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Why post a blog and then delete it?

posted 2/27/2007 5:44:03 PM |
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All those who do this know who you are. Think before you post stupid blog. Deleting blogs and not showing comments because it's not in your favor is childish behavior. I realize people make mistakes, but try to learn from them. Actually I'm glad some blogs have been deleted.

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Why post a blog and then delete it?
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Feb 27 @ 5:51PM  
Which ones were deleted?? Did I miss it again?? Damn!

Feb 27 @ 6:28PM  
Was it the girl w/the glasses and all of the depressing boo-hoo why the fuck does no one love me blogs? Christ she depressed me....Id comment, shed not approve it, then retract the blog all together....strange one I tell ya....

Feb 27 @ 6:52PM  
More personal attacks? Now we call someone stupid? I think we've had enough around here

Feb 27 @ 7:01PM  
I'm not naming anyone, so don't bother asking. Many people post blogs then wait for comments and delete, don't allow others to see them or don't accept comments at all, what's up with that?

Feb 27 @ 7:03PM  
I don't see where anyone said someone was stupid!! I think the comment is stupid blog! And he is absolutely right, I have made comments on blogs to have them not approved or pulled a short time after. Seems people post blogs but can't handle having someone comment if it is not in agreement with them. If you want to post a blog and only have people agree to what you say. THEN DON'T POST BLOGS!! SEND EMAILS TO YOUR FRIENDS ...............I'M SURE THEY WILL AGREE WITH YOU. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

Zena LY

Feb 27 @ 7:28PM  
I'm gonna play devil's advocate here;
Sometimes people who are new to the site may not realize that blogs are public. Or they may not realize that people can comment on them. And yes, if they do not handle whatever they may consider criticism well, they may just delete the blog.
The settings on this site can be a tad have to search for them and set them to your own liking.
That said...we all have the choice to accept or deny whatever comments we want on our own blogs. If I don't like what someone has to say on my blog, I can delete it. I can also choose to approve all comments, or to auto-approve only people on my friends list. It's my choice, as it is everyone else's here. That's not to say this is something I choose to do...but I could if I wanted to. And I should be able to make this choice without fearing repercussions from the community at large.

Feb 27 @ 8:43PM  
well i did post a blog about a guy in here but didnt like it that it was posted so i deleted it! :(

Feb 27 @ 9:34PM  
prolly thought better of it , for fear someone might take it wrong?

Feb 27 @ 10:06PM  
I think just like the person that took the time to post the blog,,,,He/She has the right to delete it if and when they choose too...It is there blog and so be it...They should not be criticized for choosing to do so.....Yes we are all suppose to be adults here so,,,, why put someone down for their actions,,,,lets just go with the flow....Just my opinion....

Feb 27 @ 10:15PM  
When did you become controller of the Blog Police? If it were not for people that deleted blogs then this would become a whole slow mess. How long do you have to give to someone to read and say something? If it is not said then I delete the blog.

Feb 27 @ 10:19PM  
I posted one and deleted it once because I chickened out of what I was saying. Seeing it out on the homepage freaked me out and away it went.

Feb 27 @ 11:16PM  
I think the blog creator has every right to delete it. Some things that are written in a moment of passion may tend to be over-stated and subject to regret after the moment passes. Even the news prints retractions.

Feb 28 @ 12:02AM  
Yeah, I have seen this lately on here. Even though it's their right, it does look bad when things aren't going good for the writer with favorable comments and then deletes it. But like I said, it their right to delete it.

Feb 28 @ 7:47AM  
Yes, everyone has the right to delete their blogs. But lately it seems that I read a blog, read some comments on it, then try to add a comment and the blog disappears right after. Oh well, I just wondered what others thought about that. It doesn't really bother me much. I'll just read them while they are up and not bother to comment on them, except on some good ones. Actually I'm glad some are deleted.

Feb 28 @ 9:14AM  
A few blogs have been posted before addressing the same issue.

Feb 28 @ 3:20PM  
You're still right though, even if they have the right to delete their blog, it is very childish to post a blog targeting someone and not getting the numbers in your favor, and then deleting it because of that fact.

Feb 28 @ 3:47PM  
I know this maybe a little out there but......if you take the time to read someone's blog, and you make the effort to comment on it. You really would like to see that they aknowledged they got it by posting it. Yes it is everyones choice, I think we all understand that. But we have to remember not everyone is going to agree with everyone else's opinons and that is OK, it is what makes this lovely world of ours go round.


Mar 1 @ 11:33PM  
Why keep a blog in place if it's old hat and not getting any worthwhile comments or no comments at all? Some people leave their blogs in place so they can admire them. I have seen them referred to as attention whores. I find it rather strange,odd,very dysfuntional behavior. Gives some insight into what they are and what they are not. Some will blog anything and everything and it gets so repetitive and boring to everyone but them. Thats what I think.......

Jul 8 @ 6:37AM  
Sorry this is so late, I allow all comments,but regularky delete my blogs,otherwise I'd have well over a hundred of them. To each his own I say.

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Why post a blog and then delete it?