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The soap opera 4 the new millennium (Part Two)

posted 2/27/2007 1:30:41 AM |
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Continued from B4

Well...what that tells me iz the fucking bitch has gone out and bought himself a playmate. Well...that iz his prerogative, I suppose. And if U let enough sweaty illegals fuck U in the ass at fifteen dollars a pop I suppose riding a stuffed anything will start 2 look pretty goddamned good...even if it duz come complete with its own fucking bitch. (Although...U may want 2 wait 4 the action play set 2 come out. I understand it comes with an exclusive fucking bitch w/ "pussy ass whine" action. U press a button on his back and he says, "Everyone's numbers have been down, not just mine!" Press it again and he says, "How can I be wrong if it's just my opinion?" Once more and U will hear something else, but nobody I know gives enough of a shit 2 play with it long enough 2 find out what that something else iz. Probably becuz it keeps trying 2 attach itself 2 their nut sacks, I don't know. I'm sure it just says the weather report 4 Syracuse or the cost of butter in Eau Claire or something else equally uninteresting)

I suppose it could be true that he (again used very loosely) actually stumbled upon someone as sick and twisted as he iz. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. Bonnie Parker managed 2 find Clyde Barrow. Charles Manson did find a way 2 lure Susan Atkinson out 2 the desert, didn't he? I prefer 2 think that he iz getting played by a real pro. Someone who saw through all his disgusting bullshit and saw him 4 the fish he really iz. Now she iz quietly taking him 4 everything he haz, which izn't much. Unless U count his Star Trek Commemorative Plates set, and that's not really a liquid asset, iz it? (Just wait until he scores the Christopher Pike plate. Then talk 2 his bitch ass about resale value!)

Look…I know no one wants 2 be the one 2 pick on the retarded kid. That’s why we tolerate so much from his bitch ass 2 begin with. But the fact of the matter iz that retarded people are still just people. That means that a certain percentage of them are going 2 be fucking assholes. That’s just basic biology. I’d say his bitch ass lands right smack dab in the center of that category. So, I’m supposed 2 put up with this asshole just becuz he also happens 2 be a retard? That argument duzn’t fly with Rush Limbaugh and he iz a lot more entertaining than this fucking bitch has ever been, so why should it fly here?

It shouldn’t…and it duzn’t. That’s why I am asking U 2 join me in silent protest of him and his sick fucking following. Help me 2 hurt him in the one way he fears the most…his numbers. Join me in a FULL BOYCOTT of his bitch ass and of anyone else who supports his sick point of view. Maybe after a few daze of NO ONE even looking at his blogs, let alone commenting on them he will finally get the message. WE DON’T WANT U HERE!

But I doubt it. That requires advanced thought processes that I don’t see his retarded, bitch ass being capable of making. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong…it’s happened a couple of times. It could happen again, I suppose. I won’t notice if it duz, however, cuz I already don’t read his stupid, bitch ass blog. I just don't care what color of toilet paper U guys prefer. Sorry...guess I'm just 2 busy thinking about PrincessKissy masturbating 2 give a shit.

Keeping U posted


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Feb 27 @ 2:05AM  
Mostly just vitriolic hate-mongering,

but that stuff about the commemorative plates was hilarious!!

Feb 27 @ 2:10AM  
It's that way by design...but I'm sure U know that already. Ur just mad cuz I didn't bag on U and cause all Ur little chippies 2 come calling 2 tell on me, U fucker.


Feb 27 @ 2:16AM  
This comment is not going to win me any friends and I can already feel the shit I am going to wear because of it but enough is enough.
He who shall not be named has emailed me tonight over a long period.
He is very upset that I did not step up and defend him over the weekend from all the attacks he received.
As I pointed out to him I was the first to attack his blog and I would not retract those comments and do an about face and defend him against others who felt the same way. It had nothing to do with friendship or lack of it just with being true to myself.
In his conflict with DS I did step in I did try to smooth the waters and keep peace. But it did not benefit anything or anyone because nothing was learned from it and the whining and poor me attitude continued.
I have been accused by him of having double standards and looking the other way when other of my friends on here post comments against him. As such I received this email from him supposedly giving me a chance to redeem myself.

okay, kimmie. here's your chance to step up for me concerning ds'd blogs tonight that he just posted. without mentioning names of course.

I am sorry but firstly I dont have to prove anything to him or anyone on here AMD. I am who I am like me or hate me just don't fuck with me.
Secondly if he isnt man enough to defend himself dont ask the women on here to do it for him.........I find this very pathetic and lame. I would never ask another to go defend my rights. I appreciate those who might choose to do so but I would not solicit it.
Now having said this I don't always agree with everything DS says. ... yeah DS you will live...... but he has never whined or complained to me or asked me to defend him on another blog.
I respect that.

Ok looking for my umbrella to protect myself from the fallout.

Feb 27 @ 2:18AM  
Did I ever mention that I love you? But don't let Dixxx know...she'll hurt me!

Feb 27 @ 2:22AM  
Jezz, good for you! Not getting any shit from me! I wuf ya!

Feb 27 @ 2:36AM  

What a great blog , let me first say i dont hate this person but i have a huge dislike for the content that he has been calling a blog for months its either useless crap like what do you use when eating pie fork or spoon or sick , vulger blogs.

Yes this is an adult community but some stuff just goes too far and is an insult to the intelligence of the great people who make up this place we call home, anyway like i said great blog DS Kudos mate

Feb 27 @ 3:29AM  
I, like DS stopped reading his blogs until all the shit hit the fan, then of course I read them to see what was going on. Now I wish I hadn't. I found it very distastful, but didn't comment on them. I, for one, wish not to read such things, and won't read anymore of them.
It amazes me that people would want such aired in a public place, but each to his own.
I also find it distasteful that a man would ask a woman to defend him in a blog and even go so far to ask her not to name names. If I wanted to defend someone I would name names. I have every right to and would.
I could care less what people on this or any other site thinks of me, but I am a very good friend to all my friends. That would have ended a friendship for me.
You'll get no shit from me Kimmie, I feel you did the right thing. Keep up the good work, and if you continue to be friends with him, so be it. I think I would reconsider that option.

Feb 27 @ 4:00AM  
D.S. Rocks.... BTW your blog?

It seems at first I saw how sensitive this person was and I felt bad for him, so I ignored most things by him because whether it be a discusting no depth blog or a stupid whinny comment, I felt icky!!!! (I have not heard or said that word for years)

ICKY I say I just felt like my gut just went through saw 3.....

This person seems to want to keep this place like a playground in the school yard, he said, she said crap. been there done that, there are writers on here that are brilliant and close to professional and this is a GREAT way to express any kind of writing that you want. I was thinking about writing a blog about;
"sucking the juice out of the middle of a fresh worm"

But I thought I would spare this community of this horrific thought that no one wants to hear about it anyway.

When its gross, its gross, and I can put up with almost anything.

So I never wanted to hurt his feelings cause I know they are out of control and I went about my business, ---BUT THEN------ I saw in the last couple of weeks this shallow individual lash at my favorite writer (D.S.) and my girl(Luvrgrl) and I still would not give him the pain and desperation he is asking for and reaping.

But today he cut up my gal and its time for some realization that you SIR the man in the inuendo......will find out how idiotic you are .....and have been....good day sir


Feb 27 @ 4:04AM  
Oh yeah JEZZ you rock and Kudos to D.S. brilliantly writen of course.

Feb 27 @ 4:10AM  
I forgot...


(I alway want a little smiley with a sign that says that...)

Feb 27 @ 7:00AM  
Christ!! I get tied up for 2 daysand what did I miss?! Someone dares to speak my mind again??!You know....If ya bait the hook, someones bound to bite!!I'm sooooooooo outta here!!!

Feb 27 @ 7:05AM  
Nah Ash I will share my umbrella with you any day..... Love ya girl.

Feb 27 @ 7:57AM  

Feb 27 @ 8:16AM  
Christ Almighty!...the BITCH looks crazy! We better just do as she says...

Looks like I'm gonna have 2 take one 4 the team...


Feb 27 @ 8:33AM  
God that was fucking funny!

Just got a few things to say, and those of you that read my BS will recognize...

A person ought to be able to blog about whatever without fear of facism from other members... that's what the admin is for.

A person ought to be able to not read a boring, disgusting, bullshit blog.

A person ought to be able to comment on a blog calling it any of the stuff above.

To try to whip up support for an imaginary fight through e-mail instead of wit, rhetoric, and ridicule as you see in those words up there speaks for itself doesn't it?

Some of the best fights over ideas in history were carried out in public papers.

I'm in.

Feb 27 @ 8:48AM  
I missed something too...........what did I miss? I read these blogs daily over my morning coffee............I think that I missed a few important ones.

Feb 27 @ 9:41AM  
Personally I don't know why anyone let's all the drama get to them. SCREW IT!!! I say!!! bickering, back biting, whining, bitching and moaning. Come on people life is too short to let piddly ass shit like this get to you!!!! If you've ever come close to dying you'll know what the fuck I mean!!!!!

So let's all get stoned forget the crap and the drama and have an orgy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27 @ 10:13AM  
Ahhhh.......all better.......[/B]NOW GIVE IT TO ME AGAIN!![B]

Feb 27 @ 11:00AM  
First of all Jezz my aint gittin no shit from me! I love your sweet ass! As for you Looking...quit taking the words right out of my mouth!

And Rockstar.....Dam I love you! one says it quite like you do....maybe....just he will get a clue. It's too bad that it had to come down to such harsh words, but he had his chance more than once......may this be the final blow......otherwise.....just fucking shoot me! keep flashin those titties of gonna get yer ass in sum trrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooble! ( so tease! )

And finally...this is not a blog about getting along and drama or someone whining......this bullshit has been going on far too long and DS finally stood up and put a stop to it.....we should all be taking a big sigh of relief in hopes that it is finally over and now we CAN move on and have some fun! just won't be the same without our SZXE...but I seem to think this will bring her back....and I KNOW if she were here she would have a few choice words......aint like her to keep quiet for too long! So let's get on with the campaign party already!!!! I'm in charge of this crazy parade so ya'll submit your tittie shots to DS first and we'll go from there! But truth be told....he's totally stuck on SXZE's no one elses are good is up with that???? Fuckin punk ass bitch....
I'll show him!!!

Feb 27 @ 11:20AM  
DS, point well made! And I agree with you 100%
Kimmie, you DID DO the right thing so dont worry, anyone who bashes you for what you did here wasnt a friend anyhow!

Feb 27 @ 2:15PM  
Don't worry looking4now I have no fears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for truth be told if yall reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally knew the madnesss I put up with yall would have to take a motrin and lay down

I'm bringin sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy back!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27 @ 2:53PM  
dixxxbitch I gots ta give ya props for puttin up with him all these years

We all love him, we don't have to live with him.



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The soap opera 4 the new millennium (Part Two)