I no longer want 2 be liked, but rather that I now realize that I can never be all things 2 all people. There will always be those who enjoy reading what I write and those who think I am a foul-mouthed juvenile. What I need 2 concentrate on iz writing things 4 myself. If I am happy with it then that should be all that matters, right?

Except that I am not trying 2 force my views on anybody, and rather than sit here and trip on why no one iz commenting favorably or why this blog or that blog has more views or kudos than mine (something I know I am going 2 do regardless of how much I say I don't care about these things. I am, after all, a fucking whore), maybe the time has come for me 2 move on. I don't know...

So, becuz I am a true believer in democracy I am going 2 leave this decision up 2 U. U guys decide whether or not my particular point of view iz still welcome here or if I should just take my ball and go home. I will abide by whatever decision U make. If U have grown tired of my narcoglyphic ramblings and my foul mouth, then please say so. If enough of U feel that way I will leave U in peace. It's ok...somebody somewhere will appreciate what I have 2 say. If, however, U would like me 2 stay then I need 2 hear that as well. But, beware...I am not going 2 change who I am or how I write. This iz a package deal...U take all of me or U get none of me. The choice iz Urs.



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Feb 27 @ 9:32PM  

Feb 27 @ 9:33PM  
OH.....and I like it when your forceful!!

Feb 27 @ 9:42PM  
OK, you try and go anywhere, I'm gonna have to go NASA style on your ass and drive from sunny Florida to sunny Cali to find your crazy self!!


Feb 27 @ 9:44PM  
I will abide by whatever decision U make. If U have grown tired of my narcoglyphic ramblings and my foul mouth, then please say so. If enough of U feel that way I will leave U in peace.

short an sweet ...i don't always read all of what you write BUT i read n have sense that your writing what you feel or bullshit or sick shit just the bazzar mind of YOU .....and NOW your gona just fuckin let folks vote you on or off here?????
so AGAIN .......i say.....WTF!!?!?!? how is THIS YOU ????? if you can answer THAT ....then you can take your ball n go where you want...but i think if you examine'll figure it out on your own.....if not? i over estimated you bad......

Feb 27 @ 10:04PM  
Hey DS,I for one will never get tired of your shit,but just wanted you to know that I think Sunshine just highjacked your blog with the new pic. A kudo for you bro.

Feb 27 @ 10:05PM  
Do you dare pull out on me now! It took awhile for me to catch on to you and your style, but now that I have, I want more! So, count me in as wanting more Dick!


(I couldn't get that smiley to work for me )

Feb 27 @ 10:07PM  
I WANT DICK!!! I will have to join Sunshine to come get your ass! Seriously, if you go, I will miss reading your blogs!!

Feb 27 @ 10:12PM  
You know how I feel........ so where do you think you are going??? Do I gotta come and slap some sense into ya?

Feb 27 @ 10:13PM  
You've got mail. Just my opinion but it was wayyyyyy too long to fit here. Share it if you like. I could care less if you do. But, know that I meant every word of it.

Feb 27 @ 10:14PM  
I want some Dick!
Dick is something I can never get enough please..continue,
because if I don't get Dick...I go crazy.

Feb 27 @ 10:24PM  
You have to stay! The Blog Czar has spoken!!

Oh wait...that would be Czarina, wouldn't it?

Anyways, who are we going to get to proofread all the other blogs?

Feb 27 @ 10:34PM  

You're not allowed to go anywhere, damnit all to fuckin hell! First I get grounded, then i have to read this shit???? WTF is in the water around here???

Feb 27 @ 11:00PM  
Dude! We read you because you are bizaar and differant. Fuck being like everybody else or being publicly acceptable! If you did change your writing style, you can take that shit elsewhere. Be who you are because YOU want to and because it makes YOU feel good about yourself.
Be yourself and be a DICK! These pussified conformalist is why things in this country suck as much as they do. I, for one, like reading your shit just as it is. Don't make me fly to Cali to kick your ass for writing some lame, sensitive, fag ass shit!

Feb 27 @ 11:13PM  
FUCK ME...I thought 4 a second I wuz gonna get Cabl_Guy 2 say, "I WANT DICK!"

That's ok, bro...we all know U do anyway. Apparently U aren't alone. Thank U everybody who responded 2 this transparent attempt at ego stroking. 2 all those who didn't respond but secretly hate me...fuck off! U had Ur chance 2 get rid of I'm bout 2 get ALL THE WAY OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!


Feb 28 @ 12:00AM  
Oh, you wanted stroking? Well, why didn't you say so? I can supply that too.


Feb 28 @ 12:08AM  
He's a punk ass bitch....he aint goin anywhere.......


Feb 28 @ 12:18AM  
WTF!!! Has DICK gone SOFT?? Say it aint so!!!
Look, we all enjoy reading your blogs bro... quit worrying... relax and just be the dick every body knows you can be.


Feb 28 @ 1:02AM  
Do not conform to the typical person, I encourage u2b yourself. Your post r hard 2 read... I would not change anything if I where u... b different and b here 2 stay. I never stir the POT, even if a tiger tells me 2

Feb 28 @ 2:23AM  
Puff, puff, pass......What about pot and tigers???

Feb 28 @ 8:30AM  
Ya gotta stay, you stupid fuck. No one get off that easy. And besides who would read MY shit if you were gone?

You gotta think about how it would effect ME damnit!!!

Feb 28 @ 8:31AM  
All right DS come here I'll stroke your "ego" for you!!!

Feb 28 @ 11:26AM  
dude. you bring a freshness to this site. and to the world as a whole, b cuz you say what you want, how u want 2. you don't gotta compete, just excrete. all life is a work in progress. perhaps your progressing from prolific to proficient? just do what u do. turk

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